Protect Farm Animals From Cruelty


Target: Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania

Goal: Urge lawmakers protect farmed animals with anti-cruelty laws

A recent undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals revealed widespread cruelty at a pig farm in Pennsylvania. The workers were witnessed removing piglets’ tails with pliers and ripping out the animals’ testes with bare hands. Steel rods were fired into the pigs’ heads as many as four times before successfully killing the animal.  Managers trained employees to throw the animals by their ears or hind legs across the room into transport carts.

Unfortunately, all of these abuses are perfectly legal. This is because agricultural animals are not afforded the same protections under the law as other domestic animals. Lawmakers must be convinced to close the loopholes in animal cruelty laws that exempt animals raised for agricultural purposes from protections.

Abuses like those uncovered by Mercy For Animals are commonplace at pig farms throughout the country. Other types of livestock face similar or worse cruelties. Unfortunately, most states, including Pennsylvania, exempt animals raised for agricultural purposes from protections by anti-cruelty laws. This gives unconscionable factory farms like Country View Family Farms, in Fannettsburg, Pennsylvania, free reign to abuse animals without consequences. Since government lobbyists have stopped animal welfare laws from being applied to farmed animals at the federal level, it is important that we use state legislation to protect these animals.

If existing animal cruelty laws were applied to agricultural animals, those responsible for the cruel and barbaric acts witnessed by Mercy For Animals could be punished. Big business should not be allowed to strip animals of these protections to increase their profits. We must urge our state officials to take action to close the exemptions that prevent farm animals from receiving the same protections that other domestic animals receive.


Dear Governor Corbett:

Animals raised for agricultural purposes in Pennsylvania are subjected to enormous cruelty. An undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals revealed managers training workers to throw pigs into transport containers using their ears or hind legs. Castrations were routinely performed by ripping out the testes with bare hands without anesthesia, and tails were removed with dull pliers. These acts of cruelty are unacceptable, and we must change the law in Pennsylvania to stop them from happening.

If the loopholes in existing state laws that exempted agricultural animals from protections could be closed, these barbaric acts could be stopped. I urge you to promote legislation in Pennsylvania which would give farm animals the same protections from cruelty as other animals.


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Photo credit: Unknown via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Steffi wieland says:

    Go VEGAN! Speciesism is heartless anyway.(loving dogs and cats, while killing others?why?) No one needs to abuse and kill them to live healthy. Please show compassion, we all feel and want to live free. . .

  2. This is like spinning ones tires in a mud hole.Time after time and case after case.And where do we end up? It is time that this kind of barbaric treatment of animals was wiped out once and for all.It is time to get some people into these places(ALL) and if there is evidence of abuse going on shut the places down right now and arrest the abuser right on the spot,then smack the plant with a hefty enough fine that it will get their attention to the point that they will actually monitor their employees.And no one would be above this.The laws are to soft and when there is a chance of actually prosecuting the offenders, what happens? A slap on the wrist and away they go on their merry ol way to pick up where they left off. As with sex offenders these abusers should have to do all the same things, such as register and not be in or around animals or work with animals. OR they could be sent some place like an island for the rest of their unnatural lives.Some might say this is a little over board. Well hows your way been working out? You can not stop a disease with mam bee pam bee ways.And rather anyone wants to call a foot a foot here that is exactly what is happening.It is time to clean up this planet.Rather it is a Mother,Father,Sister,Brother,anyone they need to be treated like the disease they have and put them where they can no longer harm another living thing. Make the law and see that it is enforced,no exceptions.

  3. Oh my goodness! Why do some people behave like this? Don’t they have pain nerves in their bodies?

  4. Pennsylvania lacks horribly in animal welfare. The Governor should visit a farm unannounced, instead of relying on what others say. Our government is a disappointment, MONEY is what rules. These loopholes are insane, you can’t even understand it. ABUSERS WIN,PIGS LOSE. I want my TAX dollars back.

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