Condemn Animal Shelter for Euthanizing Puppy

Target: Humane Society New Braunfels Area (HSNBA)

Goal: Discontinue the practice of euthanizing puppies who display aggressive behavior

A puppy that allegedly displayed aggressive behavior was recently put down at the Humane Society New Braunfels Area (HSNBA). The animal’s foster parent, Elaine Buchhorn, claimed that the description the shelter released of the Chihuahua-Dachshund mix sounded nothing like the one she had cared for. And while she says she would gladly have taken the puppy back, the shelter decided to put him down. Urge the HSNBA not to euthanize puppies.

The puppy, named George, was only 12 weeks old when the shelter ended his life. Buchhorn had fostered him for a month and worked to find him a permanent home, but eventually gave him to the shelter with hope that his chances at adoption would increase. After the incident, she publicly expressed her disapproval. “It really hurts to see this is the way they manage the facility,” she said, noting that the puppy had been kept with two other dogs and interacted well with her toddler granddaughter.

Conversely, the shelter claimed that the puppy was “filled with demons” and showed signs of aggression. While it is true that dog behavior is heavily based on genetics, the fact that the puppy was not displaying severe aggression until he was placed in the shelter is telling. Many public readers are also outraged to hear that an organization dedicated to finding homes for animals in need would lose faith in a puppy that is too young to know better.

It is likely that, given proper training and care, this dog may have grown up to be a sweet companion for another person. Regardless, 12 short weeks is not enough time to determine an animal’s adult temperament.

Sign this petition and urge the HSNBA not to euthanize puppies.


Dear Humane Society New Braunfels Area,

The public was recently outraged upon hearing that your shelter willfully euthanized a puppy of 12 weeks. The animal’s foster parent has spoken out against your decision and claimed that the puppy, George, interacted well with her two dogs as well as her granddaughter, giving her no reason to suspect him of the aggressive behavior he allegedly displayed at your shelter.

Whether or not George’s aggression was genetically based or simply a minor puppy fit will never be determined because his life was ended much too soon. I urge you, in the future, to look into such cases with an open mind in order to determine if an animal truly poses a threat to society. It is entirely uncertain that a small puppy, who is given proper training and care, would grow up to be dangerous. I urge you to search for alternative methods of care, such as returning the animal to the foster parent, which, in this case, would have been the proper and merciful thing to do.

This was a tragic incident that should never be repeated. In the future, I urge you not to euthanize puppies.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Vern Hart via Flickr

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  1. People need to vote unacting dumb authorities and officials acting irresponsibly to futuregenerations and living creatures out of occupations NOW AND FOR ALL!


  2. I thought they were there to shelter and protect. The foster mother was against this . They need to listen to the person caring for the animal. The puppy was probably scare. Puppies can be trained. DO YOU EVER WATCH Cesar Millan. If your going to run a business you need to educate yourself and everything including looking outside your area for homes. If this is the way you run your Business you need to be SHUT DOWN or get a more compassionate Management WHO CAN THINK OUT OF THE BOX. Look for other alternatives. Shame on you!!!!!

  3. Karen Orr-Michigan says:

    This is a tragedy. Shelters are for giving a furry friend a possible second chance at a better life, not murdering them! Pass this petition and be heard, for those that can not speak! It would be more meaningful, if caring people would schedule some volunteer time at their local shelter/rescue, to be helpful and make sure the care of the animals is being performed, behind closed doors.

  4. I have done volunter work for anamals for over 40 years and the human society is the worst place for dogs and catsto end up all they only care about the money was at one when bob barkers wife passed away. And he was comeing there to give them money on her behalf first the woman in charge that had not been there in over a year showed up with her son changed ever thing then went on a spending spree for new cars so just go’s to show there just in it for the money

  5. Get rid of monsters that do things like this!!!

  6. carol micek says:

    This is unthinkable since at 12 weeks they didn’t give him a chance. He might have been scared and this was how he acted they could have taken time to train him or see if he could have been put back into foster care. If this is how they take care of animals they need to close their doors.

  7. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    The infidels at the “shelter
    who murdered the poor pooch shall be CURSED!!!
    The pain they’ve inflicted,
    is the pain they will suffer…
    Two, To A Thousand-Fold!!

  8. This is disgraceful! The shelter is unfit!

  9. Alice Knight says:

    Why are we so keen to euthanize animals when they display actions of aggression? Could it have possibly been the person handling George was not patient enough or they lacked knowledge on puppy behavior? The puppy could have been frightened. On both sides there may have been a multitude of reasons for both George and the handler. I don’t agree with euthanizing a puppy or any animal due to bad behavior.
    It doesn’t matter what sort of doctor you are trained to be,
    the first commandment should be keeping the patient(animal or human) healthy, happy and alive.

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