Stop Using Stray Dogs as Live Shark Bait


Target: François Hollande, President of France

Goal: Urge the French government to stop using stray dogs as bait

Most people are familiar with the use of worms or plastic ornaments as bait, but for fisherman who hunt sharks on an island called Réunion, stray dogs and cats – dead or alive – will do.

The small island is overrun by stray dogs and cats –upwards of 150,000 of them are said to roam the premises. But, instead of trying to find their owners or notify the humane society, residents have teamed up with fisherman to provide the animals as bait for capturing sharks and whales.

Animal rights group, The 30 Million Friends Foundation, was informed of the inhumane practice and sent a film crew over to the island to obtain proof to be aired on the group’s television show. What the organization found was absolutely shocking: dogs with huge fishing hooks sunk deep into their snouts and cats with similar hooks protruding from their paws. According to the Foundation’s president, locals view dogs and cats not as pets and loyal companions but “…as vermin. There is no value to the life of a dog there…”

Not only are strays being targeted, but dogs who escape from their owners homes and wander the streets are also falling victim to the harrowing practice. A veterinarian on the French-controlled island was shocked when a six-month-old dog, who escaped from a fishing net, was brought in with a huge fishing hook protruding from its face. Unlike most of the other strays, the dog was someone’s pet, and is currently at home with its owners.

But, for one dog who is saved, countless others suffer at the hands of malicious fisherman and apathetic residents. By signing this petition, you’ll urge the French government to ban the practice of using strays as bait.


Dear President François Hollande,

The French-controlled island of Réunion has recently been overrun by stray dogs and cats. Because of this phenomena, the residents have started a torturous practice of using the dogs and cats as bait for attracting and capturing sharks, whales and other fish.

This shocking behavior must end as there are countless other safe, humane and moral ways to fish. As a person of power and great influence, I am informing you of this in an effort to end such cruelty against animals. The locals of the island of Réunion even support a fumigation program to rid the island of the stray dogs and cats. Such thinking is unjust and may I inform you that not all animals on the island are strays. One escapee happened to be a beloved pet.

I urge you to take action and end this savage behavior once and for all. Please, ban the use of dogs and cats as bait.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Amis via RFO Réunion

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  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    Hey France – I know you have no death penalty BUT I’m sure there are enough low life prisoners you could use who would make much better shark bait – the use of live animals is so blatantly cruel to an innocent who did nothing wrong except to have no voice – A HUGE black eye to France – you just lost another tourist.

  2. Yiota Nicolaidou says:

    What the hell is going on in this disgusting world? Are you calling your countries and yourselves civilised? Zoulous are more civilised than you. You make me sick. you are nothing but heartless monsters. yax

  3. Deborah Jones says:

    Death to ALL animal torturers! Evil people deserve to die a most death! Judgement Day is coming! Harming animals, chidren, babies, etc. is unacceptable! Everybody deserves to be punished for committing these atrocities upon the most innocent of the innocent, and evil children deserve to die a horrible death as well! They will continue to torture as they grow up!

  4. Nancy Folliard says:

    This is so sick it is beyond my comprehension!!! Anyone who would participate in this type of thing deserves the same cruel death. I would think nothing of seeing an animal tourturer put to death the same way. Gee I wonder what they do to homeless humans in France? No wonder they have so much terrorist activity in France they themselves are much like them!!

  5. Ariel Valyo, DVM says:

    Humans certainly have no limits on their imaginations when it comes to cruelty to animals. This is so TOTALLY SICK. IT NEEDS TO STOP! DISGUSTING.

    • You told that right!!! I actually have to take a deep breath before I look at the petitions because when you think you have heard the most vile, evil, and painful deaths of our wonderful animals, think again. The evil methods that these apathetic sub- humans inflict on helpless animals have no limits.
      To think that there are humans among us who believe that the only suffering is that of mankind and that an animals pain and suffering is so insignificant. It is beyond my realm of understanding.

  6. Everybody loves a hotdog 🌭 even sharks

  7. Denise Devereux says:

    The greatness of a nation and its morale progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. Until humans extend the circle of compassion to all living things humans will not find peace.
    I hope these barbaric humans worst nightmares come true.

  8. Angela Hopkins says:

    The French people present themselves as “civilized” and snub their noses at other countries, including the U.S.,yet use live stray dogs as “live” shark bait!?! WTF!?! Apparently you people dont know how to go fishing for one, and for two, dont you know about spading or neutering animals!?! Brainless people – shark meat is not a delicacy – they clean the oceans. American Indian Prophecy is correct, we are becoming “demons” instead of being human towards our Earth. We humans, killing everything and never allowing anything to replenish itself, be it the land or the wayers!

  9. Francoise Phipps says:

    Unspeakable crime!
    Take the French authorities to Court – starting with the Presidency, the Environment Department and the Ministère des Outre-Mer.
    A France riddled with scandals – a France that lost its moral compass – a governance of the lowest intellectual caliber, all that suffering to which we shall have to respond collectively …
    I am French. Should I deplore it?

  10. Sick bastard’s!

    Horses are also put through horrible deaths!

    Cruelty in France towards animals has been going on for many years, which is why I will not visit the country!

  11. Paula Eggleston says:

    I thought I had seen or heard it all…but this is so unbelievably cruel and disgusting I feel ill. I will no longer be traveling to France while the French support this barbaric practice of torturing dogs and cats..and will urge all of my friends on social media to do the same. Their are many humane ways to deal with an overpopulation of animals…spaying, adoption, asking for help from the many international animal rights organizations. This is just pure human evil.
    Shame on your country for your continued support of this animal torture!

  12. todd fletcher says:

    This has to be some dumb ass mother fuckers!

  13. Janis Hargreaves says:

    And they call themselves humans, to knowingly inflicting hurt on a voiceless helpless creature. These strays would not be there but for useless humans who abandoned them in the first place. Yes count on humans to stuff up things for animals as usual!!!!
    The cruelty by humans this day and age leaves me stunned, we are truly breading things called humans that should be put down at birth.
    Why not use the fisherman there as live bait that would be so much more entertaining!!!!

  14. Did you notice that the dog in the picture is wearing a collar?

  15. France – who would want to visit such a place whilst they allow such barbarity. As someone said earlier, no wonder they are the target for terror attacks. I never ever thought I would consider that deserving but I have now changed my mind.

  16. And Hollande does nothing!

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