Stop Obama from Allowing the Gray Wolves to be Wiped Out


Target: President Obama
Goal: Don’t remove federal protections for the gray wolves.

Gray wolves are icons of wild America, but the Obama administration is on the verge of stripping most of them of their protections under the Endangered Species Act. This would be catastrophic.

If the federal government goes ahead with its plans, wolf management will be turned over to the states. This has already happened in the Northern Rockies and it’s been a disaster – over 1,700 wolves have been ruthlessly hunted down and killed in just the last two years. If wolves are stripped of their protections, we could see this happen in parts of the United States where their comeback is still in its early, fragile stages.

Don’t let the Obama administration abandon wolves – send a message to them today.

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  1. Tim Redfern says:

    Save what wolves we have left!

  2. Annegret Allison says:

    I recently read an article about wild horses being rounded up to be sent to American slaughter houses, because people were complaining about too many of them and they didn`t seem to know what else to do. How about leaving it to nature ? You have Wolves (who need to eat) and you want to keep them away from your livestock. So what do you think you should do ? Let the Wolves deal with those horses as they have done it for thousands of years. Wolves are very intelligent animals and they have very clever hunting techniques. Nature can cope very well without us humans to interfere. Give the Wolf to eat and he/she will stay away from your livestock, cause the Wolves only want what we all want and that is SURVIVE !

  3. SAVE our wolves!!! STOP KILLING OUR WILDLIFE!!! We want them to stay!!

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