Stop the Nightmare of Antibiotic Resistance


Target: Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health & Human Services
Goal: Stop using antibiotics on farm animals to promote growth in unsanitary, crowded farm conditions.

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  1. Lynn and Roger Stapes says:

    As the DHS/HHS is making strides to reduce antibiotic resistance within the physician community, they are missing the biggest bang for their bucks; the use of antibiotics with the food industry.
    It is imperative that prophylactic use of antibiotics in animals has to be stopped. It is a big contributor to the millions of dollars spent and loss of life in healthcare to resistant strains of bacteria.

  2. shannon mccusker says:

    This is sickening

  3. laurel mancini says:

    yeah. the drug “zilmak” caused cow hooves to fall off. ever consider the waste of profit from all the animals raised badly – all the tumors, mastitis, etc. probably just ground up into beef. and all the children coming into puberty early, and the possible effects those drugs have on us? come on, women, get on the stick. these are your children that are being affected, and the babies of all the animals we use as food!

  4. Yogesh Khandke Yogesh Khandke says:

    Stop eating animals.

  5. Stop eating animals.Go vegan!

  6. Stop eating the murdered babies of innocent sentinent beings. When you eat meat you are a contributor to suffering and violence.

  7. Chiara Testi says:

    Stop eating animals

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