Oppose Militarized American Police Forces


Target: Eric H. Holder, Jr., Attorney General of the U.S.

Goal: Demilitarize domestic police forces in the U.S.

According to multiple online sources, such as the police watchdog website “filmingcops.com,” American citizens are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist. Over the past two decades, and especially since 9/11, domestic police forces in the U.S. have been purchasing more military grade weapons and employing more militarized task forces like SWAT teams. Despite claims that these are efforts to fight against terrorism, police are pointing their guns almost exclusively at American citizens.

Those ‘protecting’ us from terrorists are far more likely to kill us than terrorists themselves. Domestic police forces in most American cities are equipped with high-powered automatic rifles and explosives; most with tear gas and rubber bullets as well which they use to suppress peaceful protests. Increasingly, police officers are encouraged to use deadly force in domestic crime situations, and increasingly officers are protected by the “Blue Shield” in cases of unnecessary force; meaning that the entire police force will protect an individual officer from legal proceedings in cases of abuse of power.

What the militarization of domestic police forces signals is the fortification of government power against the public. When we protest peacefully, we are gassed and shot at with rubber bullets. When we’re even suspected of a serious crime, we’re shot at with real bullets and an intent to kill. And even when were not suspected of anything at all, we’re seized and searched, and then charged for any technicality the police can come up with.

Militarized police forces are a threat to all Americans, however it’s important to know that these military tactics have been overwhelmingly used against racial minorities, and that police power abuses against racial minorities almost always go unreported by the media. We’re seeing the building process of a police-state infrastructure; it has been used successfully against racial minorities for decades now, and will increasingly become part of daily life for every American. Sign the petition to demand that the Justice Department scale back the militarization of our police forces.


Dear Mr. Holder,

Regardless of the intentions behind the increasing militarization of domestic police forces in the U.S., the outcome has been frighteningly oppressive for most citizens. With every local police department ready to employ automatic rifles and tear-gas at a moment’s notice, citizens are constantly under threat of a full-blown military strike from the people who are supposed to protect them. Americans are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist; something is very wrong with this situation.

Racial minorities in the U.S. have experienced police militarization for decades now, and the results have been disastrous; for instance black American men are 6 times more likely to be sentenced to prison than white American men for the exact same crime. Recently, as we’ve seen with the Occupy Wall Street protests, our militarized police forces are turning their guns on all of us. The severe abuses of police power that racial minorities have long experienced are now being felt by the general population, and we demand that it stop before it gets any worse. Do the right thing for your country by taking military powers away from domestic police forces, to stop the oppression of free and innocent citizens.


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Photo Credit: OregonDOT

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  1. Bill Rehberg says:

    Stop encouraging the paranoia. The only real answer to the escalation of the militarization of the police is that the N.R.A. can sell more guns and amo if you make everyone crazy with paranoia. So, did they pay you, or someone else to get everyone riled up?

    • Does this make sense? Why would Department of Natural Resources would act like a SWAT team to kill a rescued baby deer.

      Looks like a exercise for execution or what?


    • There is nothing paranoid about this. It’s really happening. Why don’t you search Deming N.M. and find out about two men who suffered the ultimate humiliation from police. Women who were body cavity searched on the side of the road in view of the public, a woman who was thrown into the holding cell so hard she fell, hit her head and required stitches. Why don’t you research who trains city police. I think maybe you should become a bit more knowledgeable before leaving such and uninformed and biased comment Bill. God bless.

      • I am an American citizen. The statement about the police in America is true. People are being killed every day by them for the most most inane reasons. You only have to be alive to get shot by a cop in the USA. It didn’t used to be this way.

    • Josh McCullough says:

      I’m pretty sure the NRA doesn’t “sell guns” as you propose.

      And it’s not paranoia.

      1. a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution…

      Nothing about this petition is delusional. Police routinely serve warrants in full SWAT gear. They break up innocent poker games at people’s homes IN SWAT GEAR.

      How do you not see this as a problem?

    • Bill you are either blind or a complete imbecile! They are breaking down innocent peoples doors and then scaring them to death as they beat them into submission! I have seen it with my own eyes, just as I continue to see it all over the country! They are kicking women in the face after they have already been handcuffed and are sitting on the curb! BILL!!! YOU NEED TO JUST SHUT YOUR PIE HOLE, NOW!!!

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