Save Indonesian Rainforests From Destruction


Target: Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

Goal: Save irreplaceable Indonesian rainforests from destruction by the palm oil industry

The palm oil industry in Indonesia is responsible for over 1 million jobs and an unprecedented amount of revenue. But amongst all this good there is considerable damage, especially when it comes to the destruction of Indonesian rainforests.

Palm oil growers are bulldozing the Indonesian rainforest at a rate of one acre per hour. As a result, species like the Sumatran tiger and the Orangutan are likely to be extinct during our lifetimes. Not only is the Indonesian rainforest home to countless wildlife species, it also sustains the livelihoods of communities that reside in and around the forest. Nearly 80% of the Indonesian rainforest has been deforested for commodities like paper, pulp, and plywood. But it’s the growing demand for palm oil from companies like L’Oreal, Palmolive and Procter & Gamble that is truly changing the landscape of Indonesia for the worst.

Burning down forests to make way for palm oil plantations adds to pollution in the already smog-filled air, producing harmful toxins that affect the lives of the people of Indonesia. The spreading of pesticides during palm oil farming pollutes the pristine waterways and local soils. Underdeveloped land laws are also causing conflict between companies and local communities.

With the global climate rapidly changing, the deforestation of the Indonesian rainforest is a sobering contributor to carbon pollution as well. By signing this petition, you’ll urge the Indonesian government to stop the over 400 companies which ar demanding palm oil from completely eradicating the Indonesian rainforest.


Dear President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono,

As I’m sure you are aware, the Indonesian rainforest is rich in resources, which when utilized conscientiously can contribute to economic growth while sustaining wildlife and people who depend on health forests. Unfortunately, irresponsible practices are causing unsustainable deforestation, leading to the destruction of something integral to our being.

Recently, the palm oil industry seems to be turning the Indonesian rainforest into a battleground, kicking out wildlife like the Sumatran tiger and the Orangutan. Burning down the rainforest to make way for palm oil plantations releases harmful toxins into the already polluted atmosphere, pesticides pollute waterways and soil, and indigenous peoples are being forced to give up their land to companies so companies like Nestle and Unilever can make a profit.

I urge you to look into alternative ways to harvest palm oil to supply the global demand, and ensure that Indonesia’s forests are protected. The livelihoods of wildlife, Indonesian people, and our planet all depend on it.


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Photo credit: wayfaring stranger via everystockphoto

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  1. I hate deforestation! Leave nature alone! Nature is beautiful but the industries are so greedy and careless all they want is money! Enough with that! I would HATE if there was no more peaceful environments such as mountains or forests cuz of deforestation!

  2. Christine Stewart says:

    Please boycott products containing palm oil, such as: Nutella, “natural no-stir” peanut butter, many brands of margarine and microwave popcorn, cheap white chocolate, “yogurt” covered snacks, instant ramen noodles- please read labels!

    • Excellent! yes people! read labels and stop buying these products! YOU are the one who can stop this from happening. Once no one buys these useless products that are not even good for us, then they will not produce them any more. Supply and demand folks do some research! Screaming won’t do anything, but not giving your money to these companies will get their attention!

    • you ‘re right man. Palm oil is everywhere in the supermarket and it’s dangerous we need to save indonesia.It’s a beautiful country.

  3. Anne coppens says:

    Venerons la creation de Dieu ce grand

  4. We need to protect our rainforests all over the world otherwise they will not be here, they will become extinct and our animals, aviary will loose their habitat. Please sign and forward.

  5. Well here we are again dealing with mans greed and self importance over common sense and planet safety.When are these kinda Jay Birds going to learn that the things they destroy will eventually end up with all of us being destroyed. It is called the Domino Effect.That chain reaction of Mother Natures furry.The Rain Forests are a very necessary ingredient to this worlds survival. The real tragic part of this is that these greedy people know that and do not care one iota about anyone but themselves.The blag guards.That money will not save you any more than the rest of the planet.And these forest can not be replaced along with the life and beauty that will be gone forever. Them and their foolish indifference must be stopped. We the world must stop them, we have no choice if we are to survive.So much waste and ruin.For what,something that could be made with something else.

  6. Jane Morrow says:

    I have heard that there is adequate land available for palm oil without destroying more rainforest. However, the Indonesian government is blatantly corrupt, someone is getting a nice pay out, and any changes they promise are just a load of BS. I always read labels now – there are many palm oil free products out there and people need to do the right thing. How dare they destroy the habitats of the rainforest creatures – they have a right to exist the same as us and we have a moral obligation to protect them.

  7. proctor and gamble shame on you and if the rain forest die , we all die and that includes you and your families and where will you be with all that palm oil then ? I am a soap maker and refuse to use palm oil in my recipes. I will not buy any thing with palm oil in it…EVER…

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