Stop McDonald’s from Torturing Chickens

Target: George Alan Cohon, Founder and Senior Chairman of McDonald’s Canada

Goal: Stop McDonald’s Canada from torturing hens by confining them to inhumane battery cages.

McDonald’s is one of the largest fast food buyers of eggs all over the world. In order to keep up with their huge demand for Egg McMuffins, they have farms that raise laying hens specifically for all of their popular egg sandwiches. An activism organization called Mercy for Animals in Canada found that McDonald’s Canada has two farms where they raise roughly 200,000 hens to hatch eggs. These hens are confined to small battery cages and barely have any room to move. In order for hens to grow and lay their eggs, they need to be let outside to roam around freely. The fast food industry depends on supply and demand of their products, but that is no excuse for treating thousands of animals in such a callous manner.

McDonald’s Europe, California, and Michigan locations have successfully stopped using battery cages to house their hens, so why can’t Canada? The act of grouping numerous chickens into one small cage is extremely cruel and inhumane. The torturing of hens need to be illegal in Canada, and by signing this petition you will help put a stop to this practice.


Dear George Alan Cohon,

It is very saddening to hear that a large corporation such as McDonald’s Canada has been torturing chickens by making them lay their eggs in small and confined battery cages. You are the head of a huge corporation, which has all of the means necessary to act ethically and practice social responsibility. Please stop torturing hens and let them live the way they were intended to. Within the battery cages, the hens are not able to walk or stretch. They are packed together so tightly that they are inhibited from doing anything that comes naturally to a living, breathing animal.

Please think about how these animals have been living, and have the heart to ban the farms that use battery cages to house their hens. If other McDonald’s branches can do it, I believe that Canada can as well.  In this day and age, people are getting more involved and asking more questions about where their food is coming from. Being ethically responsible will help McDonald’s business, even if it means paying a couple of more cents for an Egg McMuffin.


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  1. Dorothy Beechers says:

    The problem with all the big brand companies is that its all about money and profit.
    In the fast food industry pain and suffering of inocent animals is so wrong, and governments should be doing something about it.

  2. Thank God, I don’t buy anything from McDonalds, haven’t done for many years. But who am I…just one person not supporting these abhorrent practices.
    Chickens and all living creatures we think we need to eat to be healthy…yea right!! NOT. By eating animal flesh and chickens and other creatures, we are in the long run, killing ourselves by creating diseases within our bodies. So, please get behind this campaign to stop the cruel practices of ALL animals and birds. Please share with everyone you know. Thank you.

    • Alexander Hawkeswood says:

      I think it’s alright to buy cruelty-free products from McDonalds. If many vegans bought food from the company and they are aware of it, that could encourage them to be more ethical to animals. And if sales of vegan products were more signifant they might produce alternatives such as veggie burgers and nuggets. People who buy meat might want to try them and if they like them it would encourage them to become vegetarian. If you’re interested in trying any of their cruelty-free products they include (in the UK): Fries, Hash Browns, Spicy Veggie Sandwiches (No Mayo) and Spicy Veggie Wraps (No Mayo). They are approved by the Vegetarian Society

      • Marianne Christensen says:

        Even if you buy cruelty products from McDonalds( McCruelty), you are still supporting the pain, suffering, mistreatment and cruelty the animals go through and endure to end up to be sold as a meal at McDonalds.

        • Alexander Hawkeswood says:

          That’s like saying if you buy cruelty free food from supermarkets you’re still causing suffering to animals. There could be groceries in those places that cause even more suffering to other animals than those poor chickens. The fact is your money, through buying vegan products, is supporting only those items. If only vegan products are bought the sales of non-vegan products would collapse, thus saving animals from suffering. If there are more vegetarian options at McDonalds, there would be more choices to encourage meat eaters to stop eating animal products. If vegans buy from there it would help bring this about

          • Alexander Hawkeswood says:

            Interestingly you put cruelty products which more than likely is a typo, but in actual fact is true. McDonalds, just like any other restaurant is shaped by what people buy. If individuals chose to buy only cruelty-free products from there, McDonalds would be considered ethical, for it would become a vegan restaurant

    • Billy Holifield Billy Holifield says:

      Change always starts with ONE person.

  3. I boycotted MCCruelty in a protest and i felt proud i did it because i hate MCCruelty. Ever since i learned that they are cruel to animals, fu** it! Im not ever going there! Its a shame tons of people like that place… Shame.!!!!!

  4. If the world stopped eating meat we would be saving the planet and the life of our future generations. The amount of deforestation to grow food for live stock is the most damaging to earth as well as the gases produced by all of them. There are many scientific papers that prove it right. There is no ‘friendly’ slaughter. The torture inflicted on those animals are greater than anyone could imagine.
    I’m glad I’m a vegan. I’m doing my part and I sleep well w my choice thank you very much. Eating meat is one of the things that makes the world sick the most.

    • Marianne Christensen says:

      Well said Dione. I totally agree with you. (y)

      I haven’ t been eating at McDonalds or Burger King for that matter since 2005.

      And i became a vegetarian in 2006 and vegan since 2008.
      🙂 😉

  5. Gosh dammit I’m tired of this absurd animal abuse! They can’t defend themselves hell is run by humans! I get many emails about petitions to end animal abuse, there should not be so many. It very sad because I love all animals to goodness

  6. The manner in which animals are raised for human food has made a vegetarian out of me. There is no way I will eat beef, pork or chicken knowing what cruelty those creatures have to endure before they are brutally killed. It makes me sick!!

  7. If people keep eating meat and slaughter them brutally and making a drastic increase in demand, people will reap what they sow -the end of this planet is just around the corner. Man is the most dangerous animal and will do anything for a buck. God will punish all those evils by burning them in the hell!

  8. Marianne Christensen says:

    Animals are my friends, and I don’ t eat my friends.
    I choose compassion over killing, because no animal has to die for me to get a ful stomach 😉 🙂

    McCruelty I’ m hatin it!

  9. Frances Pawley says:

    I’ve never set foot in the door of any of these fast food outlets, and I never will.

    The human race is a disgrace. Our treatment of innocent animals is abhorrent.

  10. un etre oiseaux a le droit librement de choisir son nid.

  11. un etre oiseaux a le droit librement de choisir son nid.

  12. un etre oiseaux a le droit librement de choisir son nid.

  13. That evil business epitomizes all that is wrong in this world: human greed for food and money and torturing animals to get there.

    And it only gets worse: chasing profit and feeding the ever increasing and breeding gluttons of the world will only mean even more misery to animals.

    If you care about animals there is nothing to celebrate in this cesspool of a world. Just constant misery.

    • Alexander Hawkeswood says:

      McDonald’s does have it’s good points. For instance it provides a place for vegetarians and vegans to buy chips. Regular chip shops fry items like fish in the same fryers. There is KFC but their chips aren’t approved by the Vegetarian Society, so there’s probably more chance of cross-contamination. It also offers very healthy cruelty-free options such as side salad, carrot sticks and fruit bags, the latter of which I’ve seen on the counter encouraging customers to buy them. This petition singles out McDonalds for causing cruelty to chickens, but KFC are bigger offenders to our feathered friends. And it’s possible that chickens sold in supermarkets are treated just as cruelly. So I reckon it’s unrealistic to boycott any outlets that sell products which cause animals suffering, just ensure what you choose is animal-friendly. If many more vegetarians did buy from McDonalds, there would be something to celebrate, more animal-free options! The more there are the less likely omnivorous people would choose to buy things with bits of dead animals in them. For instance if they introduced Chickenless McNuggets, there’s a good chance many would want to try them. If they really like them, they could buy them in place of ones made from real chicken, on a regular basis. Even if they don’t have the welfare of chickens in mind or the environment, they might do this for the health benefits

  14. Billy Holifield Billy Holifield says:

    I am relieved to see that McDonald’s in the US and Europe have discontinued this practice but I fail to see why McDonald’s Canada continues to use this inhumane practice. What are they thinking?

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