Slam Republican Extremist for Offensive Comments About Homosexuality

star parker

Target: Star Parker

Goal: Reprimand Star Parker for her attack against the LGBT community

Zealously religious, brash, conservative and extreme, Star Parker is every gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights activist’s worst nightmare. Recently, Parker’s rant at the Values Voters Summit raised multiple eyebrows as she stated that ‘homosexuality is bringing hostility to the public square’ and that ‘…[it] should be kept private.’

Like many right-wing conservatives, Parker misinterprets homosexuality to mean one thing, sexual behavior, and her tirade didn’t end there. Parker went on to say that homosexuality is ‘dividing us’ and the fight for LGBT rights, especially that of the right to marry, has ‘opened a door to…[a] culture of meaninglessness.’ The failed GOP congressional candidate and syndicated columnist for The Scripps Howard News Service is not only dangerous to the successful progression of LGBT rights, but is so blind sighted by antiquated ethics that she has ignorantly defined homosexuality as a one-dimensional ‘behavior’ defined by deviant sexual activity.

Gay people are your policemen, your bank tellers, your best friend, and even your mother. They’ve existed in every facet, arena and spectrum of life since the dawn of time and to deny them the same rights as heterosexual individuals is not only a contravention of human rights, but to tell them that their lives needs to be ‘kept private’ further perpetuates bias and blatant prejudice.

Star Parker’s comments are not only disrespectful, they’re naive and ill-informed. By signing this petition, you’ll tell Parker that her raucous comments about homosexuality deserve to be reprimanded and that gays are here to stay.


Dear Star Parker,

Your recent rant at the Values Voters Summit was overtly sanctimonious and clearly extremist. You came across rude, tasteless and naive about the state of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered individuals in America, and I could only shake my head in disdain at your obvious homophobia.

The changes taking place in this country’s political landscape call into question the ignorance people like you and other right-winged conservatives have when it comes to the LGBT community. Being gay, as many people have so tirelessly tried to get people like you to understand, is about more than just sex. The Republican party’s preoccupation with the subject, consequently, reveals a group of people that may very well be a lot more backward than you presently believe.

This inflexibility and lack of progressive thinking is straining when those like yourself hold on so tightly to defunct beliefs and refuse to think about what your religion could mean to the times we currently live in. You claim that the gays should keep their lives private but you forget, or are apathetic to, the reality that heterosexuality has been forced upon us queers for ages. Imagine, for a minute, that homosexuality was the norm. You, a heterosexual woman, feel pressured, ashamed and even ostracized simply for the way that you love. If you propose that homosexuality be classified a ‘secret’, then I encourage you to think the same way of heterosexuality and understand the problems that arise when you do this. May I also point out that your past begs to be questioned and I severely doubt that you have the right to throw stones.

I argue that our culture today is finally starting to reconsider what is meaningful, to acknowledge the hate that we’ve been spewing, and to try to figure out how we can rectify it so that individuals can live freely and happily. Human rights exist for a reason and your disapproval of gays will not phase the LGBT community as we continually fight for equality and respect. We’re here, we’re queer, and no right-winged conservative extremist will make us falter in this battle for equal rights.


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