End Wolf Hunting in Minnesota

Target: Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton

Goal: Discontinue the practice of hunting wolves for sport in Minnesota

Wolf hunters claim that the goal of the state-approved wolf hunt in Minnesota is to control population and reduce the frequency of attacks on humans and pets in the area by wolves. Yet most people are aware that wolf populations are dwindling and that hunting them for sport is destructive in many ways. Urge Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton to suspend this year’s hunting season and opt for future non-lethal forms of wolf management to control populations if needed.

The wolf hunt is set to start in November of 2013, but many organizations are speaking out about the dangers of the practice. Though hunting permits were decreased this year, the state is still allowing the harvest of 220 wolves. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) claims that the harvest quota ensures the long term survival of wolf populations, but others disagree. Wolf population levels are at their lowest since 1988, and hunting and trapping dramatically decreases their numbers in a short period of time. Last year, the wolf harvest quota was a whopping 400.

Humane Society of the United States representatives have argued that the risk is simply too high. Wolf populations must recover from mass hunting and trapping, and they are presently believed to be too low to sustain themselves if another hunt is scheduled as soon as this upcoming November. Ideally, future hunting will be rendered unnecessary, if not banned, due to long-term and non-lethal management goals that provide wolves with expansive and safer habitats free from human encroachment.

Urge Governor Mark Dayton to speak out against wolf hunting and trapping, and ask him to fight for wolf protection as long as their populations are at risk.


Dear Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton,

This November, hunters in Minnesota are permitted to harvest 220 wolves, a number that will severely harm the overall wolf population in the state. Wolves need time to recover their numbers after hunting and trapping has occurred, and many hundreds of wolves were wiped out after the hunting season last year.

Humane Society representatives agree that suspending the wolf hunt is the best option to ensure that these wonderful creatures remain populous in the state. It would be best to not only suspend this year’s wolf hunt, but to opt for non-lethal management programs in the future so that recreational wolf hunting is never again necessary. As such, I urge you to end this year’s wolf hunting season in the state of Minnesota.


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Photo credit: Troy B. Thompson via Flickr

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  1. Are you against the hunt in Michigan? Wolves have dissemimated the deer populated in the upper pennunsula and have begun eating family dogs. The wolves are not allowed to be killed and have taken over and ruined the balance of nature and need to be hunted.

    • shelley ruth wyndham says:

      Do you know the meaning of the big word ‘dissemimated’you use here? so you are saying the Wolves have spread the deer widely. so how exactly is that a problem for you? If you have dogs take BETTER care of the dogs.Keep them inside during the night if need be. REMEMBER THE WOLVES WERE HERE BEFORE YOU WERE – SO YOU ARE IN THEIR TERRITORY.RESPECT THAT!There is NO WAY that the Wolves cause an imbalnce within the natural world – KNOW THE FACTS ABOUT WOLVES, stop talking your BS little red riding hood garbage…Wolves MAINTAIN THE NATURAL BALANCE WITHIN THE NATURAL WORLD. If living in the wild spaces where Wolves live, is becoming a hassel for you RELOCATE YOURSELF.no wolf should EVER be hunted. There are effective methods you can employ which have been around for thousands of years and have proved that co-exisitence between humans, cattle,livestock, dogs in your case and Wolves IS POSSIBLE. Wake up and try evolving. Killing the Wolves will never be a solution. Learning to live in harmony is a PRIORITY for everyone of us across the planet. TRY IT. and leave the Wolves alone. they belong here. your attidude simply does not.

    • Kathleen – where are you pulling that from the wolf hunter propaganda pages? That’s what wolf haters do, they spy on the biologists trying to save the wolves and make up a FLAMING lie to tell you all. The wolves are apex predators who KEPT the balance of nature. That’s like saying the Nazi’s were attacked by the French.

      They don’t NEED to be hunted, that’s really S-I-C-K, what’s being done to them is S-I-C-K. The wolf killers need to be shown up for their lies. They enjoy killing isn’t that a sign of what kind of people they are?

      Wolves kept the deer and elk in check and preyed on the weak. HUNTERS kill deer and elk, more than wolves do. That’s the only reason they care, they want to kill them.

    • Take better care of your dogs and cats. Don’t you have a city ordinance against dogs and cats at large?Second, Nature, which includes apex predators such as the wolf or the lynx, balances itself out, with no interference from humans.

    • What you are saying is it is ok to disrupt the balance of nature…You my dear are a brainless TWIT and yOU need to be put into a trap….The earth is overpopulated now, so lets do our PART and end your pathetic life…..I would much rather have the wolves here then horrible and heartless people like you………………..

    • Melanie Weberg says:

      You absolutely don’t know what you’re talking about. PLease go somewhere else where ignorance is appreciated.

  2. Hunters are cowards plain & simple!

  3. Shelley Schulz says:

    PLEASE HELP STOP the KILLINGs. This is their land to RUN FREE. This NOT for the hunters for sport & Not for the ranchers. That is why ranchers buy land, So keep yours on the land you bought & Feince it OFF. Quit being STUPED. Stop the KILLINGs. yes i had a wolf and they are teachable NO NEED TO KILL AT ALL WHEN WILL IT END.


    The wolf is a very intelligent and important animal in the Food chain of every ecological System, they Keep the balance in the nature and humans should not decimate them, they will die anyway whan there is no sufficient Prey.

    stop the massacre NOW!


  6. Cmdr. Humphrey M. Dimitrov says:

    I believe wolves are to be protected.

    They have given us so much. Wolves gave us dogs and we need to respect that. They gave us thousands of years of happiness with our dogs. Dogs are descendants of the wolf and are loving, kind, and friendly. We owe them so much and I believe that they should be granted immense respect.

    They can offer you a family and love if you just gave them the chance and take the proper steps. They have so much more to give us. Save our wolves.

    Screw elk and deer. What do they offer?

    Wolves at least offer you something and some interest. They are beautiful creatures just as important as any other.

    They keep our forests from being eaten up. Deer, Elk, and Moose all eat up that beauty. Wolves keep the perfect balance in the animal kingdom.

    Wolves are one of the most beautiful creatures out there.

    They can be friendly. There has been incidences where people have run into a wolf pack and instead of being attacked, they were greeted with nuzzling, licking and playfulness. 🙂

    Here is a link to prove it:

  7. shawn nickerson says:

    Here is a little information for the NON WOLF LOVERS out there…
    Wolves breed once a year, they have anywhere from 4-6 pups..The size of the litter depends on the health of the pack and availability of food. Cubs in the wild have a 50% mortality rate up to the age of 1 years old. The normal life span is 6-8 years
    In 1950 wolves were extinct in all states except Minnesota..
    In 1973 they were put on the endangered species list.
    A large part of the reason for the wolf’s endangered status is due to widespread misunderstanding concerning its nature and place in the environment. They have roamed the earth for over a million years they have just as much right to be here as any other animal, let them roam it for another million..Wolves are one of the MOST beautiful and majestic creatures there is on this planet and if you have never been up close and personal with one, well all I can say is you don’t no what your missing..LET THEM LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m a female and I hunt and fish myself but I do it to put food on the table for my family not for the sport of it..I don’t think any animal should be hunted and killed just for the sport…

  8. Do any of you mental midgets have to deal with wolves day in and day out? in other words do you live In a remote area, and see the damage they can do? Saying wolves shouldn’t be hunted is like saying coyotes shouldn’t be, even when coyotes are overpopulated, and nuisances. Just like coyotes, wolves are not dangerous until they start getting brave enough to get close to humans. When this starts happening one or two wolves need to be shot, this will put the fear of god in them and they will stay away for a good chunk of time.

    • First of all we are not mental midgets if you had a brain you would know that and second I do live in a remote area and deal with them every day and they are smart and kind they don’t hurt you unless you hurt them or try to take their pups. Wolves are the worlds best predator they use team work, patience, and they also are very smart they take the week and if you see one they are more scared of you than anything its like watching the worst horror movie ever that’s how scared they are you are just a guy who wants to shoot and kill which is pathetic. I hunt and fish but I don’t kill for the fun i eat them, give to the needy, and use the fur for coats. Oh, and you could hunt other thing besides the wolf.



  10. That’s one of the reasons why it’s my spirit animal

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