Stop the Mass Killing of Dogs in Romania

Target: Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta
Goal: Stop Romania from slaughtering tens of thousands of dogs in the coming weeks.

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  2. olga de weger says:

    dogs if they are many, start walking around in groups, a child with a piece of bread in their hands is in danger of being attacked, not because these dogs are cruel, but hunger makes them behave in a certain way, together they can kill a sheep. When with the economical crisis a lot of people throw their dogs out on the street, leave them in villages remote eareas etc.(this we can see also in Greece where i live)the solution to this is not so easy,since this happens every year the group grows bigger and bigger.Here in Greece they sterilise as many dogs they can that are on the street, i remember a long time ago a village poisoned about 20 dogs that were left there behind after the tourist season,to sterilise them would not change much, still a pack of 20 hungry dogs on the street, to put them to death is expensive, poisoning is a horrible death, better to shoot them between the eyes, in this case the most humane thing to do, but very hard to do. You see the dilemma has more sides then one. We will see a lot more of this happening with the crisis going on, i say forbid the breeding of dogs, take care of the ones that are on the street now. But if you all want to have a fuhrer choice in races, i like one that lookes good with my sofa, i want one that protects the house, etc, etc, then if you really want to be better than the Romanians learn , be ready to shoot dogs between the eyes. PS; I have a dog, love her, i don’t know if i could do that, but i also know solutions need money,and when they deprive a country of the money it needs to solve for instance this problem, the best thing that can happen is to take the money from the richest 2 % away.That i hope for, and to stop breeding dogs i am all for, who are we that we think we can decide what we want a dog to look like,it is an honour to be able to look after a dog, whatever it looks like,we overpopulate dogs as we have overpopulated ourselves, since we are busy with what do i want and how is this good for me, instead of what is the most humane and responsable.

    • Janice Sprow says:

      You make some very valid points. We need to offer some actual solutions to the underlying problem not just react with our initial gut response. But there is still no excuse for abuse and cruelty. Maybe they should st up some form of patrols to round up the strays and euthanize them humanely as well as stop breeding dogs.

    • Hieromonk Silas says:

      There are multitudes of stray dogs in India and the number grows. Once in a while a pack of dogs attacks a child and rips it apart to eat it. There are sterilization programmes but not enough. As a dog lover I wouldn’t suggest we ship them to North East India or Burma or Korea where they are a delicacy. I lived in USA and Canada for 45 years but I never ate a dog, hot or cold. I am a vegetarian anyway ?

  3. Vivienne Tate says:

    Hundreds of dogs have already been killed… And most of them av been toutured before hand by these vile uneducated llowlifes!!
    I will help anyway I can to save these poor dogs

  4. Theresa Pollastri says:

    God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, please come down from Heaven in the Spirit and immediately stop Romania killing there dogs mercilessly. Pleae touch Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta heart so that he will turn to Christianity and stop this immediately and Lord if he doesn’t please punish him by showing him you are the boss of the whole wide world. Amen

  5. This must stop, it should be on the news, not just on Facebook. A lot of people knows nothing about this.

  6. Please show compassion and end this cruelty!

  7. Frances Pawley says:

    I wonder how many more animals will be left to the horrors of fending for themselves when the Romanians upsticks and come to the UK in the New Year. It breaks my heart to hear of these attrocities and they shame the world with their cruelty. Aren’t there any dog lovers over there? All they need is someone to care and to neuter/spay the dogs in order to control them. They allow the animals to get out of control and this is the result.

  8. How could they do such a thing. Dogs are the most loyal animal in the world. It makes me so sad…..

  9. I am so sorry these dogs have to face this brutuality from humans. I wish I could protect all animals in this world from humans. I hope KARMA bites them in the butt tenfold. I am so sorry for what these animals have to go through.

  10. Pls Romania, could you show some kindness to the creatures that God Made too?

  11. So much for being in the E.U (Mickey Mouse!)its education and not termination that needed, not a short-sighted policy.
    I thought the whole idea for being in the E.U was improve people’s lives and making things better for everyone and everything?!

  12. stop this killing of dogs

  13. “All animals have the same capacity for suffering, but how we see them differs and that determines what we’ll tolerate happening to them. In the western world, we feel it wrong to torture and eat cats and dogs, but perfectly acceptable to do the same to animals equally as sentient and capable of suffering. No beings who pride themselves on rationality can continue to support such behaviour.”- Twyla Francois

  14. Barbara Chichester says:

    Have compassion for those who cannot help themselves.

  15. Are all of you fucking stupid?? Boycott Romania let them starve?! I hope anyone who says that dies honestly you all are ignorant people that have no idea what is going on in the world. Romanians love dogs but some families cannot afford to neuter/spay their dogs so back the hell off. honestly what is more important the peoples safety or the dogs safety? none of you know how the dogs act in Romania, so until you know go away. i love dogs too but seriously you people are so nasty about this subject, because you have not lived through the tough times in Romania. Most of you commenting here have always lived in America and had the perfect life with a perfect house but, NEWS FLASH that is not the same in other countries.

    • Cat,

      the issue is one of cruelty and neccesity. the problem can be handled in a much better way than brutally killing innocent, helpless dogs who are just as much victims as the people of Romania. it is not an either or situation and must be dealt with in a manner which is beneficial to both human and non-human animals.

      “May we ponder deeply the wisdom of the Golden Rule before it’s too late, and begin to actually live it with respect to the animals who are at our mercy. Otherwise, our future may be horribly grim: all that we force others to experience, we will eventually end up experiencing ourselves.” – Will Tuttle

  16. Paula Thurston says:


  17. Despina M. Andrelus says:

    “Un om drept ceea ce privește durata de viață a animalelor” – Proverbe 12:10, “Dacă aveți oameni care vor exclude orice de creaturile lui Dumnezeu de la adăpostul de compasiune și milă, vei avea oameni care se vor ocupa, de asemenea, cu semenii lor” – Francisc de Assisi, “Sper să fac pe oameni să înțeleagă cât de total sunt animale neajutorate, cum depinde de noi, de încredere ca o necesitate copil care vom fi un fel și să aibă grijă de nevoile lor … (Acestea) sunt o obligație a pus pe noi , o responsabilitate pe care nu au drepturi de neglijare, nici să încalce cu cruzime …. “- JAMES Harriot; “Măreția unei națiuni și progresul ei moral pot fi judecate prin modul în care animalele sale sunt tratate” – Mahatma Gandhi

  18. We have not the right to commit animal genocide upon dogs or any other animals. We are not Gods that have the power to kill animals via mass killings of them…

  19. No more CRUELTY!!!


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