Stop African Poachers From Slaughtering Wildlife

Target: U.S. Congress
Goal: Protect African elephants, rhinos, gorillas and lions from poachers.

Africa is home to the world’s most iconic wildlife including elephants, rhinos, gorillas and lions. But illegal poaching might destroy these species forever. Poaching rates have reached record highs and at the current rate it is estimated that many iconic African animals will disappear within our lifetime.

The U.S. government recently committed to fight illegal trafficking by forming a task force and allocating $10 million in aid to African countries. The task force will be responsible for a U.S. strategy to end wildlife trafficking by supporting anti-poaching efforts, coordinating regional law enforcement, stopping the illicit trade of products, and reducing consumer demand. This is great news, and we need to make sure that our government understands that we want this to remain a high priority for the U.S.

Let’s work together to prevent Africa’s wildlife from becoming history: show that you appreciate the U.S. government’s commitment to ending illegal poaching in Africa.

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  1. Catherine desjarlais says:

    This practice is outrageous and must be stopped before another species vanishes.

  2. Catherine desjarlais says:

    Poachers must be punished. This cannot continue.

  3. Catherine desjarlais says:

    Poachers must be punished. This practice must be stopped.

  4. Take the poacher out of the equation.

  5. Let the poachers rot in hell!

  6. Gillian McAllister says:

    We should also look to the Asian subcontinent and their mistreatment of elephants as well as the traveling circuses around the world.

  7. Stephanie Jones says:

    If the government gave rewards for bringing in poachers, there would be incentive to stop. Turn the corrupt ones against themselves as they don’t have morals or values and are easy to buy.

  8. Jane Morrrow says:

    Poachers should be shot on sight. It’s good to see the US government doing something positive to try and stop this awful business. Of course putting pressure on Asia where the demand comes from for ivory, rhino horn and lion bones (the new tiger bones since they’ve decimated their numbers) is imperative. Unfortunately countries still feel the need to suck up to China and don’t want to upset them, NZ included. If anyone wants to do something positive for African wildlife they might consider sponsoring one of the elephant orphans at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya as I do. It only costs US$50 a year. Some of the back stories of these orphans are truly horrendous.

  9. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    A good poacher is a DEAD poacher!!

    Not only rub out all the poachers in our countries,
    but how about gettin’ rid of
    of all the stupid redneck poachers
    here in the U.S.A.??
    Perhaps we could save our wolves, coyotes,
    and other Nature’s majestic wonders!

  10. KatWrangler says:

    The epidemic of illegal poaching is caused by the
    epidemic of scumbag humans.
    Not trying to sound judgmental, but the Earth has no room, oxygen, food and other resources for humans who do not respect the planet.
    Elimination of poachers, and their enablers, is the only solution.

  11. Illegal poaching must be stopped! What is wrong with with the human race? Are we going to evolve, or are we going to die? We won’t survive without our animals.

  12. Gloria Allen says:

    I say poachers should be captured and hauled around in a cage by other poachers in the hot sun all day. For one day. Let people jeer at them. See how they like it. Then let animal activists bite on their fate.

  13. Michael Guest says:

    Enough of this illegal hunting of elephants and other wildlife. Pass a law to protect animals and stop the poaching.

  14. Catherine desjarlais says:

    This practice must be stopped before it is too late.

  15. quanta ignorância meu Deus, diversão as custas de seres tão inocentes

  16. How totally stupid is this one??? Here we have some ignoramus on the air, hosting a real wildlife show. (oh, am I totally embarrased about it) Anyway, right on the TV this jerk shoots and kills an elephant. Then the cameras (American TV don’t forget) follow him to their camp and all the ignoramuses and idiots talk the thrill about the killing and the ivory….
    I say…..”Get that Bastard and the show (on American TV station) off the air quickly”. Or they just might run the risk of very bad things happening to them and the stupd American TV station…

  17. Doris Helena Rossi Matte says:

    Enquanto o homem cometer atrocidades contra animais indefesos, ainda vai sofrer muito! Eles estão sendo extintos…no final, os humanos também serão!

  18. Barbaric

  19. Please do not harm animals, especially those that may be endangered.

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