Articles written by: Adeline DeMichiel

Provide More Funding for K-12 School Counselors

America’s school system is grossly neglecting the mental health of the youth. It’s time we listened to the students’ cries for help and increase the counseling budget for K-12 schools nationwide.

Stop Mining Project From Destroying Pristine Wilderness

An environmentally catastrophic mining project is slated to go ahead unless the Biden administration blocks it. Stop this greedy land-grab before it irreparably damages a pristine wilderness.

Ban Child Beauty Pageants

The child beauty pageant world is corrupting children’s values and exposing them to inhumane standards of perfection. Enough kids have been psychologically scarred by being forced to focus on obsessing over being perfect and constantly comparing themselves to others. Call for a ban on these harmful contests.

Stop “Wildlife Services” From Cruelly Slaughtering Millions of Animals

U.S. Wildlife Services kills over a million wild animals every year, while making no real effort to protect endangered species. Hold this agency accountable to its stated mission and end the bloodbath now.

Stop Poisoning Farmed Fish With Antibiotics and Pesticides

The fish farming industry is poisoning our land, water, people, and wildlife with drugs and other chemicals. Tell the FDA to put a halt to these toxic practices.

Ban the Use of Toxic Teflon in Cookware

Teflon contains hazardous chemicals that accumulate in the human body and never biodegrade. Ban its use in cookware and utensils.

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