Stop Hunting Club From Killing Endangered Black Rhino

Target: Ben Carter, executive director of the Dallas Safari Club

Goal: Stop the Dallas Safari Club from killing an endangered black rhino

Black rhinos have been on the World Wildlife Fund’s list of threatened or endangered species for decades now, and presently only an estimated 5,055 black rhinos remain in the wild. Considering the recent rise in the black market ivory trade, rhinos and elephants have never been at greater risk, and conservation efforts must focus on preserving the last of these beautiful animals, not on hunting and killing one of them.

The Dallas Safari Club has made a deal with the Namibian government that would allow a hunter to track, hunt, and kill one rhino within their national park system. To be fair, they have agreed to donate 100% of the proceeds of the auction to the Conservation Trust Fund for Namibia’s Black Rhino, but Wayne Pacelle, President of the Humane Society, put it best when he said “I think if they were multimillionaires and they were serious about helping rhinos, they could give money to help rhinos and not shoot one along the way.”

The auction for this brutish chance to kill an endangered animal will take place in January at the Dallas Safari Club’s annual convention. Help raise awareness by signing this petition and tell your friends to do the same. Biodiversity on this planet is  slipping through our fingers: don’t let the black rhino fade into extinction without putting up a fight.


Ben Carter,

We the undersigned urge you to reconsider auctioning off a permit that would allow the winner to hunt and kill a black rhino in Namibia. It is noble of you to donate all the proceeds to an appropriate fund, and I appreciate your efforts in this regard. However, severely endangered animals should not be subjected to population control methods; if rhino conservation was really your organization’s goal, you would donate the money to the Conservation Trust Fund for Namibia’s Black Rhino and have “counterproductive individuals” monitored or studied, not killed. Please do not allow the death of one of the last wild rhinos.


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Photo Credit: Matthew Field via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Donna White says:

    ThisIsThe “Stupidest” Idea I EverHeardAreTheyCrazy? #WhatWereTheyThinking? @AnimalsHaveValu #opblackrhino @DallasSafariClb 972-980-9800 Call2Stop or signPetition #opblackrhino #FreeTilly @nytimes @AC360 @AP WHAT DID THEY THINK WOULD HAPPEN…WHO WAS IT? THE GUY WHO INVENTED “NEWCOKE”?

  2. Christine Stewart says:

    It does not matter how much money they raise to give to “conservation”- the fact that they are putting a price on slaughtering a rhino for their “entertainment” only makes poached rhino horns even more of a status symbol to rich folks in Asia. We need to educate people that rhino horn is NOT medicine, that it is no better than snake oil- this is the only way to prevent poaching: to prevent rich a**holes from wanting to buy rhino horn in the first place!

  3. Men with no testicles tend to behave this way.

  4. Let’s get serious about the protection of our innocents! THose who want to hunt? Pick up a camera!

    We must come together as a loud global voice for animals. Only then will those in power hear the clear voice of the innocent.

    Join PAUSE and make it happen for the animals legally and permanently on October 04, 2014.

    CPR for the animals

  5. You left out a very important detail.

    They will be hunting a very specific rhino – an individual that is well past the age of reproduction, but is still aggressive toward other black rhinos.

    This aggression is normal, but it results in the injury and death of the species, of which there are only 5000. Removing this individual from the population will provide a net benefit to this at-risk species.

    But this doesn’t matter to someone that specifically left out that bit of information, does it? A knee-jerk no hunting reaction is easier than actually understanding wildlife management.

    • Marjorie Ackerman says:


  6. I signed without reading first n now wish I hadnt. Sadly the other rhinoes may be better off with this older rhino gone. Al least given their low numbers. But still its wrong to sell killing him. It gives the wrong message.

    • Marjorie Ackerman says:

      No, my firend you did the right thing….did you see a face connected with the comment??? Did he say anything that could be backed up with scientific fact??? NO, he didn’t because he can’t…..did it happen to occur to you that he is probably a member or maybe even the President of the Dallas Safari Club?????? NO ONE HAS ANY RIGHT WHATSOEVER TO KILL AN ENDANGERED SPECIES, PLAIN AND SIMPLE AND THAT IS BASED ON SOUND SCIENTIFIC FACT………

  7. FIona Gordon says:

    If you are passionate about stopping the Black Rhino Hunt Auction, please also join forces at

  8. This kind of wildlife management is in my eyes nonsens. I see two problems here: 1. A 100% control that really an old bull will be killed, can not be given. 2. It will reinforce the illegal poaching.

    All these rich Asian folk must be taught, that the effect of using rhino powder is the same as chewing on their own nails.
    Another possibilty can be to overflow the rhino horn market with artificial horns.
    And rangers must be better equipped.

    As long status symbol, greed and superstition are more important than a living animal I really fear that the population of black rhinos will continue to fall.

  9. No hunting for any wild animal!

  10. Monika Koestler says:

    Hunting Club says it all. A load of pea-brains with too much Money and too much time on their Hands. So they start a Club for killing living beings. Definitely in Need of head readjustment.

  11. Why are you guys so crazy? They wouldnt let them kill the animal if it wasn’t for te benefit of the species… Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to comment.

  12. You people are thinking with only your heart and not your intellect.
    Where do you think that $350,000 is going? Back to the country to help protect the animals. Are you going to donate $350,000 to help protect them? I think not. Yeah you may save the animal but lose the species. The animals are endangered because of AFRICANS killing them for $20 and selling their horns. It’s a poor country that needs MONEY to protect the animals from AFRICANS.

  13. Fuck these people(poachers), I want these poacher’s meat eaten by hungry big cats everyday… well after some time I’ll do this, cuz i love animals more than humam..

  14. As it ALWAYS HAS BEEN…The “CON” in “conservation”. The literal auctioning off of lives by man, to the highest bidding sportsmen/sportswomen TROPHY killers …for hacked off body parts for their walls. AMERICANS have the MOST sport thrill killers, than any other country in the world; literally killing for entertainment, recreation, cause killin’s fun, for hacked off dead body parts for walls (serial killers of human beings do that exact same thing and it is psychopathic human behavior)…and also quoting sports killer..”The wife pissed me off today; I gotta hurry up and find a deer or sumthin to kill.” TROPHY KILLERS are 100% POACHERS, the same as all the others. Until AMERICAN POACHERS who ALSO put up the money for citizens in other countries to hack off body parts for them, poaching will never cease…and until people stop BLINDLY DONATING to “CONSERVATION” orgs, the auctioned lives for body parts WILL CONTINUE. BAN ALL KILLING OF THE EARTH’S WILDLIFE…or are psychopathic humans who have freely CHOSEN to LOVE TO KILL/END LIFE being catered to, because of the FACT that they don’t have animals to kill for fun, THEY WILL BE KILLING HUMAN BEINGS AS TROPHIES?

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