Condemn Romanian President’s Call to Kill Stray Dogs

Target: Romanian President Traian Basescu

Goal: Oppose the needless killing of thousands of stray dogs

It is certainly true that large populations of stray animals can cause problems in urban areas. While many people would view rehabilitation, adoption, and education as an appropriate response to reduce the number of stray dogs on the street, the president of Romania apparently supports a different course of action. Although current law allows only for sick stray dogs to be euthanized, Romanian President Traian Basescu is attempting to push through a new law that would allow for any stray to be put down.

Although President Basescu argues that the killing of stray dogs is necessary to protect people from bites, logic dictates that this senseless culling of thousands of dogs will do little to solve the root of the problem. Instead of using government funds to euthanize thousands of homeless dogs, the money should be used to rehabilitate the animals and find them homes. Emphasis should also be placed on educating dog owners about spaying and neutering their pets, which will prevent overpopulation of strays to begin with.

Euthanizing dogs is unfortunately necessary sometimes, but it should never be the first option. Mass euthanasia is only a temporary “solution” and will have to repeated when stray populations inevitably reproduce. Please sign this petition to let President Basescu know that euthanizing thousands of dogs is unnecessarily cruel and that there are more effective and humane ways to combat overpopulation of strays.


Dear President Basescu,

No one can argue that large populations of stray animals can cause problems, especially when they dwell in urban areas. However, your recent push to allow for thousands of stray dogs to be euthanized is not the most effective or humane course of action. A mass culling will only reduce populations temporarily, until other strays inevitably reproduce. Your government should consider other options to combat the overpopulation of stray animals.

More humane options would include the rehabilitation and adoption of existing stray animals. As someone who has adopted three stray dogs yourself, you can certainly attest to the affection and companionship these animals can provide when offered a loving home. You should also consider investing in spay and neuter programs. This option is not only more humane, but will also do more to prevent problems with stray dog populations in the future.

Euthanasia is unfortunately necessary sometimes, but it should be a last resort as opposed to the first choice. Please consider other steps to reduce the numbers of strays in your country’s urban areas.


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Photo credit: Columbo222 via Wikimedia Commons

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    “More humane options would include the rehabilitation and adoption” Who stops adoptions?
    Please, be our guests and adopt!
    14 days is PLENTY of time to adopt! Whatever is left, will be euthanised!
    STOP THIS LIE! Everyone is free to adopt! The problem is people who only talk and sign petition, when in fact can’t be bothered to adopt!

    “stray animals can cause problems” You have no clue!
    Come and visit Bucharest by foot! Then come and tell us about the friendly packs of wild dogs!
    Until then, you shall not give us advises! We shall apply the law: Euthanasia for non-adopted dogs!

    • Daniela Bress says:

      I’m so sick and tired of your lousy excuses. Your stray “problem” is self-made by irresponsible citizens. Since Ceausescu kicked your pets out you didn’t do anything to control the multiplying of your abandoned pets but killing each and every year.
      Foreigners are visiting your country to trap and neuter the descendants of YOUR pets. They spend their time and money to help these innocent animals suffering in your streets but it’s a work against windmills in a country where irresponsible people keep breeding animals and constantly abandon them on the streets over and over again.

      Your corrupt dog catchers even catch a part of the dogs several times to earn more money and to strengthen the impression of them being needed urgently. They kill the gentle ones without spending just a cent for adequate stunning, the animals are beaten, hanged, stabbed or crushed to death and those who are aggressive because of abuse and / or diseases are abandoned near residential areas again.

      People who want to adopt are often prevented from doing so and animal welfare activists are threatened by this Romanian dog mafia.
      By the way, you’re not THE ONE Romanian. Take a close look at your compassionate compatriots who are desperately trying to change the ignorant, idle and hypocritical attitude that’s still very common overthere.

      But above all people should stop refusing to realize that it’s not “only” about the animals anymore.

      You are teaching your children that they don’t have to be responsible persons, that it’s alright to let others pay with their lives for their own misbehavior, that having fun torturing life to death is normal, that corrupt officials are good leaders for them, that compassion is something that belongs to the past, etc..

      Your children are getting used to horrible atrocities in their daily lives – are you really that naive to believe that a common acceptance of such human behavior won’t destroy the most important part of them?

      Open your eyes and see reality; almost all unfeeling psychopathological offenders have lost their compassion for animals first. It’s our society that’s breeding its own offenders – every little child naturally loves animals and don’t want them to get hurt, we destroy the children’s ability to feel compassion, we destroy their souls and create dangerous young generations who search for self-affirmation in fighting, torturing and killing.

      Sorry, but as long as the majority of Romanians refuses to change their attitude towards life in general, I don’t want Romania to join the Schengen Agreement.

      What will happen to our kids when they stand in your children’s way some day?
      Due to the higher propensity for violence I consider them to be a danger for our completely different society.

      • PRO EUTHANASIA says:

        We are sick of clueless foreigners coming and telling us what to do. Guess what? We are not some retarded kids you can order around. We are an independent country and perfectly able to rule ourselves!
        If you love dogs, come and take them! 65 000 just from Bucharest! If not, shut up!
        No animal welfare protests in your country for the non-adopted dogs that are euthanasied. So why do you feel you are entitled to protest the same measure in Romania? There is a name for this and that’s hypocrisy, double standard at best!

        • Daniela Bress says:

          ” We are an independent country and perfectly able to rule ourselves!”

          As long as you take our taxes you’re not considered to be able of ruling your country by yourselves, sorry!

        • VIORICA FILIMON says:

          Such guys like you make me feel ashamed to call myself Romanian Born, this is why I hate that Nation for persons as despicable and stupid like you.
          Whose fault is it that the Dogs are on streets if not of Romanians who don’t spay/neuter?
          As about Romania being able to solve things her own way,LOL!!Come on, the Name of Romania is:UNCIVILISED,CORRUPTED,MIDDLE-Age, STone -Age Country! To have Money, and luxury but darkness in your brain, doesn’t mean you are civillised and belong among normal countries, you are a banana republic where politicians euthanize the Brains of People and there is no such Thing as Democracy and freedom of speech!
          let alone respect for animals!

        • Brenda Jackson says:

          your a stupid POS Get Educated !!

      • PRO EUTHANASIA says:

        We are talking about EUTHANASIA, putting the dogs to sleep.
        Are you talking about these “killings”?
        “Circulă, de câteva zile, imaginea unei căţeluşe omorâte cu puii ei. Îngrozitor, dar fals. Imaginea provine din Mexic şi datează din 2011. Altă fotografie arată un morman de cadavre, rezultat al furiei ucigaşe româneşti. Altă minciună. Imaginea datează din 2008 şi este expresia unui accident cu furadan, în Buzău. Alte fotografii, oribile, cu animale sfârtecate, care au stârnit mila şi furia occidentalilor, reprezintă chestii preluate de pe un site sârbesc, care se răfuieşte cu o persoană din Braşov, la sfârşitul anului 2012. Câinii arşi de vii – un video viral – nu sunt (cum am mai zis altă dată) din România, ci din Rusia, şi intră la o categorie greu de definit, cruzime patologică. Oricum, în războiul pentru menţinerea actualei situaţii, adică păstrarea haitelor pe stradă, nicio manevră nu e prea deocheată.”

        • Daniela Bress says:

          I prefer the English language at this English website, so sorry for not answering to this comment.

        • VIORICA FILIMON says:

          N-aveti grija, sunt destule atrocitati in Romania, sunt reale.Daca s-au folosit fotografii mai vechi pt petitii in lipsa momentana de materiale, fiti siguri ca s-a facut destul omor si masacru pt. ca sa va satisfaca, priviti cazul catelei Grivita sau cainii scosi din ASPA Craiova si altele, e iadul pe pamint si masacrul se succeda in plina zi!

      • PRO EUTHANASIA says:

        Have you seen these images?
        And what about these innocent beings, tortured, struggling between life and death?

        • Daniela Bress says:

          I didn’t click your links, please excuse me for this but I’m afraid to get a computer virus.

          If not so, I suppose there are videos showing animal cruelty.
          So you argue: atrocities are alright because there always are humans anywhere else in the world who do more harm to animals than you do?
          Hm, the typical pseudo-argumentation of people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and attitudes.

          You’re still trying to distract from the real issue: it’s no longer just about the strays – IT’S YOUR ATTITUDE TO LIFE that many people around the world, in your own country and above all the European taxpayer who are forced to support your atrocities, are not willing to accept!

      • lousy excuses ??? I read your comment. You have no arguments.Nobody could force me to adopt a dog and i want to be safe when i`m walking in some parks.The place of these dogs are in the shelter if or as the majority wants, euthanised! And not the President has the foult for this: the comunist govern has !

    • I come from a country with more street animals than yours due to it´s size. We are able to keep them under control without killing them. We use all sorts of options apart from euthanasia. So, I am so sorry but most of the world does agree with you. We got plenty of proof that your methods will not work long term and is cruel. We got more than 7 billions humans on this planet, with most of its population hurting right now, killing others and destroying the planet. So are you going to euthanize humans next? Your country is crossing a very fine line, where does the cruelty stop? It is wrong to play God and kill any living being. Who are you to chose who is adoptable and who is not? Stop playing God, and start using the money to help people and animals in your country. What a waste of life and money. How sad!!! Learn from other countries who have the same troubles. Is just not right to take a life, murders!!!!! If you don´t want to be seen as retarded than stop acting like one. Grow up and respect life, that is all that the world is asking for. These animals got no voice, so the world will jump in and help. Many are offering help. Instead you are deciding to take a very cruel road, There are no reasons for this. Believe me I know how it is to have street dogs. Independant countries accept help when need it and are in another level of awareness, other than acting like cave man and killing becomes the only option even thourgh we are not cave species and know better.

      • Most of the world does NOT agree with you!!!!

      • PRO EUTHANASIA says:

        Thanks, but we’ll take example from Western countries, not 3rd world countries!

        • Daniela Bress says:

          Wow, your “arguments” are overwhelming. You told me to “shut up” and now this?
          Is that all you have to say to Gege’s comment?

          This is really poor.

      • VIORICA FILIMON says:

        I fully agree and admire your comment! Which Country is that, you are coming from? Anyway, most of the countries are more civilised than Romania!

        • Daniela Bress says:

          I come from Germany, Viorica. Don’t get me wrong, there are many things to also change here, I know and I won’t ever condemn every Romanian; I know there are many who try to change things into better but there’s also still a huge acceptance regarding these massacres, even Romanian animal rights activists and dog owners are threatened and even injured. It’s not a problem of nationality but a human problem regarding the attitude towards life.


      You are one of those barbaric dog Killers and heartless primitive violent macho bastards who think this is a sign of virility to kill helpless and innocent creatures1
      In my City we had always lots of strays but we spayed and neutered them reducing their numbers and they are mostly friendly and part of the landscape, People love them and feed them gladly because they do a Service by keeping buildings safe from burglars and they chase away Robbers and rapists ,since Basescu collected These Dogs with the purpose of starving them in horrid conditions, not even water to be given to them ,sabotaging adoptions, just to cruelly “euthanize” them and earn 400$ from this golden Business of dog-killing, which taxpayers are supposed to finance! Plus Police is supposed to terrorize People who want to be dog owners!


    Just as I suspected: 18 petitions, none of them related! Couch potato activist!
    So long, and so are the dogs!

    • Daniela Bress says:

      I trapped and neutered stray cats for more than twenty years and payed the bills with my own money.

      You call people around here “couch potatoes”?

      Then tell us how much time and money did you personally spend to improve the situation in your streets?
      How often did you lay in the dust at night, rain or snow falling down on you while you were waiting for a new animal to be catched in your trap?
      How many veterinarians did you contact and ask to neuter for a price you were able to pay by yourself?
      How much of your lifetime did you personally invest to help innocent animals or also foreign children, if you prefer to help little human innocent victims?

      Well, it seems as if you’re the typical couch potato who only expresses his opinion on a topic when he has to justify his irresponsibility.

    • Daniela Bress says:

      And not to forget:

      What’s your name?

      Don’t you stand by your own statements?

      … and 18? I sign about 3000 petitions every month to help other people change something into better, because I’m too ill now to still do all the things I’ve done for more than twenty years.
      It’s a new way to support even people living in areas that are too far away to help physically.

      I’m surprised to learn that such an committed person like you didn’t already know that couch potatoes like me who are not able to help physically anymore because of diseases, sign petitions and write protestmails nowadays in order to support others in their efforts.

      But apart from all this, what in the world is your argument in trying to discredit my person?

      Are you of the opinion that your strays will magically disappear or other Europeans will get used to financing your corrupt officials and atrocities if you only rant loud enough on your critics?

      I tell you a secret:
      This won’t happen. So we all are still looking forward to your arguments.

  3. “such an committed”
    English speaker, huh?

    • Daniela Bress says:

      No honey, English is not my native language. Do you also have anything to say about the topic or are you just trying to discredit critics?

      What’s your name – are you afraid to stand to your comments?

  4. Kerstin Bayer says:

    Just the way this person is writing, tells me that Romania is not ready for the EU. It seems to me that they are still very uneducated,and I’m afraid to have people like him or theire children to come to oure countries!

    • You take all the stray dogs from Romania (close to 2 millions) and we’ll stay in our country!
      You can take care of them from close range, not from behind the keyboard, and we won’t bother you with our educated and highly qualified citizens. Fair enough?
      Where shall we send you the first 10 000 dogs?

  5. Marion Spreitzer says:

    I wish so much that the EU kicks this barbaric Romania out – give a kick to Daciana Sarbu out of the EU Animal Welfare Group, too! So this “person” doesn’t have to show any more her two faces and can return to her cruel Romanian Vice President wife’s face.

    European citizens are tired of paying millions of Euro for spay / neuter and adoption programs when OUR money will be put into the pockets of those corrupt Romanian politicians and Romanian dog mafia. For many years, Romania has proofed that it is wasting our money and pushing forward barbaric dog killing business with our money.

    There is no proof but too many doubts about little Ionut’s tragic death. By the way: Did Austria kill all Romanian men after a 86 yr. old woman was raped and killed by a disrespectful and abnormal Romanian? Did Germany kill all Romanian men after a 11 yr. old girl has cruelly raped by a pervers Romanian? Did Austrian or German pledge for lynchings all Romanian men even when these cases are proofed? I tell you the answer: No! Because German and Austrian citizens are civilized European disgraced by Romania.

    As long as Romania is acting worse than third world countries and violating ratified European conventions, this dirty spot on the map is only a world wide SHAME for Europe.

    Romania, stop killing dogs by atrocities called “Euthanasia Romanian Style”: clubbing, mutilating, hanging, coolant injections, etc. I call this dirty business “escavating dog mining”! Oh… I forgot killing by CARBOFURAN, a pesticide banned in the EU for years and a few days ago almost killed a 2 yr. old girl!

    Romania, if you can’t live without causing harm and damage, return to your plans of gold excavation in Rosia Montana by using CYANID. That way you will be able to fill your corrupt pockets by your own gold and at the same time satisfy your poor lust for destruction by destroying your nature and the Romanians’ health. As civilized tourists won’t be visiting Romania, you don’t have to worry about the foreigners’ health.

    Maybe you will donate some of that money for sending to school your children inspite of teaching them being respectless cruel animals and humans abusers! Maybe you would finally care for your 5,000 Romanian street kids to providing them a human future in spite letting them being raped! Maybe you stop turning a blind eye to their sexual abusers!

    • The fact that you’re comparing humans to dogs says a lot about your issues.
      And what exactly is the fault of Romanian citizens who did not cash in the money you supposedly sent for dogs? Can you tell me what is their fault? What was Ionut’s fault in all this mess? Was this little boy, in your book, guilty enough to be punished to death by dogs?

  6. We need a petition for those who approve as well!
    Romanian citizens have the right to decide, and they have the right to make the surroundings safe at all costs. Now, not in 10 months or 10 years!
    Stop this mockery.
    Stop the crocodile tears.
    Stop these callous, inhuman, absurd, inconsiderate, wicked remarks.
    Have the decency to look the victims families in the eyes and see if you can utter the same nonsense as nonchalantly as you do here.
    Until you have had the “privilege” to be surrounded and attacked by a pack of dogs and lived to tall the tale, you should get your tail between your legs and shut up!

  7. I am ashamed about what other Romanians have written here and about the way they understand to solve this problem. It’s an ill society.

    • Daniela Bress says:

      Oh no, no need to feel ashamed, there’s such scum in every country, believe me. The common acceptance could only be stopped by better laws and above all real prosecution but with your corrupt officials and our “politicians” financing them with our taxes it’s really hard to change something.

  8. I think your fears might be ill founded. Please check this article, things might be already moving in the right direction:

    Furthermore, starting 01.01.2014 the following changes will be rolled out gradually:

    – The name of Bucharest will change to Dogarrest.
    – Dogs will be allowed to vote and will have designated representatives in local councils.
    – To facilitate communication, the Romanian govern will petition EC to add “Dog” to the list of official EU languages.
    – There will be mixed dog & human judge panels on court cases related to dog offences.

  9. Wait, I have a better idea!
    Everyone who laments about the dogs’ fate should be forced to adopt one.
    Everyone signing petitions should be given 3 dogs (not hand picked).
    Everyone attending public protests should be given 10 dogs.

    Right away that takes care of 2 issues:
    1. Many dogs would be saved and have a new home.
    2. People would be forced to put their money where their mouth is for once.

    • Daniela Bress says:

      Bla bla bla, sounds really intelligent. You’re obviously not able to understand what you’re reading, too bad.

  10. If spay and neuter was adopted and money has been made readily available for this,so much of this problem could be stopped, some pet dogs are killed as well and corruption taking donations to topped this has prevented humane alternatives from being taken?

  11. Please encourage people to spay and neuter their pets and encourage them to adopt and love these stray dogs. Have some compassion.

  12. Alice Knight says:

    Responsibility lies with the people and the government. Euthanasia is a sensitive topic regarding animals and people. There is a time and place. How is the mercy killing conducted? Is it brutal, violent, disrespectful? or is it thoughtfully administered?
    If everyone is aware of spaying and neutering their pets the problem on this large of a scale perhaps would not be present. It is important not to blame the animal.
    Perhaps it’s pet owners saying I’ll do it another day. That day never comes around. Everyone benefits from spay and neutering their pets.


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