Condemn Republicans for Female Voter Suppression


Target: Texas Governor Rick Perry

Goal: Condemn Republicans in Texas for passing legislation that prevents women from voting

Republicans in Texas, lead by Governor Rick Perry, have been busy instituting sweeping voter suppression laws that severely restrict the voting rights of particular portions of the population, including the poor, elderly, and minorities. A more recent development has exposed this legislation for not only discriminating against these demographics, but the sneaky and insidious wording will result in voting restriction for 44% of the female population in Texas.

The legislation decrees that as of November 5, 2013, Texas voters must show a photo ID with their current legal name. While that may not seem so outrageous in theory, the maliciousness of the bill lies in the population statistics. Only about 66% of voting age women have access to a photo ID with their married name on it, and when birth certificates somehow don’t satisfy Republican demands, thousands if not millions of women will be denied their right to vote.

Republicans are quickly losing support across this nation for their shifty, underhanded dealings with the American legislative system. Now they are working to deny millions of people the right to perform their duty as American citizens. If the Republicans don’t want poor, minority, and women voters to vote against them during election season, then they should update their policies to support these demographics, not strip them of their civil rights.

Please sign this petition to condemn Governor Rick Perry and Texas Republicans for their insidious attempts to deny the American people of their rights.


Dear Governor Rick Perry and Texas Republicans,

You and your fellow Republicans have recently begun instituting sweeping voter suppression policies throughout Texas. These laws are discriminatory and disproportionately affect the poor, ethnic minorities, and women.

These laws are vague enough in their wording so that you can claim ignorance or even cite some non-existent issue of voter fraud, but do not think for one instant that you are fooling anyone, especially Texas voters. This discriminatory and exclusionary practice has put a stain on our democratic system, and we demand that you rescind these laws immediately or suffer the consequences for an angry public who do not support your exclusive and oppressive practices.


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  1. michele kulin says:

    This is a joke. EVERYONE must have a LEGAL photo I.D. to vote. Stop slamming the Republicans!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sara Florence says:

      Thanks for your comment! Allow me to address it:
      While it is true that everyone now must have a legal ID in order to vote, where the imbalance lies is the ease with which everyone might obtain that ID. For instance, if a person does not already have an ID because they do not drive (being elderly or poor), then that person must now obtain that ID. Since they do not drive, they must find a way to get to a DMV without a car (sometimes miles away or hours away). This is impossible for most working poor who cannot afford to take time off of work. Furthermore, even women who DO have a legal ID that would work in every other instance in her life, will not be able to vote with her completely legal ID now because of the caveat about “updated legal names”. This is an issue that does not affect men in any statistically significant way, so it is clearly a slight against women; married women who legally change their names. These laws disproportionately affect the poor, minorities, the elderly, and women: all disenfranchised groups that do not vote for Republicans in any statistically meaningful way, and it is Republicans who are writing, voting for, and implementing these laws. This is not political warfare, it is a fact. Reporting facts is not “slamming”, and the only reason it would be considered as such is if the Republicans happened to be doing seedy and underhanded things that sound particularly bad when you report those facts! Something to think about! 🙂

  2. A person can get a free or very cheap legal ID card. If you don’t have one then your either illegal or hiding from someone. What is the big deal just get one. This petition is a political lie to get votes for the Dems. Every one must have an ID card to vote, cash checks, bank accounts the list goes on, so stop the LIES and get over blaming the right for the lefts dirty tricks.

    • Sara Florence says:

      Thanks for your comment! However, I believe you are somewhat misguided as to how easy it is to obtain an ID card, especially for a person with limited time or income. Some states have very few DMVs, and they can be spaced very far apart, making it impossible for working people to obtain the ID in a certain amount of time, especially if they don’t have any disposable income or time off from work. These people need to obtain the ID card before November 5 in order to vote. Furthermore, since this is a newly instituted requirement that is not being widely advertised, many women who would otherwise vote are not even aware that they need to obtain an updated ID card in order to do so, since they’ve never been required to so before. Also, you do not need a photo ID–especially not with your updated legal name– to cash checks or access your bank account, that is entirely false. Most banks keep a note in a married woman’s file that has both her married and maiden name so there is no confusion over checks to be cashed.
      It’s worth noting that these ID laws serve no actual purpose except to disqualify people in a particular demographic from voting, namely a demographic that doesn’t entirely vote Republican. Voter fraud is virtually nonexistent and the type of voter fraud an ID card would prevent is basically impossible to commit. There is no reason to institute them aside from keeping citizens from voting.
      Voting is a civil right. It is not like opening a bank account or driving, which are not inalienable rights. We should not be denying people their rights. But thank you for your opinion.

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