Protect Our Wild Places From Destruction

natural wonder

Target: President Obama
Goal: Protect America’s natural treasures from environmental destruction.

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  1. once they’re gone, they’re gone.

  2. Irena Franchi says:

    Protect nature. We are part of it.

  3. Selene Rossi says:

  4. it seems that the priority has been oil and gas and not keeping these places for the public and for animals and plants once they are gone it will be so sad

  5. Why are our natural habitats being destroyed. The plants & animals & trees will be gone forever. There is no bringing back the beauty once big oil & gas companies have decimated it. And for the love of money .It is time to stop RIGHT NOW PRESIDENT OBAMA I , like millions of others are depending on YOU to stop these heinous crimes against Mother Nature PLEASE!!!!!

  6. Protect nature and the environment. We are all part of this worlds giant ecosystem.

  7. Linda Corbin says:

    We have but one earth and we are raping her to the limits!! SOLAR and WIND should be used more and all the drilling and planned drilling in our National Parks, the Arctic (Alaska), the Rocky Mountain Front Range – I mean really, once these are gone they are gone!! Fracking needs to be stopped!! It is killing water supplies and polluting wells….. Iam so glad I won’t be alive to see the results if this crap isn’t stopped.

  8. Annette Thornton says:

    Save nature or we all perish!

  9. Susan Paterson says:

    The environment should be protected before its too late

  10. Simone Walk says:

    Help us, our nature and our children

  11. ruth hepworth says:

    we need to help everything that cannot help its self

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