Protect Family Pets From Cruel Laboratory Experiments

Target: US Representative Frank Lucas, Chairman, US House Committee on Agriculture

Goal: Stop the selling of lost and stolen dogs and cats to laboratories for experimentation

Every day helpless dogs and cats are stolen from their owners, taken from shelters, or rounded up as strays and sold to research facilities where they’re subjected to painful experimentation. This disturbing activity involves Class B animal dealers – or “random source” dealers – many of whom acquire dogs and cats through fraud or outright theft in order to sell them into a life of suffering. It is common for dealers to respond to “free to a good home” pet ads, or otherwise misrepresent themselves in order to procure animals for little cost and then sell them for hundreds of dollars each. Dealers also depend upon so-called “bunchers”, or unlicensed individuals paid to collect as many dogs and cats as possible, no questions asked.

Not only do these animals face torture at the hands of experimenters, but in order to save money, dealers often fail to provide adequate food, shelter or veterinary care for dogs and cats in their custody. Once the family pet, a dog without his tags, or a cat in a government shelter, is seen as a commodity, humane treatment of the animal vanishes. They are no longer seen as living, feeling creatures, but merely a means to a paycheck. PETA’s undercover investigations have demonstrated that abuse at the hands of dealers is not only a fact, but frequently goes unpunished. While it is the responsibility of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to license Class B dealers, sadly, for a small fee, anyone may be licensed.

In an attempt to eliminate this heinous practice and remove the financial incentive behind it, Congress introduced the Pet Safety and Protection Act (H.R. 2224). This bill, which amends the Animal Welfare Act, would make it illegal for Class B dealers to sell random source cats and dogs to research facilities. On June 3, 2013 the bill was referred to the House Agricultural Committee, where it remains today. Without your support the Pet Safety and Protection Act will likely die. Please urge Representative Frank Lucas, Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture, to move this important bill forward so we can put an end to the cruelty and lies.


Dear Chairman Lucas,

We were distressed to learn that lost and stolen family pets are often sold to research laboratories by Class B animal dealers for cruel experiments. Frequently, the techniques used by these “random source” dealers to acquire dogs and cats are fraudulent and the treatment of the animals inhumane.

While the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) has failed to protect innocent pets from the unscrupulous activities of dealers, the Pet Safety and Protection Act, H.R. 2224, closes a loophole in the AWA and ensures that all dogs and cats used by research facilities are obtained legally. We therefore urge you to move the Pet Safety and Protection Act to the House floor and support the bill in a vote. End the Class B trade and stop the abuse and deception once and for all.


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Photo Credit: David de la Luz

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  1. Veronica-Mae Soar says:

    I have always understood that labs want/need to be sure of the source of the animals they use otherwise experiments could be invalid, so they either breed their own or go to a breeder. Therefore those who purchase stray/stolen animals are likely to be dubious as well as unethical and THEY should feel the whole weight of the law.
    It should be remembered that current laws demand and require that any new drug is tested on animals as part of the process, (even though nine out of ten drugs that pass animal tests prove to be unsafe or ineffective in humans) so it is not just lipstick you would have to give up.
    Those who want to help in the phasing out of all animal experiments should support the Safer Medicines campaign – see where you can source useful campaign data.

  2. Today we don’t need labs these test have been done over and over they are a bunch of sadistic,what else can we call that, our anatomy it’s completely different from a dog a cat a rat or a ferret. Putting soap on there eyes doesn’t assume that the soap they have can wash well, about being safe for kids I think if a parent can’t watch there kids or leave them w responsible sitters have no business adding more people to this world to probably grow up and be as irresponsible as there parents, I don’t think it’s fair put innocent animals sometimes family pets through all that I even disagree w Imams what they do cut the animals tight, cats and dogd w out anesthesia to see the muscle mass to see how it changes while they are eating therefood,i don’t care for there product, they put animals thought to much torture that has to stop, we have plenty of child abusers in jail that we should use for those experiments.
    Sorry if I offend someone our step on your toes but what happen to those animals make me sick

    • You are very right. Thank you. Animal testing has to end now. No more indifference from government and scientists. This is cruel.

  3. Jennifer C. says:

    I signed. How could I not? This is terrible! 🙁

  4. …..its terrible, how animals are treated, all over
    the world…they are vunerable and need our protection
    and respect..they cannot speak for themselves. Testing
    is so unecessary Animals are different to us, so how
    can these barbaric tests they insist on doing be accurate,
    they’re not. Cruelty for any reason is a crime in my eyes, and for vanity and fashion its sadistic and evil…a complete disgrace.

  5. Karen McEuen-Novak says:

    I will only use products that are NOT tested on animals. I urge others to do so. My love for animals reaches beyond the love I feel for most humans. Stop this horrid practice.

  6. In addition to this petition, it would be nice if the research facilities could be named so that public pressure to stop animal experimentation will have a real impact. Evil cannot work in the spotlight.

  7. We have to change to make an impact. Read labels and don’t buy products using or testing on animals, don’t eat meat, don’t give up protesting, tell others, protect your pets and other animals with action not just words. We all hate experiments on animals. We all hate the torture inflicted on innocent animals. So change your behavior by stop eating them, don’t buy products using them and keep doing what is moral, humane and keeps your conscience sane.

  8. Jennifer Yell says:

    While it is all well and good that this petition is helping to strengthen a law to protect pets, the real solution to this problem is ending animal testing completely. The results of any experiments involving animals have no validity. They are barbaric, sadistic, and pointless, performed by people with those same qualities. If someone tortures an animal and they are wearing a white lab coat, we call it ‘science’. If a person wearing street clothes performs the exact same act, we call it cruelty. How are they different? They aren’t. Other countries have ended animal experimentation (India, for example). It’s long past time we do the same.

  9. “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser

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