Condemn Judge Who Jailed Dog Rescuer for Theft

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Target: Judge Elizabeth A. Doyle

Goal: Condemn judge who jailed animal rights’ activist for theft after she rescued a dog from abusers

Tammy Grimes is an animal rights activist and founder of Dogs Deserve Better, a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing inhumanely chained and penned dogs. Grimes saved a dog named Doogie from a horrendous and abusive situation. He was chained outside in the mud for three straight days, and in video taken just before the time of the rescue, the dog appears unable to walk or even stand. A concerned neighbor felt compelled to report the incident to Grimes after she tried calling the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society for three days with no response.

When Grimes arrived at the scene, she documented the dog’s terrible condition. Doogie had a low body weight and was covered in sores, missing patches of fur, and had terrible back spurs.

The Freedom Township Police Department dispatched an officer to Grimes’ house to retrieve the dog. She was arrested when she refused to return Doogie to his abusive owners or release information about the dog’s whereabouts or who was caring for the animal. The officer informed Grimes that he was not interested in seeing any evidence of animal cruelty from the hands of the owners (even though Grimes had video of the abusive conditions) and was only concerned with returning their “property” to them. After being released on a $50,000 bond, Grimes received a video from the secret caretaker of Doogie, showing the pup healthy-looking and walking with only a little difficulty after only one week of being treated properly.

For her service to this helpless animal, Grimes was convicted of theft, criminal mischief, criminal trespassing, and receiving stolen property. She was sentenced to over a year’s worth of punishment. For perspective, that’s more punishment than most animal killers and abusers receive, and notably Doogie’s owners were never charged with any offense. The dog was deemed property, and could be treated as such legally. Please sign this petition to condemn the judge for her ruling against Tammy Grimes and to demand animals be treated with care and respect.


Dear Judge Elizabeth A. Doyle,

Your ruling against Tammy Grimes in the case over the abused dog named Doogie was simply cruel and unusual punishment against an animal rights activist. It was unjust and unconstitutional, particularly the provision against Tammy Grimes speaking out about the incident on her blog or web site. It is telling that you had to be asked to recuse yourself because of your personal bias against Tammy Grimes.

Most importantly, you have punished Doogie’s rescuer and not his neglectful, abusive former owners. You should be ashamed of yourself for failing to support our most helpless and vulnerable creatures and instead allowing animal abusers get away with their cruelty, regardless of your personal opinion of the activist herself.

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Photo Credit: Jakub Halun via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. vicki ginoli says:

    This judge is worthless – she needs to consider ALL THE FACTS – that dog was abused by his original owners and the original owners need to be put in jail for animal abuse. You can not treat an animal like that – WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER????


    • Lore Harmison says:

      The Justice System stinks. This Judge should have been proud of this Citizen who is acting when she sees wrong, put the Owners in Jail. Judge rethink your way of Thinking, this is truly disgraceful.

    • Would a NORMAL Judge in their right mind send a child back to a home in deplorable conditions? It woks the same as with animals.Fifty thousand bond?? The officer sounds worthless as this incompetent Judge

  2. Not only is the judge wrong but where was the Humane Society? Why didn’t they do anything if as stated they were called numerous times? I think that the Humane Society is also at fault for not investigating. Tammy is amazing for not giving up the dog, more people need to step up and help animals when they see them abused.

  3. Christopher Panayi says:

    Just one more reason there are more men in positions of power than women. This is one of the few times I’m not sorry about that fact. Animal rescuers should be recognised as the heroes they are, not treated as criminals.
    Chris. England.

    • Sara Florence says:

      If you’ll notice, the animal rescuer is not only a woman but a woman in a position of power, leading her own dog rescue organization. This has nothing to do with the gender of the judge. Your sexist opinion has no place here.

  4. Michael Sultana says:

    REMOVE this lowlife of a judge immediately!!! A real judge would have some compassion. This A-hole obviously has none … a real loser!!!

  5. Well this is par for the course.The animals are not property and if the laws were doing what they were supposed to be doing, private citizens would not be forced to take the law into their own hands.Now why weren’t the people that abused Doogy arrested for animal abuse? Why wasn’t that cop interested in the abuse,pain, and suffering of this animal? And why was a sentence given to Tammy Grimes that you don’t even see given to animal abusers? What is wrong with this picture? There are many many time that I have wished I were a judge,lawyer. or policeman. If I had been either in this case the abusers would have been arrested and Tammy Grimes actions would have been put under extenuating circumstances of saving a life and it being an emergency rescue.Also the people involved in the abuse would have been banned, from ever working around or having another pet of any kind.This kind has no business with any living thing. I applaud Tammy Grimes actions and if I knew her I would hope she would consider me a close friend. Kudos to you and the helping parties for saving Doogie. We need to get laws on the books that supersedes the obsolete ones, that are anything but fair and just to the victims or the rescuers.The laws definitely do not have any humanity in them and or even the compassion that the victims and rescuers (that are trying to get them out of the abuse) need in these laws. When injustice becomes legal, rebellion becomes duty.

  6. Susan Petko says:

    This has been ongoing for years. It astounds me that these people still hold a position of power, positions the community elected them into.

  7. Old sad and let’s be honest uggg…. Really is anyone surprised that old angry big Doyle is taking it out on a dog who has no rights and a women that appears to be loved by the people in her community ….big Doyle, old Doyle and uggg Doyle…wants us all to know that she got more power than abused dog and the women that tried to rescue him….Big Doyle even with all education in the world you can’t buy Uerself the hero title and that what it all about with a person like you maybe big Doyle she take some of the money she spent on her education and get some psyotherapy

  8. Up Yours Tammy says:

    Fuck Tammy Grimes, convicted dog theif, and liar

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