Forbid Cruel Peruvian Cat Sacrifice

Target: The Peruvian Government

Goal: Stop the disturbing practice of drowning cats during annual festival.

Every year, during the “Cat’s Party” festival, people force cats down into buckets of water until each cat slowly drowns to death.  Then, the people cook and eat the cats. This “cat drowning” is part of a religious practice.  Peruvian law, however, mandates that only authorized personnel may perform any religious animal sacrifice and that the method of killing the animal must be the most humane method possible.  A slow, drowning death is completely unacceptable under this standard.  It inhumanely inflicts extreme terror in the cat.

PETA captured undercover footage of last year’s festival.  The festival is called the “Cat’s Party” or “Party of the Curruñao.” According to PETA, 100 cats are drowned part of the feast of St. Efigenia in the village of La Quebrada in San Luis de Cañete, Peru.  One hundred cats are terrified as they are submerged into water to drown to death.  The townspeople then cook and eat the cat bodies.  Although the practice is part of a religious tradition, it is cruel and inhumane because it inflicts unnecessary agony in a helpless, feeling animal.

Drowning is a painful, horrific experience.  When the cat drowns, it suffers respiratory impairment.  Moreover, although the cat feels terrified, it cannot scream in agony because the underwater suffocation muffles any noise. Put simply, this practice is disturbing.

Sign the petition below to demand the Peruvian government to enforce its laws and stop the practice of slowly drowning hundreds of cats annually.


Dear Peruvian Government Official:

During the “Cat’s Party” festival, people force cats in buckets of water until each cat slowly drowns to death.  Then, townspeople cook and eat the cats.  Peruvian law mandates that only authorized personnel may perform any religious animal sacrifice and the sacrifice must kill the animal in the most humane way possible.  A slow, drowning death does meet this standard.  In fact, it is completely unacceptable because it inflicts cruel and unusual pain on cats.

We demand you enforce the law, and stop the practice of slowly drowning hundreds of cats annually.


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  1. This treatment of cats is Sadistic And Cruel Behaviour. STOP It NOW!

  2. Cats are a sacred animal. They do not deserve to be treated with such disrespect. In ancient egypt anyone harming a cat was put to death.


  4. I will tell you what. I made the promise to myself to not eat meat coming on over 3 years now, I have lost 75 lbs, feel better than ever, and KNOW, KNOW that no innocent living breathing animals were tortured, maimed, lived their last breaths on this horrible earth in pain. I am sickened by what people do to animals, they are the innocent ones, and humans do this?! WTF? I would LOVE to do the same to the people who do this to the innocent animals. ENOUGH of this! ARE we in civilization? Are we the nasty idiots that do this to these innocents? YES! Not the ones who are against it, no, it gives me hope that there are many who love the animals, but there are NOT ENOUGH to stop it. Our American money and our American organizations need to be funded by monies that instead are sent over to countries that want to blow our heads off. No, this is wrong. Not only did I lose a lot of weight, my BP and cholesterol came down on its own when I stopped eating meat, and just as important, I feel good INSIDE knowing I am not eating pets! What has this world come to? F’ing wackos. Don’t let me get my hands on anyone who I know has hurt an animal just for the ‘fun of it’ because they will pay. Sorry if that sounds rough, but it is…what it is… We love our pets, we wish we could save every single one of these innocent animals, they did nothing to warrant this treatment; no all they are guilty of is being born. Do we do this to people? NO. Now attack away, I do not care. Let’s put it this way, if my house were on fire, I would not leave it unless my 3 cats were out with me. I love them. They love me. They do not hurt anyone. Yet humans hurt them? And some jerks are more worried about their 2K purses when that money can go to saving their innocent, beautiful lives? I am sickened. May God take all of them in His hands and make them never feel not loved or hurt ever again.

    • Terri, I agree with you 100%. I am also just shy of 3 years being a vegetarian. I LOVE animals and would breathe my last breath if it meant I could save and protect them from this cruelty all around the world. I have 2 cats (that we rescued) and they are my babies, they are family. Plus my parents have four; their cats are also family. I would die for them all. I would starve before I let them go hungry. I too want to tortue these scum the way they tortue animals, and I don’t apologize one bit. What I would do to these barbarians; they would pray for death! If I EVER catch ANYONE, hurting an animal, I’ll probably get locked up because that person will suffer horrifically. I won’t even stand for a kid torturing an animal. If it meant that no animal would ever be hurt in anyway again, I would die for them all. It is good to know that there are people out there like you that care as deeply as I do. It’s good to know you exist. Although, you are right, there are not enough of us and that is devastating. We can only do our part as well as spreading the word; being an example. Know that you’re not alone. I commend you for becomming a vegetarian too and I am glad your health is better for it. You need to stay healthy because the world needs more people like you! My heart truly breaks for them all, but I will never stop fighting for them no matter what it takes.

    • why 3 years? if yu can stop for the next 3 years than you might stop for ever al well

  5. das habe ich noch nicht gewusst, ich finde das ganz schrecklich und ich hoffe das das bald ein Ende hat! Was ist das für eine Religion, die so etwas erlaubt? Ich bin entsetzt darüber. :'(

  6. Disculpen pero esto es falso, yo soy peruano y en Perú no se meten gatos en cubetas de agua para que se ahoguen, lo que si es que en una ciudad del sur del Perú comen gato pero siempre y tienen una fiesta al año en la que se come especialmente gato. Pero no hay tortura ni nada de lo que se menciona. En todo caso sería bueno presentar pruebas.

  7. Ruth Rogers says:

    Signed. Please sign this petition.

  8. Kathleen Lechner says:

    NO True Saint would consider this an Honour. ~Imzadi

  9. Humans have never really understand what “civilised” means as they are so engrossed in their despicable traditional dark ages cultures by so barbarically torturing and killing innocent animals for nonsensical reasons!! Leaders fail to educate their people who don’t know any better!

  10. susan meyer-andrews says:

    For goodness-sake, put away your primitive beliefs and get yourself some intelligence and humanity!

  11. JINNY LEE says:

    A “religious” practice? Please tell who they are really representing…..

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