Stop Torturing Pregnant Pigs

Target: Mike Duke, Walmart CEO

Goal: Stop selling products from meat producers using gestation crates

Recent video evidence has surfaced of cruelty at one of Walmart’s pork suppliers. Pigs, confined to tiny cages, are driven mad by boredom and stress while their piglets are mutilated or killed. The crates, illegal in nine US states and the entire European Union, are standard practice for Walmart suppliers nationwide.

Pregnant pigs are confined to gestation crates, a two-by-six foot cage where they will spend most of their lives. In these cages, the pigs cannot move or turn around, while the larger pigs cannot even lie on their sides and are forced to sleep on their chests. The intelligent and curious creatures can be driven mad by stress, and often hurt their faces and teeth while struggling against the bars.

After piglets are born, those that are not killed by being crushed by their mother have their tails and testicles removed, oftentimes with a dull tool, and always without anesthetic. Unwanted piglets are swung and bashed into the ground, in a crude attempt to kill them before they are discarded. Most of the time, the blow only causes extreme trauma, and the piglets are left to bleed out, suffocate, or be crushed to death by the weight of other piglets in the pile.

Research shows that pigs kept in gestation crates have higher levels of the stress hormone than pigs kept in pens, and that most of the crated pigs show signs of chronic frustration. Major food companies such as McDonalds, Burger King, Safeway, and Costco have already banned pork sourced from gestation crate producers. Ask Walmart to follow suit and sell only humanely produced pork products.


Dear Mike Duke, Walmart CEO,

Recent evidence has surfaced that shows pigs and piglets being abused by a Walmart supplier. This supplier uses gestation crates, a cruel method of farming that has been banned in nine US states as well as the entire European Union. These tiny cages allow the pregnant sows no movement, and they are stressed to the point of madness. Pigs will hurt their mouths and faces performing repetitive behaviors such as biting cage bars out of boredom.

Piglets born in these crates are mutilated soon after birth, having their tails and testicles cut out with a dull instrument and no anesthetic. Unwanted piglets have their heads slammed into concrete floors, often maiming, but rarely killing them. They are then tossed into garbage bins to bleed out or die of shock.

Many major food providers worldwide have phased out cruel gestation crate pork products. I ask that Walmart work to do the same and move to only selling pen-raised pork products.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: baileynorwoodrocks via WikiMedia Commons

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  1. Here in the UK I havent eaten bacon for over a yr cos my stupid local supermarket wont stock humane/UK bacon!

    • Lucy Kelly

      The concept of ‘Humane Slaughter’ is akin to

      ‘Caring’ SLAVERY
      ‘Kind’ INCEST
      ‘Gentle’ RAPE

      Are you also ‘Waiting’ for those to be available in the UK?

  2. Jane Davidson says:

    When will it be recognized that these livng beings feel as we do?

  3. Christine Stewart says:

    Please be truly kind to pigs and stop eating pork at all! Pigs are as intelligent as dogs, and do not deserve the horrible life they experience on a factory farm.

  4. marie richmond says:

    I was horrified when i saw a video of what horrible men did to wee piglets how any human can do that to an innocent animal is just evil pigs are sweet and inteligent and humans have no right to hurt any animal
    it makes me sick.

  5. vanessa lewis says:

    i refuse to buy ANY meat from wal-mart at this point until they change this and they have to money to do so. I cant stop being me but i can stop where i do buy my pork from and where i am there is a place that DO NOT TORTURE the animals they kill for our food and so i will simply buy my pork from them and pay a little extra in prices seeing i hate anyone that treats any living and breathing animal this way period. being human DOES NOT give them any more power or rights to treat the animals that way!!! i wish they would try that crap on me because unlike those defensless animals I CAN AND WILL DEFEND ME and those poor babies!!!

  6. Billy Holifield Billy Holifield says:

    What has become of our nation? There was a time when we were leaders in animal welfare change, today we seem to be one of the great offenders. After seeing this I can no longer eat pork and I had to stop beef after the slaughter house atrocities and undercover reports. Stop this inhumane and uncivilized practice now!

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