Halt Plans For Unnecessary Chemical Testing on Animals

EPA plans to kill 80,000 animals in unnecessary tests

Target: Gina McCarthy, Administrator Environmental Protection Agency

Goal: Use only non-animal testing models in proposed endocrine studies

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has plans to kill over 80,000 animals in proposed endocrine disruption studies. The testing involves over 134 chemicals and will take years to yield results that will not be entirely valid as they are animal based and not human based tests. Please ask the EPA to use the already established non-animal testing method referred to as ToxCast instead of torturing thousands of animals in useless studies.

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced plans to induce suffering upon thousands of animals in endocrine disrupting studies. The studies involve over 134 chemicals and are aimed at validating the safety of such chemicals in relation to the hormone and reproduction systems of various animals. Not only are these tests inhumane, they are not relatable to humans, meaning the results do not validate the safety of the chemicals in the human body by any means. Furthermore, the Environmental Protection Agency has already created non-animal models that have been successful in various studies, known by the name ToxCast.  One such example is the Gulf Coast oil spill, in which ToxCast proved to be an effective alternative to live animal studies in the EPA’s tests.

With effective alternatives available, and even produced by this very agency, is it inappropriate and inhumane for the EPA to choose to torture thousands of animals in the name of supposed endocrine disrupting studies. Please demand the EPA use the appropriate ToxCast non-animal models for all animal testing and immediately discontinue the use of live animal subjects.


Dear Lisa Jackson,

As  Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, I am sure you are aware of the plans to torture thousands of innocent animals in proposed endocrine disrupting studies. The intent to use live animals in any testing in the EPA is inappropriate and inhumane as the EPA has already proven the effectiveness of non animal subjects. Please consider the lives you are frivolously and painfully taking in this unnecessary testing and immediately enact a ban on all live animal testing.

The EPA plans to use over 80,000 animals in painful tests that involve over 134 chemicals. These horrifying tests will take place over several years in order to develop supposed safety levels for both humans and the environment. These tests will likely provide safety ratings that cannot effectively be assumed for humans, as animals have proven to be ineffective models for testing given their vast genetic differences. In addition, the EPA has already established the effectiveness of the ToxCast program in which non animal sources are used. ToxCast proved to be immensely effective in the EPA testing following the Gulf Oil Spill and has also proven effective in the first phase of the proposed endocrine disrupting studies.

When viable alternatives are available, there is no reason to inflict excruciating pain and suffering on so many innocent creatures. Please reconsider the proposal to use live animals in the endocrine disruption studies and opt for the humane and effective ToxCast models.


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Photo Credit: Intel via Joann Maragall

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  1. renee jeanine ragno says:

    Seriously??!!??? this is disgusting, pathetic, barbaric and unnecessary. Save money, save time use the two that shot the 16 month baby in the face; use the Boston terrorist/bomber……….

  2. Same as Renee says! Why use animals?? NOT even for human products, that’s pathetic, barbaric and unnecessary. USE INMATES like rapists, etc. Use death row inmates!

  3. Veronica-Mae says:

    There is sufficient knowledge already. Just read


    We are surrounded by these chemicals known to cause serious problems to human health. No need for more tests – ban them. end of

  4. Athos Yorkshire says:

    In Europe, don’t forget the very important petition :
    Its goal: to prevent vivisection and impose alternative tests and save the lives of millions of animals each year (cat, dogs, monkeys, rats, rabbits, mice, birds, pigs …)

  5. Veronica-Mae says:

    Well I signed the petition, Athos, but I strongly object to being forced to choose United Kingdom as my country and British as my nationality in order to do so. Neither is correct. My country is England (UK is NOT a country) and my nationality is English (British is NOT a nationality)

  6. Catherine desjarlais says:

    This is an evil thing to do to animals. It makes me sick.

  7. Evil. I don’t know how the people who test on animals. can sleep at night.

    • Barbara Ann, they sleep at night the same way that people who eat, wear or exploit non-human animals for entertainment do-by disconnecting from the suffering they cause and falsely deeming it justified and necessary. THIS type of abuse and torture is wrong and must be stopped but THIS OTHER type is fine because everyone is doing it and we “need” it.

  8. Since when did we, The United States, become the bad guys? This is beyond satanic and must be stopped. Sick sick sick.

  9. Jennifer Walker says:

    Here is a thought. If We as a human race are soooo much more important than animals why do we need them to survive? We depend on animals for many reasons and yet we treat them like garbage. We should respect and honor animals for what they give us Each and Every day, more so than some fantasy deity in the sky, animals are the real thing. They are the reason most of us are alive today! How ignorant and disgusting it is that people think they are better. Testing horrible chemicals on these sacred beings. We Are Animals too. Please recognize your own face in these beings. We all belong here. Stop mistreating these amazing creatures of the earth.

  10. Victoria Cole says:

    Just like in England REACH wanted to re test thousands of ingredients on animals that the liability was known on or unnecessary tests, also GM testing on animals just to get it through is disgusting?

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