Commend Countries’ and Conservation Groups’ Efforts to Stop Illegal Poaching of Elephants

Target: Clinton Global Partners

Goal: Commend the partners for their conservation efforts in saving elephants

Seven African countries, along with conservation, groups raised $80 million dollars towards the Clinton Global Initiative Commitment to Action. This plan is meant to stop the illegal poaching of elephants, where demand for ivory have soared in Asian countries.

Elephants are being recklessly hunted in Africa by traffickers who are well armed and connected to syndicates. Their networks connect themselves with terrorist groups across the country who supply them with the weapons necessary to kill. These criminals do not care who gets harmed, as they kill both elephants and park rangers. In the past ten years, an estimated 1,000 park rangers have been killed while protecting these magnificent creatures. The Clinton Initiative has formed a committee that plans to run until 2016, aimed at stopping the problem by halting the murders, stopping the trafficking, and removing the demand for elephant parts.

Funding for the plan comes from several countries like the United States, Europe, and African governments. Nations that are in the committee include Botswana, Cote D’Ivoire, Gabon, Kenya, South Sudan, Malawi and Uganda. A plethora of partners and conservation groups are a part of the committee as well. The funds will be used to heighten security measures and give enforcement more power to protect the elephants. An additional 3,100 park guards will be hired. Anti-trafficking efforts will also be heightened, as more sniffer dogs are trained and set in 10 more key transit zones. The committee is also working with governments to draft stricter penalties fort poaching elephants.

The African partner nations are asking for other nations to impose a trade moratorium on all ivory imports, exports, and domestic sales until the elephant population is no longer threatened. The committee is also asking for more partners who would be willing to make $70 million over the next three years so they can increase elephant numbers in the wild. Unfortunately, the elephant trade is one of the most lucrative criminal activities; the trade is valued at $7-$10 million annually. The trade ranks fifth in global trade value. Other trades that out value ivory are drugs, people, oil and counterfeiting.

Applaud the nations and conservation groups involved in this major effort to protect elephants. The demand for ivory is booming, and elephants need our help more than ever. Sign this petition and show your support.


Dear Clinton Global Partners,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your efforts and contributions towards protecting and preserving the elephants of Africa. I understand that the ivory trade has boomed in the past several years. The numbers are concerning as the death toll for elephants continues to rise to meet the demand. The illegal trafficking taking place ties these criminals to terrorist organizations, who supply them with the weapons necessary to kill elephants.

I also wish to commend and applaud the bravery of the park rangers and guards who are risking their lives to protect these treasured animals. I hope that your efforts to bring down the demand for ivory are successful. There are other campaigns and other conservation groups who are working alongside you with the same goal in mind. Thank you again for your efforts.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jeff Hutchens via Getty Images

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  1. And they wonder WHY animals attack humans in captivity?! Elephants are very family oriented animals, they live together, get along better than humans do! So what do the idiot humans do? Kill them. I can only hope that more laws are made, money is put in the CORRECT areas; laws and security to stop this horrendous murder of these gentle giants, and you know, this might sound bad, but you just can’t help not feeling sorry for the ones that capture these innocent loving animals, and keep them behind bars. If they need to be kept, due to being orphaned at birth; then MORE laws need to be put in order to protect these animals. The human race is rather sick; and I mean the ones that kill, maim, beat, torture, etc. the living beings known as animas. I cannot thank the humans that feel the same as I do and help them, there just are not enough of us, and we are fighting a losing battle against the money hungry companies, etc. that do horrible things to our animals. Everyone has their day of reckoning; those that have tortured, killed an innocent animal/pet, etc. are going to have a lot of explaining to do. May they rot in eternal hell.

  2. *sorry, typo, should say “known as ANIMALS”

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