Stop Child Marriage in Iran


Target: Iran’s Guardian Council

Goal: Condemn new law that allows marriage at the age of 13

Recently, new Iranian president Hassan Rouhani and the Iranian parliament passed a law that will allow fathers to get married to their own adopted daughters at the young age of 13. The law also states that 15 year old boys can now marry, given their father’s permission. The law, as part of a so-called child protection bill, only requires that the marriage be deemed in the ‘interest of the child’.

Iran already allows 13- year old girls to be married with the permission of a judge. This new law goes further by allowing an adopted child’s own father to get married to her only for safety and protection reasons. Currently, marrying a stepchild remains illegal.

This new law leaves many foster children vulnerable to sexual abuse by their own caregivers. Once married, any sexual contact initiated by a husband, even if unwanted, is considered appropriate and acceptable, even if the wife did not consent to the marriage.

A young boy is not equipped with the means to support a wife and eventually, a child. It is important that children are mature and educated before becoming caregivers themselves. Sexually immature girls can be physically injured and permanently traumatized after being raped by their much older husbands.

Fortunately, the bill has yet to pass the final stage into legislation. Iran’s Guardian Council, an organization of clerics and judges, must first approve its congruency with the constitution and Islamic law.

Incest and pedophilia is never in a child’s interest. A caregiver holds a position of trust that, if violated with abuse, can cause permanent mental anguish, especially in youth. This law would legalize and even normalize sexually abusive behavior toward children- quite the opposite of its declared intent. Your signature will demand that Iran’s Guardian Council reject this bill from passing into legislation.


Dear Iran’s Guardian Council,

Recently, Iranian parliament passed a bill that will allow adoptive fathers to marry their 13 year old daughters. It will also allow 15 year old boys to marry with their father’s permission.

Children are not mature enough to deal with marriage. Young boys cannot be responsible for a wife and children, while young girls can be physically hurt and mentally scarred by uninvited sexual contact.

Trusted caregivers should not be able to cause children such confusion with such a drastic change in relationship. This law would essentially legalize incest in Iran, and further enable sexual abuse toward children. I ask that this bill be rejected from legislation.


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  1. laura caro says:


  2. Elise Evans says:

    Another great advancement for the religion that promotes death.

  3. This is 2013, not 1320!!
    Wake up, Iran!!
    Family inbreeding has no place ANYWHERE!!
    We’ve got enough rednecks in this world…
    (in fact, too many)
    and we don’t need any more!!

    ~May Your Next Meal Be Camel Donuts And Yak Chips~

  4. Jane Morrow says:

    AS well as being narrow minded religious murderers you’re pedos as well – is that in the Koran too?

    • KatWrangler says:

      No, Jane. These monsters make things up as they go along. For their own nasty, disgusting appetites.

      Just like female genital mutilation is not mentioned in the Koran. But it was judged seemly because it pleases the man. Animals.

  5. Niki Brand says:

    This law serves to legalise paedophilia and rape. More denergration of women!
    Shame on the men of Iran who take advantage of young girls. You are perverts.

  6. Catherine says:

    This is evil. This has to be stopped.

  7. KatWrangler says:

    This petition asks those in power – Iranian president Hassan Rouhani and the Iranian parliament – to “reject this backwards sexually abusive policy”. But that would disappoint all those misogynistic, pedophile men that benefit from men dictating every aspect of their women’s lives. These men are truly pigs – filthy and unclean.

  8. Elizabeth Tangvatchrin says:

    Honorable President Rouhani,

    Certainly you are much more sophisticated and intelligent than your predecessor. But already you are setting off alarms in the western world where we do not allow young girls to marry anybody. Not only are 13 year old girls children, but their bodies have not fully developed yet. They should be in school to learn everything boys are learning and they can take Iran to the next century and become leaders of the world. Don’t allow barbaric notions govern your populace.

  9. Amy Rose Murphy Amy Rose Murphy says:

    typical Islamic thinking to these idiots girls are nothing


  11. Every country in the world is like a box of apples and therefore has it’s fair share of rotten ones so to speak.
    You can’t judge the whole population by what a few rotten senseless humans choose to do. Laws everywhere leave a lot to be desired and the people who draft the laws and pass them sometimes haven’t got a clue as to what the majority of sensible people in the population want. The vast majority of Iranians are good law abiding, devout people who would not give permission for their young daughters life to be just chucked away like a worthless old rag, or to marry their young son off with no education or means of being able to support himself and a family. It’s the powers that be, both religious and governance who can’t get out of the dark ages and move into the 21st century. Until they do some children are going to fall into the dark cracks of despair and be in the hands of unscrupulous members of the community who have no moral compass or respect for children or anyone, only self gratification. Which is a fatal flaw in a human being. Everywhere has these types of people in the west they are called pedophiles, sex slavers and incestuous relationships. Same horse different saddles. So until we treat all children with reverence, teach them love, respect and that hate is a useless emotion that only makes the person who spends their time hating…A bitter and twisted wreck. All the while the hated persons just go about reaping havoc, bombing, raping, punching, kicking and murdering innocents. Because they are evil shells and have no morality, feelings or love for anything not even self,
    and these people haven’t got a clue about religion and should be ashamed to sit under that banner because no religion supports abusing children but somehow the miserable old men who claim to be holier than thou are the worst abusers in all religious creeds. So I myself expect a more pious response from religious leaders and I don’t care what religion you claim because they are basically all the same apart from some minor differences. The only difference is what road on the map of life we choose and how we treat, respect and love the people we meet on that journey but at the end we all meet at the roads end and the one creator by whatever name you choose to give him will be there. So please speak up for children no matter where they are or what country they are in, they are innocent and deserve to be allowed to have their time of an innocent childhood and not be sexually exploited, sold off, married off, or be abused within their family home. Thank you.
    ★*♥*☻*Love & Peace walk with you always.*☻*♥*★

  12. SUE GRIFFITHS says:

    Any man marrying a girl under 16, and all lawmakers that make it legal to marry young children, should be shot.

  13. Thank You for the petition. Gladly Signed.

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