Free Pakistani Woman Sentenced to Die for Drinking Water

Target: Muhammad Nawaz Shreef, Prime Minister in Charge for Law, Justice and Human Rights

Goal: Free woman sentenced to death for blasphemy

In a truly shocking case in Pakistan, a woman has spent four years in jail after being sentenced to death for blasphemy. Her crime was drinking a cup of water while believing in the wrong religion.

Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian and mother of five children, was sentenced to death in 2009 for drinking from a well which was used by Muslim women. In a section of her book with French reporter Anne-Isabelle Tollet Blasphemy: A Memoir, reprinted in the New York Post, she wrote that her troubles began when she went out to pick falsa in a field for 250 rupees. She was given a larger bowl than her Muslim workmates, and after becoming exhausted she decided to drink from the nearby well. This caused other workers to accuse her of dirtying the water, and subsequently she was accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad and attacked when she tried to defend herself.  After she refused a request by the local imam to atone by changing her religion, she was placed in jail.

The New York Post, in its reprint, further noted that “Embarrassed by Bibi’s case but still refusing to release her because of angry protests by extremists, the Pakistan government has transferred her to a remote prison, hoping the 42-year old dies quietly behind bars…already two government officials who have spoken out on her behalf have been murdered.”

The Pakistani government has an obligation to protect its religious minorities and stand up to fanatics who pervert Islam to justify discrimination. By signing this petition, you will demand Pakistan release Bibi from jail and take measures to ensure her safety.


Dear Mr. Shreef,

The case of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman jailed and sentenced to death for blasphemy for drinking from a well has become a focus of international attention. As you know, Bibi’s case is both truly shocking and a clear example of religious discrimination in Pakistani society.

In a section of Blasphemy: A Memoir, a book written by Bibi and a French journalist reprinted by the New York Post in an August 25 article, she offered details into her arrest. After accepting a day job picking falsa in a field, where she was given a larger bowl to fill than her Muslim co-workers, she became exhausted and decided to drink from the nearby well. She was then subsequently accused of contaminating the water by drinking it and then insulting the Prophet Muhammad when she tried to defend herself. She was jailed and later sentenced to death after refusing a demand to atone by converting from her village’s imam.

Despite the Pakistani government recognizing the ridiculousness of someone being sentenced to death for drinking water while being the wrong religion, Bibi still lingers in jail. Sadly, this is because of pressure from extremists including the assassinations of two government officials who have supported her release. Pakistan has an obligation to protect its religious minorities and stand up to militants who abuse Islam to justify discrimination. Because of this, I ask that you ensure Asia Bibi’s release from prison and her protection.


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  1. how can the moslem community support this. Surely ignorance of the prophets words cannot be deemed a sin worthy of death. Only the perfectly pious should expect perfect piety from another and yet to act in knowing contempt of it is to far exceed the sins of the ignorant.

  2. Totally absurd to condemn this unfortunate woman who was only thirsty. What kind of religion ????? would put anybody to death like this?????

  3. Julie van Niekerk says:

    Dictator Religion. Only victims.

  4. Sally Joughin says:

    Fifty years ago there were “White only” and “Colored only” water fountains in the USA, perpetrated and tolerated by “Christians”. We know what violence happened to black Americans who defied such rules.
    I signed the petition in support of the Pakistani Christian water drinker, but it is the Pakistani people who must speak up and rise up against such terrible distortion of the Muslim religion.

  5. The Prophets life was saved by Christians and he told his people to live in peace with Christians whenever possible. The Prophet would condemn the murderers who pervert the faith. They are the ones who insult him. He was a man of compassion who would not deny a thirsty woman water no matter what her religion.

  6. Water has no religion! It’s only the people that label it that are the ignorant ones.

  7. I was told this was a “religion of peace”. Actions speak louder than words.

  8. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    This is 2013, NOT 1320!!
    Set this woman free or else
    ~May A Diseased Yak Leave A Dung In Your Soup~

  9. Another example of Muslims going too far – the most intolerant religion in the world

  10. Catherine desjarlais says:

    This is so despicable. Free this pakistanian woman.

  11. It is time for Pakistan to step out of the dark ages. This is ridiculous. Set this woman free and ensure her safety. It is the right thing to do.

  12. Its not the religions at fault its peoples interpretation of them, especially the sub human people.

  13. Hate in the name of God. That’s what many people learn from religions.

  14. Amy Rose Murphy Amy Rose Murphy says:

    Barbaric Muslims and they call Islam the Religion of Peace

  15. Karen Whittington says:

    To Whom It May Concern: If your religion is truly a religion of peace, I urge you, I BEG you, to show compassion towards this woman and release her now!

    • Amy Rose Murphy Amy Rose Murphy says:

      These sick barbaic woman hating low lifes will not let her go in their sick world a goat is worth more then a woman

  16. If Islam is a religion of Peace, then you MUST let this woman live. All this – a death sentence – for a drink of water. How is this blasphemy? Where is your compassion?
    What it is is insanity.

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