Condemn Police for Killing Injured Stray Animals

Target: Merced, California Chief of Police Norm Andrade

Goal: Stop the Merced Police Department from killing injured stray dogs and cats, and encourage the department to partner with rescue organizations

The Merced, California Police Department has developed a diabolical way of dealing with injured stray cats and dogs: police officers are instructed to shoot and kill them. This law has been in practice for decades; it is now surfacing as an incredibly inhumane and unnecessary way to deal with injured strays. There are many alternatives to killing these animals; the Merced Police Department must adapt these alternatives in order to treat stray animals humanely.

Sergeant Jason Ramos of the Merced Police Department defends this penal code by saying that if death is inevitable for the injured animal the most humane thing to do is kill it. However, the officer that finds an injured animal is allowed to decide, after notifying their superior, whether or not to kill the animal; they do not acquire the opinion of a trained animal doctor. Not to mention, officers are instructed to take injured animals to a shooting range; if they have time to drive to a shooting range, they have time to drive to a veterinarian.

All of the excuses used by the Merced Police Department entail a situation that is not realistic: being too far from a veterinarian or any organization that has the ability to save an injured animal. There are so many utilizable outlets to ensure that the animals will always get medical attention. The department could partner with a humane organization that would be on call and available to come retrieve the animal; locate, and utilize, all of the twenty-four-hour emergency animal hospitals in Merced and employ trained animal doctors to ride along with police officers in rural areas.

Many cities in California do not allow law enforcement to kill injured animals; the officers in these cities are instructed to take the animal to an organization that can potentially save them. To give an injured animal a chance to live, rather than make an uninformed executive decision to kill it, is the most humane decision. Urge Merced’s Chief of Police to research proactive, and humane, ways to deal with injured stray animals.


Dear Norm Andrade, Merced’s Chief of Police,

I am shocked to learn that the Merced Police Department encourages its employees to kill stray animals that appear to be fatally wounded. There are many cities in California that require injured stray animals to be brought to veterinarians, or humane organizations for treatment. Determining whether or not an animal has a chance of survival should be at the jurisdiction of a trained animal doctor, not a police officer.

There are countless incidents where animals that appear to be fatally wounded have made a full recovery, with the help of medical professionals. I urge you to reconsider this penal code, and advocate for truly humane ways to deal with injured stray cats and dogs. Some options include partnering with an animal rights organization that can be on call to pick up stray animals, locating and utilizing all of the twenty-four-hour emergency veterinarians and employing an animal medical professional to ride along when patrolling very rural areas.

Please re-evaluate your department’s options when dealing with injured stray animals.


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Photo credit: Francois Proulx via Flickr

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  1. Perhaps the police, who I normally respect, should concentrate on the thugs that are out there shooting each other instead of the innocent furbabies that are lost souls. They did nothing wrong except be kicked out by idiot “humans”, being born because “humans” did not spay/neuter them, yet they have to suffer because of another. Do any of you see an issue with this? Do any of you, who are sick and tired of the idiots, on both sides, in DC, wasting our billions of dollars to the point our Gov’t is now shut down, tired of the billions of OUR tax monies being sent over to countries that want to blow our heads off? Our priorities are in serious trouble; we need to show we are kind to our OWN people, our OWN animals, and use OUR money to help those in need. Gunning them down is getting nowhere. What if the innocent animal was just loose, or a kitty/dog slipped out the door? They are going to be shot? Heaven help the person that would shoot my beloved animals, and I surely wish I could do something with more funds to help these poor critters. This is disgusting, sad, and I hope those that shoot these innocent animals are haunted by them for the rest of their lives. God has them now, they will never need for anything, this earth is not for them, they are better than being gunned down, like humans who MAKE THE CHOICE to gun another down. I am sickened by this.

  2. marilyn goulston says:

    I think this might be how Hitler started…

  3. marilyn goulston says:

    Might be how Hitler started…

  4. Karen McEuen-Novak says:

    I’m disgusted by this barbaric & uncivilized practice by the Merced Police Dept. This unrefined technique is just cruel, inhumane & brutal. I’m quite sure the Merced Police Dept. aren’t the only members of law enforcement that partake in such senseless acts-however, it must be reevaluated. Please get together with rescue groups that will care for these innocent animals. And please take the time to educate your officers! Surely they should know right from wrong already. Just plain sad.

  5. Shame, Merced’s Chief of Police and all who take part in this evil act have unwashable BLOOD STAINS on their hands. You are a disgrace to the decent police who put their lives on the line for their communities and animals. California, sadly, you have stain which blemishes your great state. This needs to stop now! Immediately and nonviolently, get rid of these killers!

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