End Moroccan Laws Requiring Women To Marry Their Rapists

Target: King Mohammed VI

Goal: Remove laws requiring victims of sexual abuse to marry their attackers from Moroccan law.

In Morrocco, laws force women and young girls to marry their rapists. Despite promises from the Morroccan government to overturn this law, it still remains on the books and rape victims continue to be terrorized by their rapists. A number of survivors of sexual violence have committed suicide in recent months when facing the prospect of marrying their attackers. In March 2012 for example, a sixteen-year-old girl named Amina Filali swallowed rat poison rather than marry the man that had allegedly raped her. These laws must be immediately removed from the Moroccan code of law.

Three teenagers are set to appear in court for kissing and posting photos of themselves on the social media website, Facebook. Two teenage boys and one girl were charged with ‘public indecency’ for their actions. One of the boys was accused of ‘indecent assault’ on a minor for the kiss that was posted to Facebook. The ‘indecent assault’ charge carries a possible sentence of 2-5 years and a possible fine.

While the Moroccan government has been drafting laws to protect women from violence, the going has been slow. Laws that protect women’s rights often take years to pass through the legislature. Delays in legal reform leave women and young girls open to exploitation and abuse. More lives will be in danger as long as things remain the way they are. Sign this petition and demand that these draconian laws be removed from Moroccan law.


Dear King Mohammed VI,

Laws that require women and young girls to marry their sexual abusers are not in line with international regulations. These laws cause these women extreme distress and in some cases cause them to take their own lives. I ask that your government immediately suspend these laws until they can be taken out of the Moroccan code of law.

The international community is watching and waiting for your governments reaction. Too many women have been affected by these draconian laws to stand by and let any more lives be destroyed. Your government must adhere to international law and allow the freedom of choice to be practiced by all in your country. I ask that justice be given to the victims of sexual abuse in your country.


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Photo credit: UN Women via Flickr

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  1. What a backward country, they should be ashamed of themselves!

  2. postal-service@yandex.ru says:

    When Olga Ulkova and I visited Morocco, and made friends there, they told us about the women fate in their country – it is all about punishment.

  3. The barbaric men are criminals and should be punished NOT rewarded. What if the victim was your precious child?

  4. Dorothy Cohen says:

    This practice is inhumane. If you think Morocco is a forward thinking country think again. Its laws and justice is medieval where women still have no status. Rapist should receive the severist of punishments no matter what country they live in

  5. Melinda Hernandez says:

    I can’t believe this is still going on. It must be stopped!!

  6. Amy Rose Murphy says:

    what a bunch of barbaric woman hating men in this back ward country I think the men who favour this sick law should have their lads cut off with a rusty dull knife

  7. Sheila Jefferson says:

    Please overturn this law.
    Thank you

  8. A barbaric custom which highlights Morocco’s religious and political belief that all women are the possessions of men. They will remain a backward country for decades to come.

  9. Indonesia doesn’t seem to have such ridiculous law. However, similar tragedies also happen in my country. A Muslim friend told me that from his village, there was a highschool girl raped by a man from the same village. Eventually her parents let the man marry the poor girl! Her parents did not protect their daughter away from the rapist.

  10. This is delivering the women into the hands of her torturer, for the rest of her unhappy life. ANY rapist should be at least castrated, and if he’s really violent, just take him out permanently. He’ll never rape again, and his victim can go free. That’s true justice.

    • PS: we’ve got to get all on board, and in a male-dominated society, that’s a challenge.

      Until 30 years ago, in the US a man could “legally” rape his wife. We finally came around – NO woman is property.

  11. This is a situation where a real “culture change” is needed. typical Islamic sharia law.

    • Islamic sharia law never mentions anything about marrying the rapist. In islamic sharia law someone who practice illegal (unmarried) sex should be stoned to death. That, is typical sharia law. Even though I’m not fully agree with this sharia law, but you sir need to get your fact straight. With all due of respect, of course.

  12. Dmitry Fetisov says:

    Should owner of groceries store feed a person, who stole some food from it, until it will die?
    No. And that law is same ridiculous. Rapists should be severely punished. I think neuterizing is inhuman, so best punishment will be just amputation of penis.

  13. Cat Katastrof says:

    Sucha retard law but im not suprised. That country is SHIT!!! Ive been to the capital(rabat), Casablanca and marrakesh. I was fucking hateing my time over there. The people was retards!!!

  14. How mentally deranged do you have to be to uphold this morally disgusting “tradition”!? The parents send their daughter to live with the scum that abused her… for the rest of her “life”. What other abhorrent reason can make people behave in this way, other than dogma and religion and the fear of the backlash from their zealot community? How the @#$% do you punish the victim and reward the abuser!?

  15. Disgusting laws are made by disgusting people. They believe themselves to be superior, but do not deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of us.

  16. Rape is about -control -subduing and is an epidemic in all countries -so there are a lot of very insecure -men in the world who feel they must assert themselves to prove -something -in Morocco this is their culture as it is an islamic country and islam is a male dominatiing ideology they will not change -they have too much to lose -their domination of -women and children.

  17. Christine Stewart says:

    Why the hell would a country/ religion actually REWARD a man for raping a woman by forcing her to marry him?? This actually encourages men to do evil violent things to women- shouldn’t we be DISCOURAGING crimes?!

  18. Nathan Hazlett says:

    Barbaric. Primitive. Uncivilised. BOYCOTT MOROCCO until this insane anti-human law is scrapped and rape victims are treated with compassion and their perpetrators punished.

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