End Acid Attacks in India

Target: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Goal: Protect women from acid attacks

A disturbing type of violence in which men pour dangerous acid on women has taken root in India.  These ‘acid attacks’ are often the result of child marriages or arranged marriages gone awry. All too common, acid attacks have adverse effects on the psychological, emotional and physical well-being of the young girls and women who fall victim to these assaults. Although child marriage is making considerable progress towards eradication, archaic ideals, extreme enforcement of patriarchal rule in rural areas, and poverty play a huge part in the perpetuation of dowries and child brides. But, one woman by name of Laxmi is determined to end acid attacks against women in India.

When she was just 15 years old, Laxmi refused to engage in an arranged marriage with a much older man. Angered, the man and a friend purchased acid from a local retailer and attacked Laxmi in a crowded marketplace, burning her on nearly 50% of her entire body. Eight years after her attack, Laxmi learned that nearly 20 acid attacks against women are performed every month because of disagreements that arise because of dowries and arranged marriage disputes. Laxmi took action immediately and started a petition to regulate the sale of acid in the open market. Just a week later, she won.

Recognizing the epidemic, the Indian government announced that it would implement strict guidelines for shopkeepers which would make it illegal to sell or distribute acid without a valid license. Also, buyers would be required to produce a valid ID and proof of address before purchasing the product.

By signing this petition, you’ll applaud the efforts of the Indian government to stop acid attacks against innocent women in India and thank Laxmi for her dedication to advocating for women’s rights.


Dear Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,

Your recent, and speedy, decision to protect the lives of women in India from vicious acid attacks deserves to be recognized. This unfortunate epidemic has claimed the lives of countless women, while survivors are left with permanent physical, emotional and psychological scars. Taking action against the marketplaces who freely distribute and sell acid to individuals with evil intentions will not only save lives, but shows that the Indian government is well on its way to more progressive thinking.

I hope that this recent string of events means that the Indian government will implement more decisions that change the political landscape into one that is more inclusive and aware of the rights of women and the oppressed.


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Photo credit: Arun Gopalan

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  1. Best punishment for any man ?? who commits this vile crime would be to pour acid over his genitals so he can never use them again.

  2. Julie van Niekerk says:

    Are these people stuck in the Stone age?

  3. This is horrific. WHEN is mankind going to evolve into the next generation of kindness. My god….lord Christ hear our prayer…..these men should be jailed for the rest of there life.

  4. laurel mancini says:

    Every person has the right to say ‘no’. Women are just so easy to victimize. Men can find an irrational justification for all their nasty actions. I cannot imagine a woman, a young girl, a child, being married against her wishes. To cook, clean, get food, submit (not joyously, happily, lustfully) to sexual intercourse, take beatings, put up with relatives who think nothing for her. What about we put Ahmed and Rachel in a room. Rachel has a bat. Ahmed has a white feather. A way to even up disputes. Unfortunately, Ahmed and his ilk need about a generation, or eight, of learning to live an another world where people can say all kinds of things and the response is ” you are entitled to your opinion and I to mine”.

  5. Barry Sexton says:

    It is unfortunate some commentators have not done their homework and tend to think everything wrong is done by Muslims. These are Hindus as was pointed out. And YES even Christians have used violence against defenceless women and children. These men are COWARDS. They lack the capacity to deal with their problems by talking to women so they resort to violence to express their feelings against anyone with less power or strength. So they attack defenceless children and women. They are contemptible and cowardly. Their culture has led to this and it needs a strong drive including re-educating to break the generational violence. This even applies to Western cultures where many women suffer appalling violence overlooked by the equally cowardly authorities.

  6. steve stevens says:

    Easily sorted !! These cowardly men who are supported by their Paternalistic society, should have acid thrown in their face.. This crime would stop overnight because these men are spoilt cowardly fools.. I watched an 8 year old boy ‘play up’ whilst his Mother was in a shop. His 2 Sisters were meek and mild and following the Mother, whilst he was demanding attention in a very loud voice. He wanted to go to McD but the Mother wanted to finish in this shop first. She told him they would go as soon as they left this shop and he punched her full on in the stomach. Throwing PC to the side I rushed and picked the child up held him against the wall and told him that what he had done was wrong and if I saw him do that again I would call the Police (frighten him). The Mother I could see was horrified that I could remonstrate with a Male child but I told her that If her Husband had a problem with what I had done then get him to come and see me..It was my shop.. These people live in OUR Society so should live by OUR rules.. End Of !!

  7. I give that young woman kudos for standing up for the rights of other women.It’s unfortunate that she has to spend the rest of her life scarred, both physically and emotionally.
    These same people are coming into OUR country and bringing their abhorrent traditions with them.
    Get out of the stone age and join the 21st century.
    This kind of thinking has been passed down from generation to generation,that a woman is a possession and can be treated as such.
    These “men”, and I use the term loosely, are nothing but “thugs”and cowards!

    People need to vote unacting authorities acting irresponsibly to futuregenerations and living creatures out of occupations once and for all!

  9. In this case the commenter who blames Muslims is almost certainly wrong, from the girls´s name this time the sad and cruel affair has occurred among Hindus. We might say, owing to the focus on the Indian Govt., Indian men appear pathologically jealous and see women as property. Others of us from different places are not exactly innocent.

  10. There is no excuse for this act, those who have the power to stop it and do not will not escape, it may be their loved one next, it may become the standard and who could live in a country with such low standards for human behavior.

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