Put an End to Tar Sands Oil Keystone Pipeline

Target: US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

Goal: To halt the planned massive oil pipeline stretching from the oil sands region of Alberta, Canada to Texas’ Gulf Coast.

At present the United States State Department is considering a proposed oil pipeline that would stretch over 1,700 miles from the heart of Canada down into Gulf Coast Region of Texas.  Because the pipeline would cross international borders into the United States the U.S. State Department must approve or deny the pipeline’s construction.  For the sake of both nations it must not approve this project.

This pipeline would become a massive conduit for the highly toxic tar sands oil.  This oil is obtained by destructive strip-mining techniques that result in habitat loss, ground water contamination, and far greater amounts of carbon released into the atmosphere than from traditional crude oil.

Tar sands oil is among the dirtiest and most carbon-intensive fuel sources on the planet.  One faulty repair anywhere along pipeline could spew this toxic substance into any region along America’s heartland.  The path that the pipeline cuts through comprises a massive portion of America’s agrarian core, whose crops would be devastated by any spillage.

This threat is far greater than one may think.  To date the first keystone pipeline that was supposedly developed with state of the art technology in 2010 has suffered 12 spills.  Expanding a new pipeline of even greater length just increases the likelihood of additional spills.

All of this poses an unnecessary risk for a pipeline estimated to bring an additional 700,000 barrels of oil per day.  This may seem like a large number, but in reality that number would only amount to 3.5% of U.S. daily oil consumption.  This is not enough to impact the United States’ reliance on less stable foreign oil sources or reduce the market price of oil  by any significant margin.

This project will not benefit anyone but the oil companies seeking to cash in at the environment’s expense.  This project needs to be stopped before another environmental catastrophe occurs.


Dear Secretary Clinton,

The economic value of the proposed keystone pipeline stemming from the oil sands region of Alberta pales in comparison to the environmental harm it is capable of rendering.

The destructive strip mining techniques by which this oil is obtained can leech toxins into the surrounding ecosystem, that which is not demolished by the strip mining itself.  The process not only causes far more harm to the surrounding land compared with traditional techniques for obtaining crude oil, it also unleashes a far greater carbon footprint.

The harmful process by which this oil is obtained is only the tip of the iceberg however.  The oil itself is among the dirtiest and most carbon-intensive fuels on earth, far more toxic when compared with standard crude oil.

Should the pipeline suffer any spills along its 1,700 miles the environmental impact would be devastating.  The proposed pipeline primarily courses through America’s agrarian heartland.  Any region affected by the spillage would see its crops rendered useless by contaminated groundwater that would take decades to rectify.

These spills are far more common than one might think.  To date the existing pipeline has already suffered a dozen spills since its inception in June of 2010.  This translates to nearly an oil spill every month.

Were this to occur with oil tankers at sea the company responsible would have already been shut down permanently.  No company capable of such harm to the environment should be trusted to put the nation at an even greater risk.

This oil pipeline project needs the approval of the State Department to continue and I strongly urge you to not grant that approval.  This project holds far too much risk for what would amount to roughly 3.5% percent of the nation’s daily oil intake.

Stop this project before it becomes another environmental tragedy.


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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    compare these with dapl and keystone pipeline.

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