Regulate Dangerous Dietary Supplements

Target: U.S. Congress and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Goal: Ensure all dietary supplements are properly regulated by the FDA.

It goes without saying that dietary supplements, whether they be a source of ‘vitamins’ or an aid to weight loss, have captivated our generation.  As any food or medication is tested by the FDA before it is put out on the market, dietary supplements are not. The FDA does not consider dietary supplements as food or drug so they are not tested within the same regulations.  The FDA is extremely lax on the production and consumption of these supplements, which have been proven to be dangerous.

Leading scientists discourage the usage of supplements for they say the actual benefits that are proposed do not withstand scientific experimentation. The Vitamin/Herbal supplement industry is very lucrative, a now $23 billion per year enterprise.  It is with such funding that this industry has been able to slide under the radar of governmental regulatory actions such as, The Dietary Supplement Labeling Act and the Dietary Supplement Safety Act.  If passed, these Acts would require manufacturers to register their products through the FDA, both have failed in Congress.  As stated on the FDA’s website, “The FDA is responsible for taking action against any unsafe dietary supplement product after it reaches the market.”  Seeing as though many supplements are made in China where the governance of production is very lenient, the fact that the government won’t step in until after problems occur with the public is severely irresponsible.

By signing the petition below you will exhort Congress to stop putting its citizens lives in danger by making it mandatory for all manufacturers in the dietary supplement industry to register their products with the FDA.


Dear U.S. Congress & The Food and Drug Administration,

Dietary supplements have become a critical aspect to our modern society. From the daily multivitamin to the many ways to lose weight or prevent illness.  Such miracle drugs have taken the medical market by storm, and yet there is no real safety regulations for these supplements.

Various scientific institutions have warned the general public against dietary supplements for their proposed benefits do not withstand scientific inspection. This is proven to be very dangerous for public consumption, and the fact that many aren’t educated on this matter makes it all the worse.

An effective way to ensure the safety of consumption for such supplements, is to require all manufacturers to register their products with the FDA.  For as it is now, the FDA only has authority to step in after these products have entered the consumer market.

I truly implore you to make it mandatory that producers of all dietary supplements submit their merchandise with the FDA, and in turn the FDA use the same regulations as they would test any food or drug.  It is imperative for the health of our general public.


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  1. I would not sign your petition because you are taking all dietary supplements into account. There are some very reliable dietary
    supplement companies that do research, or research is done on them by an unbiased research company (Consumer and report the findings and results. You are definitely a biased person and ignorant
    about dietary supplements. Listen to the other peoples comments about your article and study dietary supplements!

  2. Sandra Bryan says:

    DO NOT SIGN! This petition is OBVIOUSLY propaganda to benefit BigPharma. Big Pharma is getting rich by convincing people to take their poisonous “medicines” – and then to take more to counter-act the side effects of those same drugs. How many times in the past have we heard of drugs approved by the FDA (which allows companies to do their own testing before approval by the FDA) and later have to issue warnings or are recalled due to medical harm and even death (vioxx, naproxen, acetamenophen, etc)? Herbs, vitamins and other supplements have been around forever, were used by our ancestors and have never caused any kind of bad side effect, or death. The only time there was bad publicity for supplements was when there was a company in Korea with a dirty lab about 20 years ago and they were shut down and prosecuted. 99% of all supplement companies have tried and proven track records – the others are only guilty of selling weaker products. Due to multiple reactions from drugs prescribed by well-meaning doctors, I have been researching and using herbs and supplements for over 30 years and refuse to trust the “drug czars” for any reason. If I or a loved one must take anything pharmaceutical, we follow the best advice – never take ANY drug that is less than 7 years old, which gives enough time for any dangerous side-effect to show up. Especially since the FDA allows these companies to do their own testing (which they repeat until they get the documented results they are looking for), and also has NO POWER to force a recall, they can only request that companies recall their products. There is NO government agency left with the power to protect us against the greedy corporations. Protect yourself and be aware of the propaganda…..

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