Support Pastor Who Performed His Gay Son’s Marriage


Target: Reverend Frank Schaefer

Goal: Provide support to pastor who was punished for marrying his son, just because of his son’s sexual orientation.

Reverend Frank Schaefer, pastor of the Zion United Methodist church in Lebanon, Pennsylvania was recently punished for performing his son’s marriage in 2007 because his son was gay. He was tried and found guilty for violating church law and being disobedient.

Schaefer admits that he was unsure about whether or not to perform the same-sex marriage, but decided to do it out of love for his son. He made a respectable and morally correct decision, but now he is facing the possibility of suspension, or being forced to revoke his position.

Although it is against church law, it is unfair that Schaefer be punished for performing his own son’s marriage. That is something he should have the privilege to do. Christian teachings stress family loyalty and compassion much more strongly than anti-gay ideas, and denying this man the right to perform his son’s marriage is directly violating these teachings.

Schaefer does not deserve to feel guilty for wanting to perform his son’s marriage. It is a shame that the people of his church could not accept his decision and make an exception to church rule.

Schaefer deserves justice for his unfit punishments. Please sign the petition below to show support and encouragement for this pastor’s decision to perform his son’s marriage.


Dear Reverend Frank Schaefer,

We are writing you to show our support for your recent decision to perform your son’s same-sex marriage. I am sure you have many people making you feel that you made the wrong choice, and the consequential punishments for your actions may also make you feel as though you made a mistake. However, there are many people who believe you did the right thing.

Even though you broke church law, this situation should have been excused. In some cases, Christian values such as family loyalty and love should override doctrines about homosexuality. Your church should have been accepting of the fact that you wanted to be the one to perform your son’s marriage. If they are not okay with your action, you should be in a more accepting environment.

We hope that everything works out for you and encourage you to maintain your fair and loving morals.


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  1. GLTB people should have the right to everything!! There should be more gltb cuz they cant have children and i think that will lessen the stupid human population! I support gay people!!! Enough with straight people! I hate them! All they do is reproduce! Fuk that

    • R u insane Jessica, without straight ppl you wouldn’t be here, on that note, i say good on you for showing your son the love and allowing him and his partner wedded bliss, this is why religion is so wrong in these times, i am a non believer, and proud of the fact that i am never to be restricted by anything these so called churches enforce on their followers…..

    • Sorry but you make gay people look stupid with this comment, my nephew is gay and he is much more intelligent than to make the dumbest comment ever-you want to be treated with equality and respected for your choice-then stop bashing the other people, you are only putting yourself in a bad light. If your parents didnt reproduce-you wouldnt be here-duh!!!!

  2. Michael Bayne says:

    Hater! Get a life!

  3. Michael Bayne says:

    Why wasn’t Jessica’s comment moderated?! “I hate them” towards straight people is as wrong as hating LGBT people. Why can’t people let go of their irrational hatred of others?!

  4. Now that’ a real Dad! Done with compassion and love 🙂

  5. There is nothing Christian about asking a man to choose between his child and following his employer’s beliefs. I repeat, these are the beliefs of the church’s hierarchy, not of the pastor himself. I suspect his belief was that love is love. Love is what he felt for his child, who was a gift from God. Love was what his son felt for his now husband, and I’m sure this pastor believed this also to be a gift from God, and a union that deserved to be blessed as a sacrament in the eyes of God. He followed his convictions and his heart. That is what Jesus taught. He spent time with prostitutes and other “undesirables” because he knew their hearts and souls were pure. Only God, and those who are truly without sin can judge. As that pretty much consists of only God, the rest of the world needs to realize that it is not our place to say they are wrong. They are adults who wish to pledge eternal love and fidelity to one another, and there is nothing sinful about that.

  6. steve stevens says:

    So much for the Religion of Love.. I wish Humanity could throw off the yoke of Religion and Politics.. We would all be happier worshipping a Carrot ..

  7. Tamara Heikalo says:

    Can we get out of the dark ages already?!!!!

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