Demand Justice for Innocent Teen Shot and Killed by Police


Target: Santa Rosa Police Chief Tom Schwedhelm

Goal: Demand justice for an innocent 13-year-old boy shot to death by the Santa Rosa police.

On October 22, 13-year-old Andy Lopez was shot and killed by the Santa Rosa Police Department (SRPD). He was carrying with him a toy gun, which the police mistook for a real weapon before opening fire. Lopez was shot seven times for nothing more than being outside with a toy. Demand justice from the police force for this boy’s senseless death and his grieving family.

Lopez was carrying a pellet gun, a relatively harmless toy which expels small plastic pellets. The police mistook it for an AK-47, immediately assessing him as a serious threat. What’s especially disturbing about this egregious mistake is that the police officers took only ten seconds between spotting the boy and opening fire. According to records, officers on the scene radioed in mention of a suspicious person and barely ten seconds later radioed again to say shots had been fired. That’s it. This child was given ten seconds of consideration before he was gunned down, taking seven shots to his defenseless body. Sixteen seconds later the officers called for medical assistance, but there was no point–seven bullets seemed to guarantee Lopez was already dead on the scene.

The F.B.I has been called in to assess the situation, determine what happened, and decide the course of events which will follow. Sign the petition below to demand justice from the Santa Rosa Police Department for the horrifying death of an innocent 13-year-old boy who was only carrying a toy.


Dear Chief Schwedhelm,

I recently heard about the shooting of Andy Lopez, which took place on October 22. While the F.B.I. is still investigating, the facts thus far seem to show that the SRPD shot and killed an innocent teen boy for carrying a plastic toy gun.

I understand the desire to protect your citizens from perceived threats, but according to records only ten seconds passed between initial contact with a suspected person and the time when shots were fired. That’s ten seconds between when the police spotted Lopez and when they riddled his body with seven bullets.

Andy Lopez’s life ended prematurely at 13 years old. This never needed to be the case. Hold your officers accountable and make sure this death is not in vain.


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Photo Credit: Highway Patrol Images via Wikimedia

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  1. When you’re 13, carrying a toy gun that looks like a real one to a trained veteran, you should know better. Yes it was senseless, but they told him to put it down and he raised it instead. You just don’t do that. I’m not signing this petition, it’s nonsense.

  2. Another “trigger-happy” police officer – I mean the kid was shot 7 times. Seven! Was the officer really so “concerned” that he just plainly shot a 13-year-old 7 times (or was this his idea of a “warning shot”)?! Seems to be another case of “shoot first and ask questions later”…

    • Elizabeth Spears says:

      No police officer should ever fire a “warning shot.” Neither should anyone else.
      I am a proud gun owner and concealed handgun license holder. Thankfully, I have not been put in a position in which I needed to shoot my weapon since I purchased it, but I have had some alarms. When I draw my weapon to check out an unusual sound in my home, I am prepared to shoot to stop anything threatening to me. That does not mean a “warning shot” or a shot to a limb – I target where I am most likely to hit, mid-torso. Period.
      Anyone who does otherwise is a dangerous person to have around.

  3. Chris J. Robert says:

    In addition to the assessment of the officer to engage in firing weapon so swiftly.

    The officer (by eyewitness account) also reportedly shot several times into the boys body after he was already down.

  4. The police get worse and worse. Killing boys with toys, killing harmless barking dogs – how can we feel save around those shooting peace-protector ?

  5. Unfortunately gun crime is multi daily in USA too many guns too many crazies out there that should not have access to guns. We have to have all guns in a locked safe and used for sporting and target practice only. We can not walk around with a gun anyehere, all pshyc patients should have guns taken off them.

  6. The police would only make the assumption that it was a real gun in a country where it is common for people of all ages to have real weapons.

  7. In Seattle area, there was a lockdown due to someone seeing a man with a rifle. Later, lockdown was over because the man with the gun was a retired custodian with a long umbrella. Police never shot him. Parents, warn your children how to behave in front of police presence. It’s better to not get shot than be shot even with a toy gun or a stick! What is this country becoming? Paranoid, gun fearing violence ridden police brutality everywhere!

  8. 7 TIMES? They need to lock up the whole dept and whoever trained those paranoid pussys. Not that i think he should have ever gotten shot but don’t you think one shot in a leg or something would have made him drop the toy gun.This is the kind of shit that makes ppl hate and not trust the law

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