Demand Justice for Brutally Abused Dog

pit bull

Target: Quincy Police Department

Goal: Obtain and charge the owner responsible for severely injuring an innocent dog

A young Pit-bull was recently discovered in critical condition after being abused for what appeared to be an extended period of time in Quincy, MA. The person responsible for the beating remains unidentified. Police are currently investigating the matter, attempting to catch and charge the person responsible for the gruesome crime. Urge them on, and increase the likelihood that the criminal responsible is put to justice.

The female dog who was about 1 or 2 years old had gruesome injuries all over her body, including several fractures from getting beaten with an object, crush injuries to her skull and backbone, and dislocations. The dog’s tongue was also cut down the center to resemble the tongue of a snake. The dog was in such poor condition that she could not be saved and had to be put down.

This investigation should be heavily pursued as this innocent dog had to withstand these beatings and cruelties for an extended amount of time, unable to defend or advocate for herself. Animal cruelty is a malicious crime, and this is just one case out of many that occur on a daily basis that need to be rectified.

Sign the petition below urgins police to search relentlessly for those responsible for the beating of the dog and serve them the charges they deserve.


Dear Quincy Police Department.

As you are aware, a pit-bull dog was recently discovered with severe injuries from abuse by its owner and put down due to these injuries. As you are searching for suspects involved, we urge you to persistently search until any and all of those responsible are found. Cases like these occur daily, many of which slip through the cracks and go unjustified. This case in particular is one that needs to be resolved as it was especially brutal and the suspect cannot get away without paying for his actions.

Many innocent animals are mistreated, beaten and killed every day, and on behalf of those animals and the pit-bull recently killed, we insist that you place priority on this case and find those involved as soon as possible. Thank you for your current efforts, and please continue to help justify and prevent animal cruelty, beginning with this case.


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  1. I think the abuse of our innocent animals has gotten WAY out of control. Please let the animal lovers, who work so hard to help them, have at the torturer, and I’m sure the police, if they do not have them by now, will surely get their ‘man’. Using that term loosely. How in the living hell can a person do this to a living being? This just is more than I can even comprehend. They act like the animals are non-living, non-feeling, nothings that they can take their issues out on. Instead of the idiots, on both sides, having a pissing match over billions of dollars, let us make an example, and remember what Gandi said about loving animals, what the Pope has said about loving animals, as they are TRUE living, feeling beings. Just because they cannot talk our language does not mean they need be tortured, beaten to death, or if they make it into a ‘shelter’ put to sleep because nobody wants them. Can you imagine if that happened to you? “Well, sorry, we don’t want you on this earth any more, so we are going to torture you and/or kill you”. It’s time to make stricter laws regarding spay/neuter laws, and also come down HARD on the chronic puppy mills/breeders of full blooded dogs and cats. My 3 cats are mixed, I got all of them from a rescue, and you cannot ask for more loving boys. They need not have a certificate to be loving to their families! What IS WRONG with people today?? I don’t mean to get religious but I hope and pray that each of those innocent dogs/cats, puppies and kittens that are killed are now with God, not feeling unwanted or scared, hungry or painful, and feeling nothing but love. It is time for humans to start acting like caring, loving humans again, or for the first time, whichever may be, and treat each living being on earth with respect and love. If I had one wish, that would be mine. If I could adopt every one of them, I sure would. In the meantime, I think we need to start on the spay/neuter LAWS instead of having name calling matches in DC like we are having at this present moment. There is MORE than enough money in this country of ours, esp. if we stop sending it over by the billions to countries that hate us and wish to blow us up, to make a great example and save every pet, living beings, with hearts that beat, instead of giving our tax monies to those that hate us. The animals would show us nothing but love, not bombs. Thank you for giving us this way of letting our feelings out regarding this issue. TDA

  2. laura caro says:

    Now I understand why some people support death penalty … I´m beggining to support it to. Such monsters don´t deserve to live.

  3. I agree 100% with you Laura Caro, that people or monsters as you call them and that is really putting it mildly,that this is the reason why we need to enforce the death penalty. I DO believe in the death penalty because of the fact that there are those who live and breathe amongst us who honestly do not need or should not be able to live on this earth. They have no compassion for anything living and since they have such a little regard for life, their only reason to live is to torture, maim, and kill for joy, THIS is the reason we need to have a death penalty and it should be enforced.

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