Stop Hunting Wild Boar with Dogs


Target: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Goal: Outlaw the cruel and inhumane practice of using dogs to hunt wild boars in Louisiana.

Louisiana has a wild boar problem that legislators are grasping at straws trying to solve. Wild hogs are numerous, omnivorous and have no natural predators, making them one of the largest nuisance pests in the state. There are many humane options for dealing with the pigs, which do not need to involve killing the pigs or putting domesticated dogs in harm’s way. However, despite the existence of alternatives, the state has legalized the use of ‘bait-dogs’ in boar hunting. This is incredibly dangerous and very inhumane for the dogs and boars involved.

Boar hunting with dogs is exactly what it sounds like: family pets are taken out into the country, or wherever wild hogs are plentiful, and set loose to sniff out hogs. Once a hog is found the dogs will chase it down and attack it, leaving it badly injured but normally still alive. Hunters will kill the pig and utilize the carcass. Wild hogs are incredibly difficult to kill and will put up a fight until the end. Many dogs involved in baiting are wounded by tusks, bitten and trampled. Putting dogs in such a dangerous situation is inhumane and should not be legal.

If hunting hogs with dogs was outlawed, it would set a precedent for banning other inhumane practices, such as family events where hogs are corralled and attacked by dogs in front of families, including children. Forcing animals to fight one another to the death should not be allowed in any circumstance, and should not be a spectator sport.

There is undoubtedly an overpopulation problem with wild hogs in Louisiana. Controlling this population does not need to involve violence from humans or other animals. Encourage Louisiana to brainstorm more humane ways of dealing with wild hog overpopulation, such as designated and secure roaming lands and controlled breeding. Leave dogs out of the problem, and out of harm.


Dear Governor Jindal,

Wild boars are  a major problem in Louisiana. The species has no natural predators, is omnivorous and repopulates very quickly: it is because of these traits that wild boars are a force hard to reckon with. There are many control methods used, some of them very inhumane. Currently it is legal for dogs to be used in wild hog hunting: this is extremely dangerous for the dogs involved and leads to inappropriate practices elsewhere.

Dogs involved in hunting are likely to be seriously injured by the hogs. Dogs get trampled, bitten, pierced by tusks and may be infected with diseases that pigs carry. The hogs are frightened, outnumbered and suffer a painful death. Hog killings are often performed for an audience that involves young children; children should not be exposed to this kind of violence.

I urge you to propose a ban on hunting wild pigs with dogs in order to put a stop to these inappropriate behaviors. Please consider other methods of wild pig population control, such as designating land for hogs to be displaced to, and controlling breeding of the species. Allowing dogs to hunt them is inhumane and unnecessary.


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Photo credit: Tacosunday via Wikimedia

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  1. Not only are these dogs specifically bred to not kill, but restrain hogs, but the hogs are NOT a native species and cause millions in damages every year. Therd should be no other plan to control hog populations besides irradicating them all together. They are NOT NATIVE

  2. hunters always have good excuses to murder dont they ,God doesnt care for your sad excuses he saw it was good when he made all the animals dont think he approves of the cull,these are his creatures and he says we have a duty to be kind to the animals I assure this aint it ,justify if you will for your own selfish reasoning , we will all meet our maker someday!

  3. MMMMM….porkchops. I make sure my dogs get their share too. They earned it.

  4. cecil goldenrod says:

    You democrats just tickle me. You are all so limp wristed(gay) They are working dogs, not family pets. If the government shuts down, my dogs and I WILL eat! The means to an end aren’t always pretty. Stop by your local hog farm, cattle farm or slaughter house.

  5. this is back wood evil,. GEt a life you dont hve to tourture and animal for something to do.. I cant believe people are even trying to talk to these PEOPLE.. whatever..

  6. Peoples ignorance is beyond my wouldnt be here to write such a stupid thread if your forefathers wouldnt have used hunting dogs…dogs were bred to serve us..liberal ignorance has destroyed this country

  7. If hog hunting with dogs stops breeds like blue lacey,black mouth curs and other breeds won’t be needed anymore and will be forgotten and that is why they also put chests for protection

  8. Thomas Chambless says:

    Y’all need to find something better to do!!! Like mind your own business!!!! Or stand up for starving veterans living homeless on the street! I recon next y’all will be trying to cage all hawks and bald eagles to keep them from swooping down and catching rats and rabbits, and flying up on top of a light pole eating them alive ? What do y’all think about that ?
    I’m American and have my own opinion , and I will stand up to y’all pansies!

  9. Lol good luck passing this petition- im just getting started in hunting and I can’t wait to go pig sticking.

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