Big Agriculture Must Stop Torturing Chickens

factory chicken

Target: U.S. Chicken Industry
Goal: Stop putting profits above animal welfare and provide chickens healthier and more humane conditions.

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  1. Sickening brutality to these hens which humans feed on and expects to get healthy protein from them! How disgusting that anyone couple believe that these distressed often sick tormented chickens could give any anyone healthy protein. You are wasting your money feeding on these hens or on their eggs!

  2. Atlanta pattison says:

    Stop this now! The animals can’t speak out or cry out for help themselves, it’s up to us! All of our animals are innocent, helpless and deserve our respect. We are the only destructive species on this planet, we need more people to care then hopefully more will follow!

  3. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO HURT THE VULNERABLE AND INNOCENT — YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO HURT ANIMALS! You do NOT have the right to lay a hand on any other living being, and this includes animals! These acts are not only cruel and unconscionable, they are criminal and as we all know, criminals belong behind bars, keeping the population at large safe and secure from their like — vicious and horrific abusers.
    Animals like humans are to enjoy the same rights — the right to their own lives — THE RIGHT TO LIVE — because of their innocence and vulnerability, animals — all animals, need to be protected and cared for. Not only should this LAW exist, it should be seriously and strictly enforced.

  4. I think its horrible what they do to the animals /just image if that was your child

  5. For the sake of God, these beautiful animals are ALIVE == they are LIVING beings with heartbeats, pulses, lungs, brains, blood, etc., not to mention their emotional and psychological worlds….WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU GO GET THIS?!

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