Demand Military Stop Abusing Animals for Trauma Training

10-9-13 Pig Photo

Target: U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

Goal: End military abuse of animals used as training for trauma courses

The military is currently mutilating live pigs, goats, and other animals for the sake of training personnel in trauma response. Not only is it incredibly inhumane, but it is absolutely unnecessary, as there are facilities and simulators that can do a much better job in trauma training. Demand the U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel put an end to these disgusting practices.

Animals are undergoing extreme injuries: being shot, set on fire, stabbed, having their bones broken, and even their limbs cut off. This is done in order to duplicate a scenario of a wounded soldier needing medical attention. Two of the preferred animals for training are pigs and goats. Pigs are among the top ten smartest types of animals in the world, cleverer than even dogs or cats. Goats are naturally curious creatures who like to socialize in herds, and are quick to learn. Thousands of these animals are being brutally mistreated and killed.

What is even more disturbing about this situation is that surgical and war-veteran doctors have stated animal anatomy cannot properly duplicate a human system. This means the military are injuring animals as a form of practice when in reality the animal does not even accurately represent the challenges the personnel will face when dealing with human wounds.

There are alternative choices the military could be using to provide more humane and better training. There is the “living” cadaver model; a body which will never regain consciousness and through proper channels is donated for medical research. There also is the Combat Trauma Patient Simulation system, which simulates combat injuries. Similarly, the TraumaMan System is a non-living human body form designed for trauma procedures. Or, personnel can participate in rotations in civilian trauma centers, and deal with actual human wounds, helping people who desperately need aid while still receiving beneficial training. It was announced in early 2013 that the military would implement a plan to shift away from using live animals, and it is time to follow through and end this horror as soon as possible.


Dear Defense Secretary Hagel,

In early 2013, it was announced the military would implement a plan to shift away from using and injuring animals for trauma training. However, thousands of animals, especially goats and pigs, are still being abused and killed. I urge you to help these creatures by truly putting an end to this practice.

The animals are currently being shot, stabbed, burned, and maimed in hopes of training military personnel for trauma situations. However, doctors have stated that animal systems don’t bear enough resemblance to human systems to make this practice entirely useful.

Please end this needless suffering, and implement useful programs for the military, like the “living” cadaver method, the TraumaMan, the Combat Trauma Patient Simulation, or rotations in civilian trauma centers.


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Photo Credit: Brad Jones

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  1. Soldier: ‘soul’ dier, sold, die. (alert)?; aggression, danger, blood, war, violence.
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  2. Kristy kozaka says:

    Soldiers – stop abusing animals.

  3. Kristy kozaka says:

    Do not harm animals. what goes through your head to torture another and for the love of god do not tell me a paycheck is why you do that horor to an animal. please stop abusing animals. they are not here for you to torture them. they are smarter and kinder than you soldiers. you need to stop abusing them. please find another job.

    • The Nazi’s did the same for the Thrid Reich!
      Remember the past to become a better person for the future! Killing animals is being a coward they are defensless, innocent and can not protect themselves! We have become Barbarians!

  4. Patricia Wicker says:

    What in the world is the matter with you!!!! Killing these innocent animals is simply outrageous!
    The World is going Insane Demented, and OH SO VERY CRUEL. Use Death row inmates. WHAT HAVE WE BECOME TO BE SO BARBARIAN??

  5. How far from human have we become?

  6. There are plenty of war victims and victims of gun violence all over the world for these ppl to train on.This is just another example of animal cruelty for a bullshit reason. shame on military rule makers and god bless our men and women serving

  7. Gabriella Serafino says:

    Fucking BASTARDS ASSASSINS i Hope they suffer for the REST of their shitty life. BASTARDS BASTARDS BASTARDS.
    Animals are my brothers, i don’t want those humans like brothers.

  8. I cannot believe that supposed intelligent men who are intending to obtain the necessary skills, training to defend our country should it be necessary would stoop to being so barbaric, cruel, callous, cold hearted, weak and spineless to choose to purposely cause the unnecessary suffering, pain, discomfort and death of thousands of animals. Are you for real???? how shocking outrageous, unacceptable, incomprehensible. For God sake, use a simulator or other means to create a way for your soldiers to ascertain their level of emotional strength, stamina. I am totally disgusted by your actions. So much for the military being a fair and just service for young men to foster, develop and display the confidence in different areas and be young role models for the younger generation. I find your actions utterly despicable, attrocious, disgraceful and bloody wrong. Haven’t you a conscience? obviously not. Animals have feelings, they have rights, they should not be used in such a deplorable way. You are not showing respect for animals by murdering them in such a cruel and barbaric manner. Your actions are unethical, unprofessional and completely in excuseable.

  9. Gillian Fewster says:

    Stop abusing animals – they have rights and you are abusing them.

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