Demand Shoe Retailer Go Cruelty Free

DSW continues to sell cruelty laden fur shoes

Target: Designer Shoe Warehouse (DSW) CEO Michael MacDonald

Goal: Discontinue the sale of shoes containing animal fur

Shoe retailer DSW continues to sell cruelty-laden products that contain the tortured furs stolen from helpless animals. Thousands of innocent creatures suffer miserable lives and excruciating deaths all in the name of frivolous fashion. Please remind this shoe retailer that cruelty is never in fashion and ask for only humane, faux fur designs to be offered.

Animals on fur farms suffer their entire lives in cramped, filthy cages, denied the most basic of comforts such as adequate food and water, room to move around, and a healthy, pain-free existence. Instead, these animals are given the least bit of concern and compassion, treated only as fur machines for a sickening business. These innocent animals suffer miserable lives of neglect only to be granted a torturous death that often includes anal electrocution, bludgeoning, and being skinned alive. Wearing a dead animal on your shoe is a sign of gluttony and selfishness, not fashion. There are plenty of humane alternatives that are equally as plush and luxurious as real fur.

In our modern society where cruelty is barbaric and unnecessary, animals do not deserve to suffer for the greedy, shameful desires of humans. Please demand DSW adopt a cruelty-free motto and discontinue the sale of all cruelty-laden fur-lined shoes.


Dear Michael MacDonald, CEO DSW,

I was disgusted to learn that DSW continues to sell shoes that contain the tortured hides of innocent creatures. Animals on fur farms suffer immensely in order to supply the gluttonous desires of humans. There are many humane alternatives available; please opt for cruelty-free products and discontinue the sale of all fur lined shoes.

Animals on fur farms suffer lives of misery and pain. Often imprisoned in warehouses, shoved into cramped, filthy cages, animals are treated as mere machines in the disgusting fur business. Constantly bred only to be killed  for their furs, these animals never see the light of day nor a compassionate human hand. Instead they are granted a horrific death that often involves anal electrocution, bludgeoning, and being skinned alive. No animal should suffer so grotesquely when there are numerous humane alternatives available that are equally as luxurious and plush as real fur.

Please listen to your consumer requests and opt for a modern, humane approach to shoe designs. Declare DSW to be a cruelty-free retailer and offer only faux fur options.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Fur famring in Finland via Wikimedia Commons


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  1. When people hurt animals for fur or cosmetics, I won’t wear any fur or wear cosmetics tested on animals. This is ridiculous to hurt animals so we can wear their fur. It’s CRUELTY.

  2. renee jeanine ragno says:

    I’m a shoe nut and will be boycotting them immediately in addition to telling friends!


  3. Les animaux existe pour vivre comme nous, et non
    En tant que jouets pour pervers

  4. jeannette pomnitz says:

    I am so sick of all of the animal cruelty ‘that goes on in this country and abroad. People do not seem to be fit to live in this world

  5. I cannot wait for the total collapse of the fashion and beauty industries, not to mention the annihilation of the “human” race.

    • Daniela Bress says:

      Couldn’t agree more; we’re definitely on our way to exterminate also ourselves – wish it won’t last too long!

  6. kathy seckinger says:

    All the innocent animals cruelly tortured and abused makes me ashamed to be a human.

  7. Diann Borthwick says:

    Treat ALL others as you would like to be treated. Isn’t their life worth more than a lousy shoe?

  8. These psychopath killers should be ashamed of themselves but apparently they haven’t got the brains to be. Did they never learn a thing about compassion..or only about selfishness and greed? I hate sharing the planet with them, and, as a matter of fact, the planet earth is on a downward spiral, because of nasty, destructive humans!

  9. DSW just lost a fantastic customer!

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