Don’t Sell Our National Parks

Target: Cliff Stearns, former representative (R-FL)

Goal: Tell Tea Party members of Congress not to sell off our national parks for drilling.

During the government shutdown, national parks, like many other establishments, were closed to the public. Somehow, oil and gas drillers were exempt and carried on their destructive and environmentally harmful practices. Hikers, families and wildlife watchers looked on in agony as the nation’s national and iconic landscapes were fracked and uprooted, and now the Tea Party is proposing to sell off national parks to big oil and gas companies.

Former Rep. Cliff Stearns of Florida recently said in a town meeting that “We don’t need more national parks in this country. We need to actually sell off some of our national parks.”

Stearns mistakenly believes that national parks add to the ever increasing debt ceiling but, the truth is, they serve as a continual stream of wealth. In 2010, the Florida Everglades National Park provided over 2,000 jobs and generated nearly $140 million dollars in revenue solely from visitor spending. According to the National Park Service, America’s parks are responsible for generating $31 billion dollars and over 258,000 jobs.

Not only do national parks serve as prosperous wells of wealth, they are historic landscapes that everyone should have the right to experience. Whether you’re on a family vacation or taking a hike, national parks are sublime panoramas that serve and benefit the environment while preserving the nation’s heritage.

Sadly, Stearns isn’t the only right-wing politician dismissing the importance of national parks:

  • Rep. Michele Bachmann stated recently that she’d consider drilling for oil in the Florida Everglades
  • Rep. Jason Chaffetz proposed selling 3.3 million acres of public land to big oil and gas companies
  • Rep. Richard Pombo supports mining in national parks and land near Yellowstone and Saguaro
  • Former presidential candidates Mitt Romnen, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul all agreed that selling national parks is a fantastic idea.

As budget negotiations loom, national parks are sadly on the table. To imagine America without its parks is inconceivable. By signing this petition you’ll tell right wing politicians that selling our national parks is the worst idea ever considered, and stand up to protect these historic, iconic and beautiful landscapes.


Dear Cliff Stearns,

The absurd idea of selling national parks for profit will not only hurt the American people, but the environment will suffer exponentially. National parks not only generate revenue and provide jobs, but they are historic landmarks that serve families, hikers and wildlife. Hundreds, if not thousands of family vacations take place at national parks, hikers have trekked the expansive terrain of the Yosemite and Grand Canyon for decades, and there are countless species of animals that depend on national parks to survive. Simply put, our parks sustain life, whether you like it or not, and selling them off solely to make money is disheartening.

As budget negotiations loom, please take some time out to reconsider the long-term damage selling national parks to support drilling for oil and gas will do to our economy and, most importantly, our biosphere. If we are to move towards sustainability and save our world from fracking and drilling, selling national parks is obviously not the right move to make.


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Photo Credit: kconnors via morguefile

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  1. I looked yesterday to see if the land near Dick Cheney’s ranch had fracking on it, and the answer is NO! We must protect our mother, and stop fouling our own nests! Greed is so evil because it takes over sound reasoning.

  2. Robert van Dijke says:

    These national parks belong to us the people of the country and are not for sale!

  3. renee jeanine ragno says:

    It is NOT our right to destory the land or species that inhabit it. We’ve taken enough; look around, take good long look at what’s happened. I’ve come to the determination from our own actions that we are the worst things that have ever happened to this planet and to all species. One only need take a good honest look around to see that. We murder, torture, cause the extinction of innocent, helpless, defenseless animals out of greed, bloodlust, fear, selfishness. Polluted the air that allows us to live, poisoned the water, ground with contaminats that cause all sorts of illness. And do we learn from the past, from other countries………


  5. As someone who is not American is seems to me that the Republics are a bunch of complete morons. They are comparable to our National party in New Zealand who this year took away our right to protest at sea (which is the basis of our anti-nuclear philosophy) so that big oil companies can progress deep sea drilling which the majority of us don’t want. They also approved open cast coal mining in one of our ecologically unique ecosystems. National Parks are sacred and must be preserved and protected at all costs.

  6. National Parks are held in trust for the American People. They are NOT for sale to anyone. Period.

    As far as what Cliff Stearns said that “We don’t need more national parks in this country. We need to actually sell off some of our national parks.” This man needs help. Our National Park system is precious and is not to be sold off to raise funds for useless projects that people like him promote and fund for 1,000s of times the actual cost.
    Cut back spending like drunken sailors, and leave America’s beautiful places alone. There isn’t much left.

  7. Omg i seriously hate this world! I wish i can go to other planet!!! So sad…. What will i do without a beautiful forest?


  9. both Parties are douche bags. how people Still cant figure this out is beyond me. and there’s a movie out there about how they’ve already sold off the land the wild horses used to occupy in Wyoming for oil drilling. Public Lands and people believe their garbage hook line and sinker about why they are rounding up and destroying the wild horses. Just like they buy into its The Republicans or its the Demarcates line of crap. wake up sheeple you’re being misdirected by your Eagerness to blame and fight. Its greed and both parties have the Same Agenda to destroy and line their pockets at Your expense. Why do people need to naturally segregate themselves to a party anyways? why cant people just join together and put a Stop to things? I just don’t get the majority out there.

  10. Francisjosephe says:

    It is so amazing that some backward illiterate politician comes out of the gutter to sell some of the most precious lands we can leave for our next generation, believe me when I tell you that these people will even sell their own mother, daughters and wife to the big oil and gas if someone gave them the right price!! it is such a shame that instead of protecting the land these people go begging like some beggars in a third world nation!! to big oil.

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