Protect Major National Park from Drilling

Glacier National Park

Target: Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner

Goal: Save Glacier National Park and the surrounding area from oil and gas drilling

The area around Glacier National Park is being targeted for oil drilling. The landscape is home to many amazing creatures and plants, and serves as a popular tourist spot for those who love the natural wonders of the United States. Oil companies must not be allowed to drill in pristine and fragile places such as this. Urge Congress to place a permanent ban on gas and oil drilling in and near Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park is home to mountain goats, elk, northern bog lemming and countless other fascinating species. It also provides habitat for one of the largest remaining populations of grizzly bears and several packs of wolves. If drilling is allowed here it will disrupt wildlife, contaminate the Flathead River, and taint the experience of tourists.

Glacier National Park has been under the watchful eye of Big Oil for awhile. Montana inhabitants have urged Congress to ban drilling in all areas in and around the park, and have been partially successful thus far. More than eighty percent of drilling leases have been forfeited, though the area is not protected forever. New leases and attempts can be made, and the remaining twenty or so percent of oil drillers that currently hold a lease must be convinced to drop them.

Alert the Speaker of the House that you want to see Glacier National Park protected: urge a permanent ban on drilling in and around the area.


Dear Mr. Boehner,

Glacier National Park in Montana is home to many incredible species of flora and fauna. Numerous packs of wolves, herds of mountain goats, and one of the largest remaining populations of grizzly bears call the park home. Montana natives have urged Congress to keep the fragile ecosystem of the park in mind when considering land bans on oil drilling.

Many oil companies have decided not to drill in the area, but not all. Countless species rely on the park being protected and kept pristine. Drilling will jeopardize animals, tourism and natural water sources such as the Flathead River.

I urge you, as Speaker of the House, to take action to protect Glacier National Park and the surrounding area from oil and gas drilling forever.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Mark Wagner via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. We don’t need drilling in these majestic parks. Please stop this practice.

  2. Big Oil you sir need a reality check.Your greedy frenzy to get into out pristine areas is on the sic side. You have how many leases on land that you have yet to drill on and yet you are rushing and finagling to get a foot hold into some of our most beautiful areas.Why? Are they like a burr under a horses saddle to you? Or are you like a spoil t child that has been told no and you are hell bent on having your way irregardless of what is destroyed.Well you have had your way to long now and it is time you got a wake up call to let you know that your rein is over and you need to turn your attention to renewable energies now, while you have time to make the transition, or are you going to bite off your nose only to spite your face.It is over

  3. Jane Morrow says:

    I am so sick of hearing about beautiful wild areas being targetted for oil drilling – the Arctic, Yasuni in the Amazon, now this beautiful part of the US. In New Zealand our idiot government has allowed permits for exploratory drilling in our oceans – if as much energy was put into fast tracking green alternatives as was put into squeezing the last drops of fossil fuels out of the planet we’d be a lot better off. The world’s so called leaders are all short sighted idiots.

    • AMEN Jane.Point of fact, the wrong kind of people are being elected into positions, that give these big companies overwhelming control.In all, elections no matter what they are,are important, we must get the right kind of people elected or hired in.That is pretty much, the only way that what you describe as happening there( and is happening all over this planet as well) from happening.

  4. Dr. Wolfgang Epple says:

    Where is Mr. President Obama in this and other cases? Yes, we can…yes, he can — help? Nature protection in the U.S.A. (like Canada: …no more hope, no future for the last pristine places?

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