Punish Companies for Destroying the Rainforests

Target: U.S. President Barack Obama

Goal: Push for legislation to discourage the destruction of the world’s rainforests, the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet.

Every day the world’s tropical rainforests, the most lush and bio-diverse ecosystems on the planet, are burned, chopped, or blasted away by corporations looking for more land. Because of mining and oil interests, as well as unsustainable agricultural practices and logging, we continue to lose more of this rich environment for short term economic benefits. Companies that actively destroy natural resources should either be barred from the U.S. marketplace, or else face heavy taxes and fines for taking away something that belongs to the world at large.

Destroying complex environments like tropical rainforests not only kills off the local wildlife, but also damages all of the surrounding ecosystems, which in turn threatens the global ecosystem. In the end, businesses that hurt the rainforest hurt human kind; it might not be apparent for this generation or the next, but soon the natural world will be drastically different, and humans will suffer because of it. For the sake of all life on Earth, we need sanctions against companies that cause environmental damage.

President Obama has been outspoken in his support for improved environmental policy. He needs to get serious by pushing for legislation or taxes that discourage the destruction of natural resources anywhere, because it will always come back to affect all of us eventually. Tropical rainforests fill our atmosphere with oxygen, keep our oceans healthy, and support an enormous variety of wildlife, so protecting these ecosystems should be a top priority. Sign the petition to implore Obama to get serious about environmental preservation.


Dear President Obama,

Every day corporate interests burn away more of the Earth’s natural resources. The most lush and diverse ecosystems, such as tropical rainforests, are being cleared away for mining, drilling, and agriculture. With less and less rainforest, atmospheric carbon dioxide will build up faster while oxygen will gradually diminish, having a major negative effect on global climate change.

The U.S. continues to encourage corporate wastefulness and environmental destruction for short-term economic benefits. Even if the effects cannot be seen today, it won’t be long before this treatment of the environment comes around and hurts the American people, as well as all of humanity. Future generations will have no natural resources, and our economy will collapse if we don’t encourage sustainable practices everywhere. You have been outspoken about preserving the environment, please take action by pressuring Congress for taxes or legislation against businesses that damage the environment.


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  1. William & Katrina Dresbach says:

    Rainforest’s are needed, punish those companies destroying them!


  3. The violent storms are ever increasing in size and frequency – when will you put destruction of our environment as a cause to this? I believe not until earth is gone……

  4. I always get the impression that Obama tries to do the right thing but gets blocked by the Republicans all the time (like with the gun laws). This petition should also be directed to that awful woman president in Brazil who is behind the destructive Belo Monte dam, and the president of Ecuador who has approved oil exploration in Yasuni National Park (one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet) when he vowed it wouldn’t happen. All the world leaders are responsible for climate change which is having an obvious devastating effect – just ask the people in the Philippines. They all need to pull finger and actually get behind changing things instead of just talking about it.

  5. Omg!!! I dont want more and more people living here!! I wanted peace by just living in the woods but now, its going to be crowded everywhere!!!!! I hate people!!!! I would rather live to Mars!

  6. Michael Guest says:

    It’s to take action against rainforests. No more should be destroyed. Stop development of companies now.

  7. I’m pretty sure big rich conglomerates, corporations and companies with big pockets think that even when they have raped the world of her last drop of everything and most human beings and animal life are dead or starving, that they and their families will be okay because they have got the money, but they will have forgotten how they got that money because they are, at the end of the day ignorant buffoons. The money they have has come from greed and off, the backs of lowly paid workers who they have exploited. It is such a shame that these people rape the earth for it’s wealth and leave a mess of waste land and polluted water and as a consequence leave the world vulnerable to earth quakes, tidal waves, storms, fires and the list goes on. They have no conscious and are not likely any time soon to get one. Hope springs eternal that some of these pompous greedy imbeciles will wake up before the day of doom for the sake of future generations. It is a must that they see some light and start to respect the earth and fix any damage done, now today.

  8. It is obvious that these huge corporations are ruthlessly pillaging our Earth for greed that satisfies their lust for money. We must stop them!

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