Fire Cop for Posting Nude Photos of Ex-Lover

Fire Cop for Abuse of Power

Target: Seattle Police Department Interim Chief Harry Bailey

Goal: Fire detective for posting nude photos of his ex-lover online, violating the law and her right to privacy

Police officers are supposed to uphold the law, not violate it. Yet Seattle Police Detective David Blackmer violated the law when he posted nude photos and even a sexually explicit video of an ex-lover online. He posted the photos to punish her for putting an end to their relationship. He was found guilty of cyberstalking and domestic violence, which resulted in a 90 day jail sentence. This is not enough. For his crimes, Detective David Blackmer should be fired.

Following his arrest, Detective David Blackmer was put on paid administrative leave. He is still on paid leave. This is unacceptable. Blackmer committed an atrocious crime against this woman, who was only trying to do the right thing by ending their relationship. After all, Detective David Blackmer is married. But when his ex-lover told his wife about the affair, Blackmer snapped and promised to get his revenge.

By promising to hurt someone for daring to defy him, Blackmer should have been put on suspension. But for actually following through with it and posting damaging photos online, Blackmer should not just be put on leave. This behavior is unacceptable. The Seattle Police Department needs to send a message to the people it protects that it does not support behavior like this. Detective David Blackmer needs to be fired immediately.


Dear Interim Police Chief Harry Bailey,

Despite being married and the father of two children, Seattle Police Detective David Blackmer had an extramarital affair with a woman. When she tried to end it, Blackmer was unhappy and he swore to get revenge on her. And he did. He posted sexually explicit photos and videos online. This behavior is absolutely unacceptable for anyone, but especially someone who is employed by the Seattle Police Department.

In order to do their job well, police officers need to be respected. But they will not be respected if people think that they are being held to a different standard than other people. If anyone else posted sexually explicit photos and videos online of an ex-lover when they tried to end their relationship, they would not just be arrested and thrown in jail for a few months. They would be fired.

That is what needs to happen to Seattle Police Detective David Blackmer; he needs to be fired for his actions. Instead, he is still being allowed to draw his six-figure salary, as if he did not just ruin a woman’s life. He did not just post photos and videos online, after all. He also got into a physical altercation with her when she tried to end their relationship. For this gross abuse of power, he needs to be fired immediately.


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  1. The only innocent victims here are clearly the children and wife! Yes he cheated, but, keep in mind (while you throw stones at only David) that this “mistress” was no innocent victim! She created her own “embarrassment”. Let’s view the facts:
    -She dated a married man for several months (not a month, several months)!

    -Claimed she “didn’t know he was married”? Ya right! During the affair she never asked to go to her lovers house?

    -Let a man she knew nothing about, take nude photos and videos of her, (one word not smart)!

    -Went to his house to tell his wife and kids about the affair she had with her husband! What a kind hearted gesture of her! She could have possibly been hurt a lot worse by the wife or him creating such a volatile scene for herself and her victims!

    -Was she thinking of her, or her own children’s safety? Being a mother herself.

    -Her intent was revenge! She felt hurt and wanted to inflict pain on him and his family.

    Why would a 31 year old woman sleep with a married man? Or,take what isn’t hers? She obviously suffers from low self-esteem to think she doesn’t deserve a man of her own! Sad. I think he did a mean thing to her, but, she knew she would be hurting his wife and children by choosing to go to his home and being so disruptive in nature! Why wouldn’t she have just changed her number, told him it was over and moved on? Instead, she chose to take a selfish act to deal with her feelings of rejection and heart break. Bottom line, David blackmer was publicly humiliated along with his mistress,wife and family. He did jail time, and don’t think the biggest punishment for him is over, he has to deal with a forever suspicious wife every time he leaves the house; if they are able to patch up the marriage? David’s family has suffered enough! I think David should be able to return to work for the SPD. He’s human and paid his debt for his mistake. His children and wife shouldn’t have to suffer financially now. That’s the truth!

    • Anonymous says:


      I wish you were right.

      I no longer live in the Seattle area, so I didn’t know about this story until today. You are wrong about Dave. He has been doing this for YEARS. 11 years ago, I met Dave on an online dating site and dated him for a few months. I was very young at the time and the red flags didn’t register with me then as they would now. I POINT BLANK asked Dave if he was married, ever had kids, ever wanted kids, etc… Everything. I don’t want children, so this is a normal “first date question” for me. He lied to my face. Told me he was single, never had kids, the whole nine yards. He always had a slick excuse as to why I couldn’t go to his house. Saying that he would meet me instead or that he’d come to where I was. He told me that he didn’t have great cell phone reception at home to cover up why he wouldnt text me (Yes, old school T9 texting on the old non-smart phones.) or call when he was at his house. I even went away with him for a long weekend in a resort area that was a “perk” of the PD. The whole time I was seeing him, I had no idea he was married. He lied and hid it like a pro. It wasn’t until 2 years later that I ran into someone who had been a bike cop with SPD… I was like, “Small world! I used to date a SPD bike cop!” Ended up being an old partner of Dave’s and he told me that Dave was married. I was blown away. At that time, I only had a vauge idea as to where he had lived, or I would have told his wife. That’s girl code. Not cool. This piece of scum did it to her 11 years ago and CLEARLY never stopped. My deepest sympathies go out to Dave’s wife… I cannot imagine the awfulness she is going through, being married to someone who lies to her. I just hope she sees this and knows that the woman she knows about was not the first. Hell, with how smooth he was about it, I’m sure I wasn’t the first. I wish nothing but the best for his family, because they are being hurt by him, but him… He’s scum.

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