Urge Canada Ban Imports of Cat and Dog Fur

Target: Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper

Goal: Stop imports of dog and cat fur and lessen the fur demand overall in Canada

Thanks to fur restrictions that only apply to endangered animal pelts, Canada imports thousand of dog and cat furs annually. Millions of dogs and cats are slaughtered in China every year to be sold to countries like Canada. Not only does this business fuel an unhealthy black market business in Canada, it also encourages the abuse of animals and human workers in China.

Many vendors who acquire dog and cat fur in China will go so far as to steal a family pet and skin it. Once the dog or cat fur is acquired, many retailers on the streets of China will sell the fur posing as a major brand name, or sell it to a country in demand. Dog and cat fur is not found in expensive coats; but on less prestigious clothing, such as the trim on a small garment. Occasionally items such as parkas containing dog or cat fur will be sold with a “Canada Goose” label. Canada Goose is a Canadian company that uses Canadian coyotes for their fur, not domesticated dogs and cats.

Many claim that the fur used in Canadian garments is almost always properly labeled.  The truth, however, is that the labels lie.  Many garments using cheap fur – some of it imported dog and cat fur – are labeled as high quality, expensive garments.

The demand for fur is increasing, and in order to stay in business and keep up with demands, the Chinese people are turning toward easily acquired, cheap fur. Millions of dogs and cats are euthanized every year in Canada, just to be thrown away. Using this fur would be far more ethical than trading with China, which fuels an industry that treats Chinese people and animals terribly.

Stricter guidelines need to be enforced for fur importation in Canada. Monitoring this trade more closely will only help the trade, and the more respect given these animals the better. Someday humans will no longer wear animal furs; banning the import of cat and dog fur is a necessary step in that direction. Urge the Prime Minister of Canada to see the issue from this perspective.


Dear Prime Minister Harper,

Recently Canada has been scrutinized due to its lack of laws for fur importation. It is understood, and respected, that endangered animal furs are not to be imported into your country. This is an important ruling in favor of saving our endangered species.

The increase in fur demand from China has been seen in many countries, including Canada. China provides cheap fur for very low production costs. The demand has become so substantial that many Chinese workers are having a hard time keeping up; to stay in business they are turning to a more abundant type of fur: that of dogs and cats. Most Canadians would not choose to buy garments made with dog and cat fur; these animals are seen as family members in the west.

As long as there is a fur demand there will be the slaughter of domesticated dogs and cats. The Chinese are only trying to put food on the table for their families; their laws do not condemn eating or skinning cats and dogs. If Canada were to outlaw the importing of dog and cat furs, and scale down on the fur demand altogether, China would be able to handle the smaller demand and would not have to rely on the slaughter of animals that are considered pets in Canada. 60 percent of all fur imported into Canada comes from China. Prime Minister Harper, Canada plays a large role in what is happening in the fur trade. Please consider harsher laws, and advocating for a smaller fur investment among your people.


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Photo credit: Katlene Niven via Flickr

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  1. Donatella Pontesilli says:

    Enough of this torture!! End the disgrace! Save the innocent!

  2. Rosanne Leccese says:

    I am a Canadian and I am disgusted by this. I hope my government takes a stand in favor of changing our practices in dealing with China & that our government understands how these practices are SO very much against what most Canadians would ever tolerate!

  3. Остановите эти зверства по отношению к животным!!!

  4. Wendy Schedel says:

    This is so revolting. If you want to continue to get my vote, better end this practice! Shame on on my government

  5. Janet Graham says:

    say no to any kind of fur used in the fashion industry, whether it is Canada or any country!!
    We as humans are responsible for the treatment of any animal!

  6. Since I’ve found out that most cheaper products that are sold in Walmart, Giant Tiger and many other such store in Canada are all produced in CHINA. I have stopped purchasing anything that is made in any ASIAN Country for the simple reason that I don’t want to take the chance that I might be wearing dog or cat fur. I personally think all fur products should be banned in Canada. And if you think that you can avoid this buy not purchasing any products that have a fur trim then you are wrong too! Because in China and other Asian countries they also use the skins of dogs and cats to make leather gloves so to not contribute to this horrendous act of cruelty I buy nothing from Asian! I encourage others to not buy anything either!

  7. Alice Knight says:

    Please change the name of Canada’s Prime Minister to Justin Trudeau.
    Thank you, liliypearl

  8. Alice Knight says:

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau,

    Please stop the importing of dog and cat fur from China.
    It is a disgrace we would even think of the idea of wearing another persons beloved pet or purchasing trinkets made from their fur.

    As a consumer, I am also disappointed with current labelling laws, which do not indicate the source of the fur. I’m sure most consumers are also animal lovers and would be horrified at the thought that the clothing item they may purchase includes fur from either source.

    If a ban cannot be possible, then at least let the consumer vote for change by bringing their awareness of the source of the fur. Is this type of trading really beneficial to Canada?

    We should not be supporting China or others who engage in this fur trade in any manner.

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