Protect Pets from Repeat Animal Abusers


Target: President Barack Obama

Goal: Ban abusive owners from keeping domestic animals

When animal abusers are found guilty of treating their animals cruelly, too often they are released with a minor sentence. It has become common practice to ban such people from owning domestic pets for five years, but this random, short, period of time does not deter true animal abusers from continuing to exploit sentient creatures. When a person is found guilty of committing crimes against a pet, it should be law that the person is not permitted to own pets at all. Urge President Barack Obama to enact a law that bans convicted animal abusers from owning domestic animals.

In a recent New Hampshire case, claimed to be one of the largest animal cruelty cases in the area, repeat offender Shirley Patch pleaded guilty to two charges of animal cruelty which included neglect of three dogs as well as goats, chickens, and horses. All the animals were found with protruding hips and ribs. Not surprisingly, Patch had been charged with similar accounts in 2009 when she starved five of her horses.

Cases like this one occur all too frequently today, as animal abusers are handed the opportunity to repeat their crimes, most of which constitute animal neglect, a transgression that causes as much suffering as purposeful harm. When criminals prove they are incapable of caring for other creatures, they should be effectively stopped from repeating the offense. Whether in five years or fifty, the guilty party does not deserve a second chance because too often these result in more abuse.

Patch’s case resulted in her being permanently banned from keeping livestock, but in five short years she will be allowed to buy more domestic companions for her dog, cat, and mouse. For reasons unknown, she was sufficiently punished for starving horses and chickens, but not dogs and cats. This kind of arbitrary decision is unfair and far too common.

Urge President Barack Obama to enact a law that bans convicted animal abusers from owning domestic animals.


Dear President Barack Obama,

While many Americans support stricter punishment for severe cases of animal abuse, it is problematic that those convicted of neglecting animals are still allowed to keep pets at all. Too often, abusers repeat their crimes because their punishment was not severe enough to deter them from committing the same act repeatedly. Our present system allows men and women to starve their animals, deny them shelter, and even physically abuse them without suffering more than a slap on the wrist.

While a stricter sentence, such as increased prison time or quadrupled fines, may deter some offenders, enabling offenders to repeat their crimes is the root problem. As long as convicted animal abusers own pets, they are tempted over time to abuse the victims again. Please enact laws that protect animals from repeat offenders by banning convicted animal abusers from owning domestic pets.


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  1. renee jeanine ragno says:

    It is past time that severe consequences be put into place and enforced for abusers, dog fighting, poachers, etc. They deserve no less than how they’ve treated an animal letting it go until the end w/o any assistance. Let them feel the pain, cry out to receive no help. or after being treated like that hand them over for medical experiments. At least than they’ll atone and serve a meaningful purpose of possibly saving a life.

  2. Gerry Pinion says:

    Pets are gifts from God. They deserve our respect and we must protect them from the criminally insane who torture such beautiful animals. If we ignore the wretched things they do to pets we will be soon crying out loud as they will soon not get as much of a thrill from animals …..they will then prey upon small children, the elderly and disabled.
    No way should they be allowed to haveANY pets once convicted of animal cruelty.
    Stand up people and do not stop screaming till the laws are found in favor of the animals!

  3. There should be no animal abusers. Since there are and repeat abusers it shows that the system is not working. If we had the right sentencing guidelines perhaps that would help.
    Then again not always, such as the case of Michael York. Yes the football player. Served a sentence, was told could not have any animals (part of his probation), when he broke it so his daughter could have a pet. Wonder if he told her how he tortured so many. Michael York we are watching you. You should be ashamed of yourself. Just because you are a good football player doesn’t give you the right to break your probation.

    • Dr Sol Myers says:

      Michael York: mindless cretin, human garbage, animal abuser. Does not deserve to exist. Karma will indeed bite him on the ass. Thank you, Karma.

  4. Animals were not put on this Earth for us to abuse. We need them as much as they need us. This woman and any other abuser shouldn’t even be allowed to have cockroaches. Nothing living. This is also why we need a national registry of animal abusers – we need to start treating these monsters like the criminals they are.

    And please don’t forget that cats are abused more than any other domestic animal (even when they’re feral). It’s one of the most under-reported animal abuse because “it’s only a cat”. Broken record I am – but I see more bad things than anyone should have to.
    Thank you.

  5. Unfortunately this is not limited to the USA. Australia is just as bad. Animal abusers are never given the maximum sentence and the judges don’t take these crimes seriously enough. It’s time for the justice system to start passing the maximum sentences for cruelty towards animals.

  6. julie landmchael says:

    we need new laws draconniene laws because those sicko will nver get better they are evil peoples around usall over the world but we have plenty in the usai wrote a letter to president Obamahe nver answer meof course he is busy with so many thinks buti just saw a pit they rmove is testicule he was rely suffering and is every day in spain thetouture greyhound hang them to tree well for me if they can,t do it to a animals they will do it to childrenis just getting to much i suggest euthanized themthey do it to dogs how nver did anything how are we god make human dogs cats et,, not for the supposed to be human , we are mostlya disgrace god is mad look at the weatheri realy believe he is punishing uswe do,nt have the right to killed anythink and we should learn from animals ,the law should be all over the state,,god bless the animals and the peoples how care for them

  7. As long as people continue to eat animals and their by products, to wear their fur and skins and to use them for any testing purposes animal cruelty will be with us.

  8. je suis humain donc mauvais

  9. Chi maltratta gli animali deve subire delle condanne severe e non condanne minori,gli animali non si toccano

  10. Veronica-Mae Soar says:

    A man of kindness to his beast is kind,
    But brutal actions show a brutal mind.
    Remember, He who made thee made the brute;
    Who gave thee speech and reason, formed him mute.
    He can’t complain; but God’s all seeing eye
    Beholds thy cruelty and hears his cry.
    He was designed to be thy servant, not thy drudge.
    Remember, his creator is thy judge

    Verse on horse trough on a steep hill in Bath, England; where a man flogged his horse to death trying to force him up the hill with his load.

    If you have men who will exclude any of god’s creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men”

    St Francis

  11. cruel people make a cruel world for animals and kind people make a kind world

  12. Convicted animal abusers have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they can not be trusted with an animal of any kind. This kind of sickness can not be cured and that only means one thing. They will keep repeating. Animals should and need to be protected from these kind of people. They should be banned from ever owning another animal or working with animals.Animal abuse is out of control and if this society doesn’t start re examining these kinds of criminals and putting the welfare and safety of future victims first,there shall continue to be thousands upon thousands of victims, suffering in pain, fear, and agony. This at least is one way to save countless numbers of animals from the hideous fate that these sick people will mead out to them.

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