Protect Baby Tigers, Lions and Other Wild Animals

Target: Secretary Vilsack, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Goal: Protect baby tigers, lions and other wild animals from unscrupulous exhibitors

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  1. Protéger les tous les animaux, merci a vous !

  2. Please help to end the exploitation of all animals – wild, domestic and farm.

  3. Exhibitors who use baby wild or exotic animals for pay-for-play photo sessions are in it ONLY for the money. The animals are discarded when they are no longer profitable – too big, too aggressive, too sick or too old. The lucky ones end up in true sanctuaries, but most are sold on to dismal roadside zoos, killed for parts, allowed to starve, or left in the dumpster at the mall where they were ‘petted’ to death.

    Please do not patronize this activity. When the money stops, the abuse will stop.

    There is NO conservation value to this activity – none of these animals are EVER going home.

  4. Beverly J. Goldrup says:

    Animal cruelty is barbaric. By the way, what are you planning to do with the Texas auctioning off the opportunity to butcher an endangered black rhino? Secretary Vilsack, I beg and implore you to stop the unneccessary suffering and abuse of these noble creatures.

  5. A lei tem que ser aplicada, senão, é correr atrás do vento.

  6. Monikab Calvert says:

    Stop torturing animals.

  7. Barbara Chichester says:

    Baby animals belong with their parents in their natural habitat

  8. Erra awang ali says:

    Help us to protect natural habitat… Don’t torturing…

  9. All life is precious and has the right to live free from exploitation, imprisonmnent,harm and abuse.



  10. Los animales necesitan de nuestro cuidado y respeto. No al cautiverio o al maltrato.

  11. Kimberly Whalen says:

    still can’t sign this ~:(

  12. Animals were not put on earth to entertain humans anymore than humans were put on earth to entertain animals!

  13. Bianca Martens says:

    stop using animals for entertaining people;
    let them in the nature

  14. helen freedman says:

    Baby animals should remain with their mothers. It is very tramatic for them to be taken away.

  15. peter collins says:

    Millions of people care deeply about animal welfare issues such as this and look to the US to set an example.

  16. vicki ginoli says:

    Protect Baby Tigers, Lions and Other Wild Animals. Baby animals are frequently forced into shows by unscrupulous exhibitors for profit. The animals are later discarded, with many ending up warehoused at roadside zoos and pseudo-sanctuaries or in the hands of exotic animal collectors. We must stop this abuse by banning shows that exploit young big cats, bears and primates.

    Show some compassion – every life is important. These animals do not deserve to be treated like this!!!

  17. Jennifer Mc Cullough says:

    People have had enough with all this abuse. Animals should be left in the wild and left alone

  18. Monika Koestler says:

    Can’t really understand that it’s necessary to Petition a Thing like this. Makes one wonder about the human race.

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