Punish Man Accused of Raping Dog

Target: Los Angeles County District Attorney

Goal: Give a man accused of sexually assaulting his neighbor’s dog the maximum prison sentence

A man in San Pedro, California, was recently accused of sexually assaulting his neighbor’s dog. The incident was caught on a surveillance camera located in the dog’s owner’s yard. While charges have been brought against the man, his fate is yet to be decided. Urge the voting public of San Pedro to issue the max amount of prison time possible for this level of cruelty.

The victim is an adult Akita, weighing at about 80lbs. The owner of the dog sensed that something was wrong with his dog; she had been making unusual, loud noises at night and there were often random, mysterious items in his yard such as a cell phone and lighter. The owner decided to install security cameras after the strange occurrences were happening more frequently. One particular morning the owner discovered his dog’s fur everywhere so he decided to watch the security camera’s footage of the night before. The film was disturbing and heart-wrenching: a 22 year old man, Christopher Alexander Caceres, drugged and repeatedly raped the dog for two hours; the dog tried to get away several times.

The owner brought the dog to the vet to be examined; the vet discovered that the dog was the victim of numerous sexual assaults and recommended that the dog stay boarded until the criminal was caught. The man was later apprehended, in the middle of an unrelated robbery, and arrested. He is being tried for bestiality, burglary, sexual deviance and the rape of a dog.

What this man did is despicable and incredibly inhumane. Urge those selected for the jury of Christopher’s case to consider the nature of his crime, the threat he poses to society, and justice for the abused dog when deciding his prison term. Urge the maximum sentence for this heinous crime.


Dear Los Angeles County District Attorney,

A man by the name of Christopher Alexander Caceres was recently accused of a heinous crime. He has allegedly repeatedly drugged and sexually assaulted an 80-pound Akita. The owner of the dog witnessed the acts on a recording taken from his backyard video surveillance camera. In the video, the dog tried numerous times to get away; the man persisted, pinning the dog to the ground and forcing himself upon it. The alleged is being tried for bestiality, burglary, sexual deviance and the rape of a dog.

What Christopher Alexander Caceres did to that Akita is inhumane, despicable and inexcusable. When this man comes to trial, please remember the vile nature of his wrong-doing. He poses a threat to other people, animals and to himself. I urge you to serve Christopher Alexander Caceres a maximum prison sentence.


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  1. This person should be given the same sentence as if raping a human. He should also be charged with animal violence and anything else he can be charged with. We have to stop this behavior now. What kind of message is this case sending out to our young children and adults. This is just a horrendous case. I do believe beastiality incident is against the law without consent between 2 adults and obviously this does not apply in the case of a dog that did not give consent. This is a very sick individual. I am sure this poor dog was traumatized in the worst way. Hopefully he can recover and live a long life. Know that he is loved and be able to enjoy whatever time he has left here. Spread the word. God bless this poor dog. Karma will get the man when the courts are through with him, if he even goes that far if not who knows what could happen in prison. I have heard of many things being settled there when not taken care of in the judicial system.

  2. Maren Northway says:

    Motherfucker needs to be fist fucked and beaten to death in prison… I believe in medieval torture for heinous crimes against animals the most innocent amongst all beings…

  3. What a sick person. I hope he will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  4. olimpia marina says:

    Maximum sentence…….A tatoo on his forehead stating ..Rapist..

  5. olimpia marina says:

    He is insane…Long time in prison…Maximum sentence…

  6. olimpia marina says:

    If the justice system is not,sentencing him with long term prison,the judge should be responsible for his future actions..Those people are a danger and I think they should have a tatoo on the face to indicate …DANGEROUS….

  7. olimpia marina says:

    If the justice system is not sentencing him to spend long time in prison,the judge should be responsible for his future actions..People like him are dangerous to the society and I think they should have a distinctive tatoo on the face to indicate…DANGEROUS>!!!!

  8. Chris J. Robert says:

    I would like to fuck this kids ass out, while I beat him in the back of the head with a large hammer!!!

  9. olimpia marina says:

    Insane bastard..To HELL with him….fast…..

  10. Vanessa Gutierrez says:

    Humans are truly a sick and diseased race. This rapist should be put out of his miseries with a lethal injection. He does that to a dog (well, at least one dog, because there may have been many more) and then maybe to a child or an adult? He should not be entitled to remain in the society, for his sake and others’.

  11. This happening over the fences here in NSW Australia. l assume all Australia has this problem. l want it brought to the attention of all the filthy men and youths to stop this shocking discusting practice.

    The Australian police force should be making this problem aware to the public. This cruelty MUST STOP.

    Dirty, depraved thats what they are

  12. olimpia marina says:

    This is insanity..Long term in prison before he does this to one other dog….Those in charge should act….and be accountable if he commits an other crime…

  13. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    A lethal injection, no less. But why do people have dogs if they are to be kept outdoors. They are part of your pack and should be indoors with the family. In nature wolves are part of a pack and stay together. If they outcast a member, that is punishment. The same applies to dogs. Dogs kept outside think that they are being punished because they are not allowed to be with their pack. For working dogs who have the company of each other, it’s different. They are then with the pack. But definitely not for one or two dogs.

  14. I have heard of these vile acts against animals for years, it’s nothing new,just not being brought enough to the public’s attention.
    This sicko should be put in prison with the worst of the worst sex offenders and have them do to him what he did to that poor dog, see how he likes it!
    This is where public hanging should be reinstated.

  15. notimportant says:

    people like this make me sick and want to catrate them cut their balls off fucking sadistic bastard

  16. What the hell is wrong with humans? How f@@@king disgusting! This monster needs to be castrated or hanged. Get a psych test for this monster and you will probably opt for the death penalty after what you find. Sicko POS. I hope the dog is okay….I hope this monster doesn’t walk free in our society with our women, children, pets and elderly.

  17. This guy is one sick monster. He must be punished and kept away from other animals and children too. Studies show that those that abuse and torture animals move on to doing the same to people so he must be stopped with jail time, fined, banned from ever having or being around any animal and get psychiatric help as he is one sick monster .

  18. What can we do about these people?
    Here in Austalia since our change of Government all protetcion for animal funding has stopped.
    I sent a letter off the to the memeber in our district to please stand up and do something in Parliament.

    He write back and told me he is fighting for animals rights.
    Everywhere around our district animals cries are heard all the time.
    Either chained up night and day. Locked in Sheds. Raped or starved to death.
    But you know what? Soon all this will be attened to because our Lord Jesus will return to take up his Kingdom rule.’ But until then, we must speak up and help. We have to say something.

  19. Cut off his dick.

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