Tell Online Breeder to Stop the Breeding and Sale of Teacup Dogs


Target: Boutique Teacup Puppies

Goal: Stop breeding and selling trendy teacup dogs

Over the past few years, so called “teacup” dog breeds have become popular in the United States and around the world.  Teacup dogs are smaller versions of already small dog breeds that grow to a full size of four pounds or less.  These dogs can be appealing because of their small size, the fact that they need less exercise than normal dogs, and can even be trained to use a litter box.  However, these dogs are often the result of questionable breeding practices, and are prone to major health problems.

Usually, teacup dogs are the result of breeding two already undersized dogs together, which can be a danger to both the mother and the puppies. They are also sometimes inbred with siblings or other close relatives.  Even after the puppies are born, they can be starved or underfed to maintain their small size.  Despite this blatant mistreatment, these tiny dogs are sold for thousands of dollars, more as fashion accessories than as pets.

The health problems associated with teacup breeds are also severe.  Some problems are come from being inbred, and others are due to the small size of the dogs.  They are prone to hypoglycemia, heart problems, and respiratory problems, and usually don’t live very long.  These dogs live short, often painful and unhappy lives.

One of the biggest vendors of these puppies is Boutique Teacup Puppies, a Texas-based online company that sells these dogs for thousands, some for upwards of $6,000.  It seems as though the people running this site care more about making a profit than the treatment and well-being of the animals they are selling.  Teacup dogs are not a recognized breed and should not be allowed to be sold.  Something needs to be done to stop the inhumane breeding of teacup dogs.


Dear Boutique Teacup Puppies,

As one of the largest online vendors of teacup dogs, you must be aware of the questionable breeding practices and health problems associated with these dogs.  They can be inbred and malnourished, and live short, illness-ridden lives.  Although teacup dogs are very popular and sell for thousands of dollars, it is essential that you stop selling them.  It is unfair to the dogs that have to live their short lives as tiny fashion accessories, and also to the owners who end up paying thousands of dollars for their dog, as well as thousands of dollars in health costs.

The real issue, however, is the dogs.  It appears as though you care more about making money from these dogs than their treatment and well-being.  There is nothing stopping you from breeding and selling healthy, normal-sized dogs instead of sickly, mistreated teacup dogs.  Teacup breeds are not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club, and with good reason.  The practice of breeding teacup puppies is unfair and inhumane.  Please help end this selfish practice, and stop the sale of teacup puppies.


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Photo credit: Swatjester via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. There is such a great overabundance and overpopulation of pets so that we do not need any more breeding of dogs, cats or any other animals.

  2. Valerie Thomassie says:

    So many animals dying in shelters and many small ones too. any one breeding knowing more will have to die is not lover of animals, just a lover of money and animal cruelty. the breeders should have to work in shelters removing all the dead bodies.

  3. Breeders are just killing in disguise. They dont care about the dogs they breed they are in it only for the money it produces. In this so called humane society why is it accepted to breed animals that are kept in filty cages never touching the ground. There is no such thing as a “good breeder”. They have no conscious. The cruelty they put on these animals is horrible. Something should be done to stop breeding of these poor animals. Quit looking the other way and start doing something to stop it. Its everyones duty to stop animal abuse…..

  4. As a former volunteer in the rescue community, I can assure you, the responsible breeding of dogs is not the cause of our current overpopulation. Designer dogs, puppy mills and back yard breeders are the problems. The emphasis for these types of breeders is looks, no matter what the health implications. Teacup breeds are very fragile. Most dogs under 6 lbs can easily break forelegs by jumping off furniture or running down stairs. Many have tracheas so delicate that the use of a leash on a collar could crush the larynx. Let’s not even begin to think about how veterinarians are supposed to intubate an animal that small in the case of an emergency surgery. I have seen the ugliest examples of animal abuse of neglect as the result of these Frankenstein like experiments. Rescues save dogs, any dog. Even dogs that are largely unadoptable. Even dogs with obvious health issues. Even dogs that they know are short lived, despite a relatively young age. We take 5 year old females from mills. They usually pump out 3 litters a year. We’ve seen the dogs in the our foster homes, as their stomachs turn mushy to the touch, and when they squat to pee or poo, a puddle of blood gushes out. We vet them, ease their suffering and eventually put them down, without ever put them up for adoption. Breeders should be diligent in ensuring they are passing on the best traits of their dog. If they find a genetic anomaly or hereditary defect, they animal should never be bred, but just loved as a pet. Of course breeders for profit, of breeds that no kennel club recognizes, do not screen the genetics of a sire or dame. They don’t ensure that the genes they pass on encourage a healthy offspring. They just want a dog that looks cute peeking out of a purse.

    • Thank you for posting something sensible. I work Ina shelter myself and have seen at most 2 well-bred dogs through the doors, if we could have found the breeders they would have taken them and opened up 2 more cages for all the other carelessly bred dogs with irresponsible owners that we always get. It is the irresponsible owner not the responsible breeder that is to blame for animals being dumped in shelters.

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