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Target: Neil G. Kornze, Principal Deputy Director of the Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Urge Kornze to push for a comprehensive land management plan that ensures the health of wild bison herds

Few threatened species have been able to bounce back like the American bison. Wild bison were nearly driven to extinction by pioneers and profit hunters, who often kept just the beasts’ prized tongues. Once down to only 1,000 animals, North American herds now include roughly 450,000 buffalo. And yet despite this incredible success story, the species remains threatened: by development, inhibited roaming ability, oil and gas exploration, and interbreeding with domestic cattle.

Nearly all of the bison now living in the United States, Canada and Mexico are raised in captivity for their meat. The approximately 20,000 wild bison that remain don’t have access to wide open plains as their ancestors once did. Groups like the Wildlife Conservation Society are urging the government to improve coordination across federal lands in order to ensure a future for these iconic beasts. According to the organization, “recovery of the wild herds depends on the availability of larger expanses of connecting habitat” in areas now intersected by fences, freeways, and oil fields.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is in a unique position to help protect those few wild buffalo that remain. By partnering with Native American groups, ranchers and farmers, conservation groups and other government agencies already working on the issue, BLM can help ensure a future for the American bison. Let Principal Deputy Director Neil Kornze know how important the health of wild herds is, and urge him to implement an improved land management plan that can make the difference in this species’ survival.


Dear Neil G. Kornze, Principal Deputy Director of the Bureau of Land Management,

As you know, the Department of the Interior features a wild bison prominently on its seal. Bison are perhaps the most iconic of American wildlife, yet their future in the wild remains threatened. The species’ health is intricately tied to the health of their habitat, namely large swaths of interconnected prairie and grassland. Only some 10% of the buffalo living in North America today are truly wild, free-roaming animals, and improved land management is critical to their continued survival.

For example, the practice of fencing off ranch land makes it difficult for bison herds to move across their range. Fortunately, ranchers and conservationists are already partnering to save wild bison; the American Bison Society, part of the Wildlife Conservation Society, and others are eager to work with you and your agency to achieve best-practice solutions. Their research has highlighted how wild bison herds can help control invasive species while improving the health of wild bird populations and the grasslands themselves. Please, stand with these champions and implement land management practices that can help ensure a future for the iconic American bison.


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Photo credit: LadyMadrone via Wikimedia

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  1. Is there not anything sacred in this world anymore? It seems as if they are poisoning and destroying anything throughout the 4 corners of this earth. I cannot believe how disgusting this is, for all meat animals to endure, to have their lives taken away so some human can entertain a few mouthfuls of pleasure for themselves. And the bottom line it is all for greed and profit.

    • Yes there are many things sacred to a lot of us, unfortunately we are not the ones that are calling the shots. Mores the sadness of this whole people running a muck with their self superiority. From point of view there is nothing superior in a race that destroys, and takes. Giving nothing back or leaving space for any other species of whom they re-guard as nothing more than being here for their use and entertainment.And will never understand the simple fact that it is not all about them.

  2. laurel mancini says:

    see a bison up close. wonderful creature. made the plains a fertile, diverse botanical garden. then humans came and plowed them all over and planted three crops. then came the dust bowl years and the continued loss of soil. put the bison back and let them do good. (ever realize that once humans got really big and snotty, how all sorts of other creatures have to be culled, removed, hunted once a year?) (oh, yeah, we do that to each other, too.)

  3. Michael Guest says:

    I am asking you to protect not just wolves, but other wildlife, including bison. They are also in danger. Let them roam free.

  4. How sad only 20,000 bison remain. They should be endangered and let them roam as they have done for thousands of years.

    • Lets face it where human beings are involved every creature is or going to be endangered simply because a lot of people just kill for the sake of killing and for no other reason, not survival just their stink-in blood lust.There is far too many that have indifference to life and are too self serving. God help this world, this crisis could tip in either direction and if it tips in their direction,I don’t know that I want to be around, to see this planets end.

  5. As long as the BLM has control, there is little hope for saving these icons from extinction.Kinda like our Wild Mustangs and Burros, of whom the BLM consider to be nothing more than 4 legged cock roaches.Yes, you read that right 4 legged cock roaches.And they are in charge of these animals well being! What do you think? I think that the BLM needs to loose their authority over any and all living creatures. That animals protection and care should be transferred to the groups that are the pro animals to the species involved. That will be the deciding factor in saving these Buffalo. So start contacting the Senators and the Congressmen along with the White House and lets save these animals before it is too late.And be sure to sign the petition.

  6. jean carter says:

    i agree0the blm should not have control over any living thing.

  7. Jane Morrow says:

    As an outsider looking in (from New Zealand) it appears that the US is run by the ranching, farming and big business sectors. After what the bison have endured in the past there is a moral obligation to protect them – the same goes for your wolves which are being callously slaughtered before their numbers have even had time to recover. People upset the balance, never the indigenous creatures that were there long before us.

    • Jane your observation is right on the money and there in lies this nations plight and downfall, for all that is natural and right.This is an on going battle between these groups and the citizens that are trying to stop this planets, obvious destruction.Every year species are flat out annihilated or destroyed to the point, that they have no way to recover their numbers.It seems that there are way to many money mongers with absolutely no common sense. They will look but not see, hear but not listen and know but not concede to what many of us know to be true and that is every species on this planet has its own job to do to maintain that all important balance, in order that this planet survives.Every time they destroy a species the balance of this world is thrown off a little further. So we have nothing the way it should be. So there are worse droughts,terrible floods,air pollution,water and soil pollution. The list gos’ on and on.We that are trying to save this planet from these self serving, selfish, greedy people, who care for nothing but the bottom line ( their bank accounts and power) are working to save what can be saved and hoping that we all ( the whole planet) will be the winners of this unspoken war.There is room for all of us, except the human race needs to stop over populating so that the other species have their lives and space to live.The people of this planet need to wake up and understand that its not all about us.

  8. Dr. Wolfgang Epple says:

    Where is Mr. President Obama in this and many other cases? Yes, we can…yes, he can (help)? Nature protection in the U.S.A. (like Canada): …no hope, no future for Wild Bison, for wolve and wilderness in North America?

    Those days are gone, when U.S. or Canada had some kind of global leadership for nature protection.

    Not only farming and fencing(as in case of Wild Bison), especially Huntíng is the global (and american) pest for wild animals all over the world.

    Please, Mr. President, you have nothing to lose! Give your power for saving the last remains of pristine places and unspoiled nature…

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