Praise Animal Welfare Group for Saving Thousands of Chickens


Target: Kim Surla, executive director at Animal Place

Goal: Thank animal welfare group Animal Place for helping rescue more than 4,000 chickens from being gassed.

Thousands of chickens in California were rescued by an anonymous benefactor who paid $50,000 to have many of them flown to the east coast. The hens reached their egg-laying life and would have otherwise been killed in gas chambers. The animal welfare group Animal Place in northern California helped organize their transportation and took in 3,000 of them. For their incredible effort and kindness, they deserve our praise.

The money from the unnamed donor was used to provide safe passage for 1,150 hens on a private jet to the east coast where they will spend their remaining years at various sanctuaries. Commercial airlines would not accept such a large load of chickens so the group had to seek the help of a private jet company. “It’s certainly the first time this many adult birds have been flown across the country,” said Marji Beach, education director at Animal Place. Beach was also surprised that such a large factory operation would have any interest in allowing an animal rights organization going to their property and removing them.

Since 2010 Animal Place has rescued 12,000 birds. Its largest rescue operation so far has been 4,460 hens. The hens from California are only two years old, but are expected to live another two to four years on the farms. Factory hens are forced to endure some of the most horrible circumstances of any animals on earth, and when they are no longer of commercial use, are simply discarded. This will likely be the first time these 3,000 hens have seen the sky. Commercial farm animals are almost never rescued, which is what makes a group as large as this so special.

Please take a moment to thank Animal Place for devoting so much time and effort to ensuring that these hens will not only have the chance to live out their remaining years, but also that they will be happy and free.


Dear Kim Surla,

Along with an anonymous benefactor, Animal Place recently aided in the rescue of thousands of hens from a factory farm in California. More than a thousand were even provided transportation on a private jet to various sanctuaries on the east coast where they will have the chance to live out the rest of their lives healthy and free.

Thank you for all your effort and sacrifice to make sure that these hens weren’t simply thrown away as so many others are each day. A rescue this large is a powerful statement and I hope that it will influence the public to change the way we perceive factory farm animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: The Garden Smallholder via Flickr

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  1. danich. når æglægningen er slut, skal man så dræbe disse smukke høns, MED TAK FOR JERES PRODUKTION AF JERES ÆG, og med tak komme i gaskammeret !!!!!!!!!!!!- jeg er VRED, på denne verden, når farm-industrien KUN tænker på penge, og er SKIDE ligeglad med dyrenes KORTE endestation– DØD i gas-uden tak, og bare blive smidt i et hul :-((((—denne verden er så ond mod dyrene-på grund af PENGE :-((((((((((((((((((((((((((((-respekt for dyrene.

  2. Wow! These chickens are saved from the factory-farm. I felt bad for these chickens who suffered endless cruelty. Why these factory-farms are treating chickens as nothing more than egg machines. Chickens are social creatures, and they’re also playful animals. If I get my calculations correct, millions of roosters are rejected from chicken factory-farms. Since they are placed in tiny cages, they can’t turn around, spread their wings, or walk around. Workers debeak chickens to prevent pecking from occurring. These workers injected controversial drugs to each chicken, that can also cause health risks to humans. Worn out birds are common on this factory-farm. Since they’re limbs snapped away, it causes serious pain. Many chickens on the factory-farm died in cages, some are denied of vet care. Feather loss is common to factory-farmed chickens. Many cages are dirty, covered with manure, and other contaminants. When chickens’ egg production declines; they’re shipped to slaughterhouses, for meat. Chickens only lay eggs for new chicks to be born,–and start a new generation of chickens; not to be consumed as food. If you’re consuming eggs,you’re supporting the slaughterhouse. Consuming eggs isn’t good for you, and some people are allergic to eggs. In some countries, they don’t allow you to eat chicken.
    You can replace eggs and chicken with these vegetarian alternatives. Such as eggless products, and cooking without eggs. Chicken-free nuggets, tenders, and strips can be found at your local stores in your neighborhood. Check with your store manager is they have chicken-free products available. Saving these critters from being consumed as food is the next step for them to live a happy life.

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