Condemn Principal for Animal Abuse


Target: Rosa Martinez

Goal: Condemn Principal Rosa Martinez for abusing and neglecting three dogs under deplorable conditions.

Rosa Martinez, principal of private school Houston Tenney, was recently arrested and charged with two counts of animal cruelty after she took her dogs to the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care. A veterinarian who saw the conditions of the dogs alerted authorities.

The worst of the three dogs taken into the facility was a female brown Maltese poodle mix named Rainy, who only had two legs. According to court documents, Rainy was malnourished and bones were exposed in her left paw. Another injury affected Rainy’s rear leg, which seems to have rotted off after it exposed three inches of bone. The injury went untreated. A putrid and foul smell emanated from the rear leg that rotted off. Veterinarians are not sure what happened to the fourth leg. The dog also had thinning hair, and hair loss over her lower and middle back.

The second dog suffered from a chronic ear infection and chronic staph infection. The third dog was seriously malnourished and suffered from sores.

Principal Rosa Martinez claimed that it was “unfair” she was being charged with two counts of animal cruelty. When authorities checked where the dogs were living, they found the state of the backyard to be in deplorable conditions. Martinez responded that she had “over-committed herself to work and nonprofit organizations.” She told officers that she “saw her dog limping but did not check on it.” Another report written by an officer stated the “defendant’s son had seen the dog on October 11, 2013 and told Defendant he could see the dog’s bone and that she needed to do something with the dog.”

Martinez claims that she does not know how Rainy sustained his injuries, but the animals have been surrendered. Despite knowing that there are advocacy groups protecting animals, Martinez states that she didn’t do anything wrong. She has a $3,000 posted bond, and currently her employment at the private school remains unconfirmed.


Dear Rosa Martinez,

I am writing this letter to express serious concerns about the health of your three Maltese poodle mix dogs. What deeply upsets me is how you believe you did nothing wrong to your dogs. As a principal I’m sure you know that neglect is considered abuse. Doing nothing does not mean you are allowed to overlook a serious injury. For Rainy’s leg to rot off takes an excruciating amount of time and unfortunately she only has two legs to walk with. How would you feel if you only have two limbs for the rest of your life?

I sincerely hope you will take something from this lesson and realize that if you take in a pet, you are responsible for its well being. If you are over-committed, then surrender the animal so another family can take care of it.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Tina via Red Collar Rescue

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  1. Richard Sherman and family says:

    This is horrible. The woman shouldn’t be around children or animals at all–ever!

  2. Comdemn? Her ass should be in jail

  3. Victoria: I agree with you. Her sorry ass should be in jail, not “condemned”.

  4. Condemned? She should be taken out of her role as a leader in the community. Shouldn’t be anywhere near children or animals since she is clearly challenged with making sound decisions. Hopefully, she doesn’t become “over committed” when a child is choking. Condemned is a hand slap. This is a serious offense of neglect and abuse.

  5. ROSA, YOU MONSTER! HOW DARE YOU SAY YOU DIDN´T DO ANYTHING WRONG? Have you got any conscience? Or any feeling? Or any empathy? I hope you´ll be fired, and never get a job again.

  6. The whole situation makes me think about how public executions were once so popular. The crowds would cheer and get so worked up because well, they were far more pure than the person sentenced to die. And an execution by stoning, it boggles the mind; isnèt that where Jesus said Let those without sin cast the first stone,.
    Yes the woman is wrong in all counts, but more importantly she needs help, the entire picture is strange; she holds a position in society as a Principal, but cannot manage the care of her own dogs. Not knowing what is causing this strange behaviour, nobody here can call her down.

    • More importantly she needs help? Bonnie Spencer, let’s worry about getting her help AFTER we remove her from her position of leadership & decision. She has displayed behaviour that clearly displayss a high level of neglect of those in her care.
      You say “More importantly she needs help”???? That’s like saying let the house burn while we get the arsonist some help. I agree she does but it’s not the immediate concern.

  7. ok people im not saying what she did was ok. She is my aunt and i know it was wrong, my aunt worked her ass off her whole life and she has always been involved with schools. what she did , did not happen at school, what does her job have to do with what she did? yall are the idiots.

    • As a teacher and administrator you are held to higher standards in both your public and private life.

      Teachers are required to make judgement calls about the welfare of children every day. She obviously made a very poor judgement about animals for whom she was responsible.

      I can understand this would be alarming to employers and parents alike.

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