Put an End to Super Bowl Sex Trafficking

Commend Efforts to Fight Sex Trafficking

Target: Dear U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., co-Chairman of the House Anti-Human Trafficking Caucus

Goal: Thank U.S. Rep. Chris Smith and law enforcement officials for doubling their efforts to fight sex trafficking during Super Bowl

Sports are exciting. Leading up to big events, like game days, many fans are so concentrated on the sport itself that they do not stop to think about what impact sports have on local communities, especially for events as big as the Super Bowl. Usually the impact of hosting an event as big as the Super Bowl is positive: more money flowing into a community to help the local economy. However, there is a darker side to these events, too. Whenever a big event like this occurs, the potential for sex trafficking crimes skyrockets. Luckily, law enforcement in New Jersey has doubled their efforts to crack down on these types of crime before the Super Bowl on February 2.

Law enforcement officers are taking these crimes very seriously. Due to the set-up of New Jersey, which has a lot of highways and is closely connected to dense urban areas like New York, their chances of being solved after the matter are slim. Additionally, and more importantly, because of these circumstances, sex trafficking happens very frequently and this sexual assault must be stopped.

Commend the efforts of law enforcement officers for doing everything they can to prevent these atrocious crimes from happening in the first place. By putting the safety of both locals and out-of-town visitors first, both groups of which could fall prey to people involved in sex trafficking rings, these officers are showing their true commitment to human rights.


Dear U.S. Rep. Chris Smith,

While sex trafficking crimes do not just happen during sports games, I want to commend you for recognizing that their prevalence will increase during the Super Bowl, and for taking active measures to crack down on these crimes before they occur. New Jersey already has a serious sex trafficking problem and there is compelling evidence to suggest that human trafficking spikes during big sports events like the Super Bowl.

Some people take advantage of the crowds to engage in these crimes, since so many extra people in the city can make it difficult for law enforcement officers to handle all their duties. Of course, sex trafficking is not the only crime that people engage in during times like these. Theft and other financial crimes happen, too, which of course are very serious. But fighting sex trafficking is often not given enough of an emphasis during normal times, let alone during big game days.

Thank you for taking this cause seriously and raising the number of people who are dedicated to fighting this issue, especially during this time when incidents are expected to increase. By being proactive, hopefully the numbers will not increase, but go down, ideally to zero.

Thank you for serving the people, not just in New Jersey, but worldwide by showing how seriously sex trafficking crimes need to be taken.


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Photo credit: United States Department of Justice via Wikimedia

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  1. People that run these victims need to be locked up for a mighty long time.Remove the pimps and whom ever else is involved including the johns and get a grip on the situation. Jail time for them all except the victims and they should get the help they need to leave the profession for good.

    • Brenda,
      If you could get free money from the government, help to get a real profession, and basically what most people have worked their lives for (social status, education, employment) given to you on a plate : would you accept it ?
      Now, knowing that money was to be taken from your salary to contribute to that for other people, would you accept to giving it, but without taking anything ?
      Anyone who has a “bad” job is only doing it out of choice, if I was a garbage man (don’t know of any woman doing that…) who made a living form picking up the waste of others, should i complain and get people to ban my company ? After all, my job would be disgusting, a potential risk to my health and a violation of my dignity… but still even though I could say that I don’t have a choice and have to pay my ex wife and child support at the end of the day etc… I still have that choice, to choose another job. So do these women.

      • Danny;
        Sexual abuse is NOT comparable to an unpleasant job such as garbage collecting. Abuse is based on controlling victims. Your reply is ignorant at best and support of rape culture at worst. EVERYONE is responsible for reducing the demand for sex trafficking by not objectifying sex, women, and children.

        • Kathryn,

          If anyone is ignorant it is you, you have failed to realize that we are talking about a job here, prostitution is a job, you get payed for it. If i was supporting rape culture I would say that women shouldn’t be able to receive money for being prostitutes, but that is obviously what you understood in you predigest mind…it’s also funny you seem to leave out gigolos in this, how can you deny men and boys as victims by only seeing women & children as victims ? you are sexist, regardless of the fact that there are more female prostitutes that male. You say “Abuse is about controlling victims”, why not talk about the victims of boys who are taken away from their homes in under developed countries to work and kill or be killed in order to get a meal at the end of the day ? Don’t think there are many girls or women who have to suffer that…

      • There is no choice.These are victims that are forced to do this. That makes a great deal of difference.

  2. Women abused ? For selling their body ?! What next ?! Maybe: men abused for being punished by the court for paying ?! What a joke, I know there are plenty of women who are willing offer their body for sex, they make loads of money, don’t have to declare it, can continue to live off the government and ex husband like real money leeches and can get to sleep with rich guys. How can you call this type of person a victim ? Maybe a victim of their own guilt, selfishness, vanity ok…

    • Danny ,yes there are women that do that and should be ashamed of themselves and you are right when you say there are boys in and men in this equation.I apologize for not being more clear.For the ones that actually choose this line of work that is an entirely different thing than the ones men,boys,women, or girls that are not wanting to be drug into this.

      • No problem Brenda, you are right that there is a difference between the people who are forced and those who have chosen that path. 🙂

  3. Selene Rossi says:

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